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Catalogue excerpts


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Previous double page: Château 150 stainless steel, Château cabinets and spice racks Top: André, Xavier and Adrien Dupuy (1992). Bottom: Château 165, brilliant black enamel, polished brass trim, Château cabinets and spice racks SACRED FIRES My grandfather, Albert, was passionate about cooking and in 1908, he filed a patent for the first vaulted gas oven that kept food moist during cooking. Because of his own passion for cooking, my father André decided that La Cornue should make every effort to produce the most beautiful kitchen ranges in the world. Today, I am proud to perpetuate this noble passion....

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THE SLOW SIMMER In a world where automated, instantaneous and ephemeral production reign supreme, La Cornue cultivates ardour, slowness and durability. We believe the work of a person is worth more than that of a machine. For us, technological innovations comply first and foremost with craftsmanship. Every Château La Cornue range is manufactured as a single unit, to order, assembled by one craftsman. This person will take as long he must to make it a unique object, the pride of its owner and the craftsman who produced it. We make our customers simmer too...to their great pleasure! “All good things...

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DARING AMBITIONS Daring is as essential to business as salt is to cooking. In 1908, Albert Dupuy’s revolutionary idea of the vaulted gas oven put scientific enthusiasm at the service of culinary ambition. In 1950, aplomb and perseverance were required to declare that La Cornue ovens would from then on be full cooking ranges, unique and precious culinary objets d’art, the pinnacle of the kitchen. Induction table, LA CORNUE W. We are becoming who we want to be. Our tradition is alive and regularly enhanced by innovative progress. Our new range, La Cornue W. by Wilmotte, is a clear demonstration...

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Designed and developed with famous architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, La Cornue W. by Wilmotte boasts many technological innovations and opens up new horizons for radically modern culinary approaches that are still focussed on the gourmet and the gastronomic. JEAN-MICHEL WILMOTTE Architecte & Designer Induction table, hood and oven tower LA CORNUE W.

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The impressive 150cm induction table with 4 induction hobs boasts exceptional power with front knobs for total control. Remote controlled hood. Electric oven tower. The oven tower houses a 74-litre latestgeneration electric vaulted oven, an exclusive La Cornue creation. Electric rating A. 4 cooking modes. Electronic regulation with 5 degree increments.

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To create your exclusive cooking space, the La Cornue W. range can be matched with sinks, a large table for preparing food and also cabinetry. Left to right: Oven tower, induction table, hood, cupboard, sink, prep table, LA CORNUE W.

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Château ranges have built the legend that is La Cornue. A Château La Cornue range is always a timeless and historic object, a unique and prestigious creation. Every Château range is an original, individually numbered by the craftsman who created it. It is custom-made from a huge range of colours and wide choice of trims: chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass or copper, brilliant or brushed depending on the metal. With their vaulted oven, large solid brass burners and French plaque, the eight Château models offer professional cooking performance in a luxurious setting to satisfy your every desire. Examples...

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THE VAULTED OVEN In a conventional oven, the surface of the food is subjected to unequal temperatures depending on its distance from the top, bottom and walls. An oven’s seal is rarely sufficient to maintain a constant level of humidity. There is, therefore, a significant loss of water vapour. In our vaulted ovens, the diffusion and circulation of heat is equal, natural and uniform. The solid ventilated door is machined to seal the oven hermetically. All food cooked in these perfect conditions will stay moist with unrivalled flavour. For Château ranges with two ovens, we recommend adding an electric...

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1. Cast iron French plaque 2. Teppanyaki 3. La Cornue solid brass burner 4. Stainless steel knobs COOKTOPS The cast iron French plaque is perfect for simmering and rotating different saucepans to access the heat each requires. The cooktop for your Château can be configured to your liking, with additional elements if so desired. Would you like to add an induction hob, teppanyaki or lava-rock grill? 1

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3 LEFT PAGE: Château 150, pebble grey enamel, brushed nickel and polished chrome trim You will find further technical information about our ranges in the leaflet with this catalogue. 5 RIGHT PAGE: 1. Château 150, matt black enamel, brushed brass and stainless steel trim 2. Grand Castel 90, solid stainless steel 3. Château 120, brilliant black enamel, polished chrome and stainless steel trim 4. Château 150 and steamer, pure white enamel, brushed brass trim 5. Château 150 with hood, dark green enamel, polished brass and brushed stainless steel trim

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ISLANDS A kitchen with a central island is a kitchen all of its own. An island can be the stage for a delicious spectacle. The cook performs and the gourmets applaud. You can furnish your island with side cabinets, a worktop with or without a sink and an eating area. Whenever the space allows, we recommend the installation of a central island. The pleasure of cooking and, more importantly, receiving guests around a La Cornue island is a truly unique experience. 1. Château 150 double island with hood, terracotta enamel, polished brass and brushed stainless steel trim. Singapore Gallery. 2. Château...

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Good cooking needs good ventilation. La Cornue hoods combine the efficiency of professional ventilation with a look to match your range. Our hoods are available in multiple configurations, wall- or ceiling-mounted. 1. Château 150 as a double island with hood, solid stainless steel. 2. Grand Palais 180, cocoa enamel, brushed nickel and stainless steel trim 3. Château 150 as a double island, matte black enamel, polished nickel and chrome trim. Singapore Gallery. 4. Château 150 as a double island, pure white enamel, brushed nickel and stainless steel trim. All islands shown are designed with the...

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