La Cornue accessorie line - 8 Pages

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La Cornue accessorie line
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Catalog excerpts

A LINE DEDICATED TO THE FRENCH ART OF LIVING At the dawn of its 110th anniversary, La Cornue brings its range of accessories back to life to ensure the sociable flame continues to burn bright, teaming up with the most prestigious brands. So that foodies can thoroughly enjoy the whole sociable cooking experience, La Cornue has teamed up with three other Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage) companies to create accessories with the same exacting standards and levels of excellence as its cookers. An exclusive, bespoke line that accentuates French expertise to offer fans of style and gastronomy all...

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la cornue by PERCEVAL The art of cutlery la cornue by LE JACQUARD FRANQAIS The art of beautiful table linens The Perceval factory is steeped in the Thiers cutlery-making tradition, to the delight of cooks who appreciate its forged knives. For La Cornue, Perceval has created a range of knives designed to enhance food delicacies, with an exclusive triple A® steel blade featuring a fine grain and unique slicing action that retains the crisp outside as well as the unbeatably tender cooked inside. Mozambique ebony a precious deep black wood with warm, muted shades of red adorns the handles of these...

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MUST-HAVES FOR PERFECT MEALS FLAMBERGE COMPLEMENT The ceremonial act of carving a roast is often a prelude to the pleasure of tasting it. La Cornue has put together all the utensils you need so that the smart, highly advanced equipment you use for the cooking process can also extend onto your table, for carving and serving delicious dishes. Perceval carving knife and long-prong fork made from Mozambique ebony; apron, double oven glove and set of Le Jacquard Français tea towels with midnight blue and carbon herringbone pattern; Chabret walnut chopping block: everything a master chef needs for serving...

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PÂTISSERIE COMPLEMENT The dessert provides the finishing touch to a meal; just simply mentioning it can often make the mouth water before it even arrives at the table. As the icing on the cake, the ‘Pâtisserie complement’ enables you to create that grand finale with style and finesse. Perceval Mozambique ebony paring knife; Le Jacquard Français apron, oven glove and set of tea towels in copper and black dotted fabric; La Cornue fine porcelain tart dish: all the ingredients for a sociable meal with friends or loved o

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