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Catalogue 2017 - 624 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

General Catalogue 2017 ”You must look ahead in order to move forward. You can only make progress when you think big“ "Solo es posible avanzar cuando se mira lejos. Solo cabe progresar cuando se piensa en grande" "Regarder au loin pour mieux avancer. En visant haut on ne peut que progresser" Jose Ortega y Gasset L'ANTIC COLONIAL Inspiring spaces. Inspired by nature

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PACTO MUNDIAL / LE PACTE MONDIAL The Global Compact The Global Compact is a voluntary initiative via which L’ANTIC COLONIAL S.A. and other par ticipating companies under take to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anticorruption. In terms of the number of par ticipants, with six thousand in over 135 countries, the Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative. It is a framework for action aimed at boosting the social legitimacy of corporations and markets. Those companies...

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COLLECTION INDEX / INDICE COLECCIONES / INDEX COLLECTIONNER Floor Coverings Amsterdam Hexagon Grey / Wall Coverings Persian White 4

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COLLECTION INDEX / INDICE COLECCIONES / INDEX COLLECTIONNER 01 Natural Stone 02 Bathrooms 03 Mosaics 04 Ceramic Tiles 05 Natural Wood 06 Outdoor Decking 5 07 Laminate Flooring 08 Linkfloor

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Advance Premium 1L Albany    440 Advance Premium 1L Auckland    441 Advance Premium IL Brisbane    440 Advance Premium 1L Sidney    441 Air Dots Black Matt    330 Air Dots White Matt    330 Air Hexagon Black Matt    331 Air Hexagon White Matt    331 Amsterdam 2D Hexagon Beige    66 Amsterdam 2D Hexagon Grey    64 Amsterdam Hexagon Beige    67 Amsterdam Hexagon Grey    65 Amsterdam Wall Beige    67 Amsterdam Wall Grey    65 Arabia Mix Blue Silver    289 Arctic White Classico    33 Arctic White Pulido    33 Aspen White Pulido    98 Aura Hexagon Creams    3I7 Aura Hexagon Whites    3I7 Azrama Primitive...

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Lamina Antihumedad + Espuma Laminado 552 Lamina Antihumedad + Espuma Linkfloor 616 Lamina Antihumedad + Espuma Parquet 486 Lamina Suelo Radiante Antiestatica Laminado 552 Fidji Natural Home    79 Fila Stone Plus 1L    112 Flow Brick Black    280 Flow Brick Golden    280 Flow Brick Tobacco    281 Flow Brick White    280 Flow Hexagon Black    280 Flow Hexagon Golden    280 Flow Hexagon Tobacco    281 Flow Hexagon White    280 Frame Brick Dark    323 Frame Brick Light    323 Fusion Brick 3D Caramel Mix    314 Fusion Brick 3D Steel Mix    314 Fusion Brick 3D White    314 Fusion Flat Caramel Mix    315 Fusion...

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Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Clay    596 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Cotton    596 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Diamond 597 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Graphite 597 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Gravel    598 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Iron    598 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Sand    599 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Steel    599 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Titanium    600 Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract Zinc    600 Linkfloor Roll Contract Clay    581 Linkfloor Roll Contract Cotton    580 Linkfloor Roll Contract Diamond    578 Linkfloor Roll Contract Graphite    576 Linkfloor Roll Contract Gravel...

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Rmc Uni. Maint. Oil Voc Free Color 0,5 L 487 Rmc Uni. Maint. Oil Voc Free Color 0,5 L 487 Rmc Uni. Maint. Oil Voc Free Pure 0,5 L 487 Rmc Uni. Maint. Oil Voc Free Pure 0,5 L 487 Romo Retro Blanco    378 Saint Denis Espejo Place    212 Saint Denis Espejo Tour    213 Saint Denis Lavabo    2I2 Saint Germain Espejo Etagere    208 Saint Germain Espejo Place    209 Saint Germain Espejo Tour    208 Saint Germain Lavabo    206 Saint Germain Structure    207 Saint Germain Totem    206 Saint Germain Totem Crochet    207 Sherpa Brown Home    54 Signature Tile Copper    370 Signature Tile Cream Glossy    370 Signature...

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NATURAL STONE L’Antic Colonial stone is a natural product which may be subject to shade variations. The colour of the material supplied may differ slightly from that shown. Our website (http://anticcolonial. com/piedra-natural/en/natural-stone/) contains further information in respect of our stone products, such as installation guides and videos, technical data sheets, details on larger format, textures or recommendations for use. Todas las piedras de L’Antic Colonial son productos naturales que pueden sufrir variaciones de tono. El color del material servido puede no ser exactamente igual al...

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Natural Stone NATURAL STONE / PIEDRA NATURAL / PIERRE NATURELLE Floor Coverings Amsterdam Beige / Wall Coverings Amsterdam Wall Beige 12

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REMEMBER All natural products are perfectly imperfect. The differences found between pieces make each piece unique and unrepeatable. This feature is NOT A PRODUCT DEFECT but an inherent par t of the beauty of the product. If we are able to convey an understanding of the features of our products, we are sure that we will be able to meet all your expectations as regards quality and beauty. This is why it is essential that you are aware that you are buying a natural product, the characteristics of which may, on occasions, include: 1.- Pinhole cavities filled with grout The surface of some materials,...

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Bioprot A new waterproofing process for stone which improves the qualities of natural stone. The layer, which to date has only been applied to the upper surface, is now applied to the remaining faces of each of the pieces on the L’Antic Colonial production line. As a result, all sides, including the underside of the piece, now possess the same qualities as the surface. This technological advance stems from research aimed at completely protecting all L’Antic Colonial pieces from the possible effects of glues, adhesives or the floor’s moisture content, both at the time of installation and with the...

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Natural Stone finishes / acabados / finitions ANTICATO FLAMED HOME The stone is naturally aged to give it a warm, traditional look. Las piezas se envejecen de manera natural para conseguir una estetica calida y tradicional. Les pieces sont vieillies de faqon naturelle pour obtenir une esthetique chaude et traditionnelle. A natural, rustic finish with a rough, grooved texture is achieved by pounding the stone with pointed machine heads. Acabado i rustico y ^natUral con textura estriada y rugosa logrado por medio del golpeo con cabezales en forma de punta. Finition rustique et naturelre"d’u'ne....

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