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Catalog excerpts

L'ANTIC COLONIAL Inspiring spaces. Inspired by nature

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Inspiring spaces. Inspired by nature

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Wall Covering Airslate Metal

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Airslate Collection The thinnest and most flexible natural stone available in different finishes suitable for all types of area. La piedra natural más fina y flexible disponible en diferentes acabados para revestir cualquier espacio. La pierre naturelle la plus fine et flexible, disponible en plusieurs finitions pour habiller tout type d’espace. 3

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¿Qué es Airslate? Qu’est-ce que le Airslate? L’Antic Colonial is continuing to work with natural stone, in this instance slate. However, this time in a unique, exclusive and innovative format, since the natural material is available in thin tiles. The product comprises four different layers, with glass fibre reinforcement which gives the structure flexibility. L’Antic Colonial sigue trabajando con la piedra natural, en este caso con la pizarra. Sin embargo esta vez producida en un formato único, exclusivo e innovador entre su catálogo, ya que este producto natural se trabaja a modo de finas lajas....

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Wall Covering Airslate Graphite

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Wall Covering Airslate Forest

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Easy Installation Fácil InstalaciónPose Facile Installing Airslate is really straightforward. The long, large format pieces have a minimum thickness which varies between 2 mm and 4mm. For this reason, the resulting light, flexible material enables it to be installed on curved surfaces with a radius of up to 35 cm. Moreover, the product is easy to cut, since clean, dry cuts can be made using a simple circular saw. In addition, its lightness and the minimal space required means it is practical to transport and minimises waste generation. La instalación de Airslate es muy sencilla. Sus grandes formatos...

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The resulting product is extraordinarily versatile due to its special characteristics, inasmuch as the slate is available in various shades ranging from dark, sober tones to lighter, warmer ones, together amounting to 8 products in the collection: Bombay, Delhi, Kathmandu, Forest, Kashmir, Metal, Graphite and Patna. The material can also be used to clad any type of surface - for example pillars or walls - as well as external areas, since Airslate can be used both inside and outside. Nos encontramos ante un producto extraordinariamente versatil gracias a las diferentes particularidades que lo caracterizan....

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Wall Covering Airslate Patna

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Wall Covering Airslate Bombay "r*. Lt'A- ;:7;>7 :'55 .AAy • ■ ' ■ ' ■• VV-^'V Mig-V ■    "

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Right Choice Elección Correcta Le Boin Choix Its main characteristics lightness, flexibility and size make Airslate an ideal choice for refurbishing rooms and cladding large areas within a short period of time. In addition, the material is exceptionally resistant to both high and low temperatures. Another key feature of Airslate is the innovative waterproofing process it has undergone. Bioprot is applied on top of the material for protection and to provide hygienic, safe cladding for your home. Airslate es una elección idónea para reformar espacios y revestir amplias áreas en un corto intervalo...

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is ffe HRSi Wall Covering Airslate Kashmir

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Wall Covering Airslate Kathmandu

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Wall Covering Airslate Metal Wall Covering Airslate Delhi

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Wall Covering Airslate Graphite Covering Airslate Kathmandu

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Wall Covering Airslate Graphite

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PRODUCTOS / PRODUCTS: Airslate Forest, Habana Grey, Colección Vintage Wall Covering Airslate Metal

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Wall Covering Airslate Graphite

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Wall Covering Airslate Metal Wall Covering Airslate Forest

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Wall Covering Airslate Bombay

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Airslate Collection Airslate Graphite Airslate Delhi Airslate Forest Airslate Kashmir Airslate Bombay Airslate Kathmandu Airslate Metal Airslate Patna

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Wall Covering Airslate Bombay

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Wall Covering Airslate Kathmandu

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It is important to note that exposure to direct sunlight or contact with water may cause colour variation over time. This is something inherent to slate, and is not a defect. In addition, we recommend that you examine the colour, finish, style and quality of the material before installation to check everything is correct. Es importante tener en cuenta que la exposicion a la radiacion solar directa o al contacto con agua puede producir variaciones de tono en el material con el tiempo. Esto es algo inherente a la pizarra y no un defecto. Por otra parte, es recomendable que se examine el color, el acabado,...

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L’ANTIC COLONIAL S.A reserves the right to change and/or delete certain models shown in this catalogue without prior notice. The colours of the illustrations may vary with respect to the original pieces. The settings shown in this catalogue are decorative suggestions used for advertising purposes. The assembly instructions published by L’ANTIC COLONIAL must be observed in all real installations. The measurements listed in this catalogue are NOMINAL measurements. L’ANTIC COLONIAL S.A se reserva el derecho de modificar y/o suprimir ciertos modelos expuestos en este catálogo sin previo aviso. Los...

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Inspiring spaces. Inspired by nature.

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