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General Catalogue 2018 - 684 Pages

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General Catalogue 2018
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Catalog excerpts

Natural Products General Catalogue 2018

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Pacto Mundial / Le Pacte Mondial The Global Compact The Global Compact is a voluntary initiative via which L’ANTIC COLONIAL S.A. and other participating companies undertake to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. In terms of the number of participants, with six thousand in over 135 countries, the Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative. It is a framework for action aimed at boosting the social legitimacy of corporations and markets. Those companies...

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Índice Colecciones / Index Collectionner 01 Natural Stone page / página / page 10 02 Bathrooms page / página / page 132 03 Mosaics page / página / page 254 04 Ceramic Tiles page / página / page 376 05 Natural Wood page / página / page 414 06 Outdoor Decking page / página / page 534 07 Laminate Flooring page / página / page 542 08 Linkfloor page / página / page

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Advance Premium 1L Albany    476 Advance Premium 1L Auckland    476 Air Dots Black Matt    346 Air Dots White Matt    346 Air Hexagon Black Matt    347 Air Hexagon White Matt    347 Amsterdam 3D Hexagon Beige    56 Amsterdam 3D Hexagon Grey    58 Amsterdam 3D Hexagon White    54 Amsterdam Grey Sand    60 Amsterdam Hexagon Beige    57 Amsterdam Hexagon Grey    59 Amsterdam Hexagon White    55 Arabia Mix Blue Silver    309 Arctic White Classico    29 Arctic White Pulido    29 Aspen White Pulido    110 Aura Hexagon Creams    337 Aura Hexagon Whites    337 Azrama Primitive Vanity    214 Azrama Vanity...

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Eternity Mini Strip Cream    330 Eternity Mini Strip Emperador    330 Eternity Mini Strip Grey    330 Eternity Mini Strip White    331 Evoke Caramel310 Evoke Form Black    310 Evoke Form Caramel310 Evoke Form Silver    310 Faces Espejo Horizontal198 Faces Espejo Vertical    198 Fidji Natural Home    87 Fila Stone Plus 1L    124 Form Abstract Brown    277 Form Abstract Cream    277 Form Abstract White    277 Fusion Brick 3D Caramel Mix    334 Fusion Brick 3D Steel Mix    334 Fusion Brick 3D White    334 Fusion Hexagon Caramel Mix    335 Fusion Hexagon Steel Mix    335 Fusion Hexagon White    335 Fusion...

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M Magma Hexagon Beige Magma Hexagon Black Magma Hexagon Grey Mamperlan Laminado Mamperlan Parquet Maya Men{H}ir Men{H}ir Banera Men{H}ir Encimera L Men{H}ir Encimera S Men{H}ir Espejo Men{H}ir Espejo L Men{H}ir Espejo S Men{H}ir Estante D Men{H}ir Estante I Men{H}ir Mueble L Men{H}ir Mueble S Men{H}ir Mueble S 3C Men{H}ir Stand Metal Acero Metal Acero Anthracite 3D Cubes Metal Acero Hexagon Metal Acero Hexagon Anthracite Metal Acero Highlights Metal Acero Highlights Golden Metal Brick Acero Metal Bronze 3D Cubes Metal Mini Cubes Dark Metal Mini Cubes Light Mini Eden 1L Brown Mini Eden 1L Camel Mini...

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Rmc Univer. Main. Oil Color 0,5 L    527 Rmc Univer. Main. Oil Pure 0,5 L    527 Romo Retro Blanco    404 Saint Denis Espejo Place    230 Saint Denis Espejo Tour    231 Saint Denis Lavabo    230 Saint Germain Espejo Etagere    226 Saint Germain Espejo Place    227 Saint Germain Espejo Tour    226 Saint Germain Lavabo    224 Saint Germain Structure    225 Saint Germain Totem    224 Saint Germain Totem Crochet    225 Sherpa Brown Home    74 Signature Tile Copper    396 Signature Tile Cream Glossy    396 Signature Tile Cream Matt    396 Signature Tile Shell    397 Signature Tile Silver    396 Signature...

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Floor Coverings Paradise Tinybroken Edge Negro / Wall Coverings Airslate Graphite / Complementary Products Conjunto Karon Circle Persian White - Nogal Intense, Tower Mirror Nogal Intense

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Natural Stone Piedra Natural / Pierre Naturelle Natural Stone - L’Antic Colonial’s stone is a natural product which may be subject to variations in shade. The colour of the material supplied may differ slightly from that shown. Our website (http://anticcolonial. com/piedra-natural/en/ natural-stone/) contains further information in respect of our stone products, such as installation guides and videos, technical data sheets, details on larger formats, textures or recommendations for use. Todas las piedras de L’Antic Colonial son productos naturales que pueden sufrir variaciones de tono. El color...

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Natural Stone Floor Coverings Habana Brown Sand Home / Wall Coverings Habana Brown Sand Home

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Natural Stone Natural Stone / Piedra Natural / Pierre Naturelle REMEMBER All natural products are perfectly imperfect. The differences found between pieces make each piece unique and unrepeatable. This feature is NOT A PRODUCT DEFECT but an inherent part of the beauty of the product. If we are able to convey an understanding of the features of our products, we are sure that we will be able to meet all your expectations as regards quality and beauty. This is why it is essential that you are aware that you are buying a natural product, the characteristics of which may, on occasions, include: 1.-...

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Natural Stone Natural Stone / Piedra Natural / Pierre Naturelle Bioprot PROTECTION APPLIED TO ALL SURFACES PROTECCIÓN APLICADA A TODAS LAS CARAS PROTECTION APPLIQUÉE SUR TOUTES LES FACES A new waterproofing process for stone which improves the qualities of natural stone. The layer, which to date has only been applied to the upper surface, is now applied to the remaining faces of each of the pieces on the L’Antic Colonial production line. As a result, all sides, including the underside of the piece, now possess the same qualities as the surface. El nuevo proceso de impermeabilización de la piedra...

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Natural Stone Formats / Formatos / Formats

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Natural Stone 01 Finishes / Acabados / Finitions ANTICATO FLAMED HOME The stone is naturally aged to give it a warm, traditional look. Las piezas se envejecen de manera natural para conseguir una estetica calida y traditional. ~ - . Les pieces sont vieillies de faqon naturelle pour obtenir une esthetique chaude et traditionnelle. A natural, rustic finish with a rough, grooved texture is achieved by pounding the stone fi with pointed machine heads. -    JLv.' Acabado rustico y natural con textura estriada y rugosa Featuring a rough texture, achieved through exposure to fire. Textura rugosa conseguida...

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