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Kitchen Catalogue Part 1 - 73 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Welcome > 1 Dream The kitchen of your dreams lives here in the pages of the 2007 KOHLER > Kitchen Line Book, which is designed to inspire you. > 2 Plan But thatΒs just the beginning. Because achieving your dream kitchen requires considerable planning, weve included much more than just beautiful pictures. There are designated pages that provide you with detailed planning assistance, as well as options and accessories җ helping to inspire your creativity and guide your decision-making process in perfecting both the look and functionality of your kitchen space. > 3 Choose Once youve created your vision and established your plan, youҒre ready to make product choices. No matter how simple or detailed your dream kitchen is, this book can help guide you in making the choices youll savor for years to come. Table of Contents Dream & Plan Choose Inspiration 6 Kitchen Faucets 14 Kitchen Faucets 20 Kitchen Sinks 56 Kitchen Sinks 63 Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks 62 Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks 63 Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks 76 Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks 77 Artist Editions Kitchen Sinks 78 Artist Editions Kitchen Sinks 79 PRO Series Kitchen Sinks 82 PRO Series Kitchen Sinks 85 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks 88 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks 91 Entertainment Sinks 112 Entertainment Sinks 113 Special Purpose Sinks 116 Special Purpose Sinks 117 Sink and Faucet Accessories 120 Sink and Faucet Accessories 122 Product Information Charts 126 Colors for Sinks 138 Color/Finish Guide for Faucets 139 > 3 For additional product and pricing information, visit 9512-2-13.indd 35/15/07 4:40:04 PM size="-4">

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Redefi ning the Kitchen KOHLER > kitchen products are designed to offer you the ultimate in both form and function. This not only allows you to optimize your food and beverage preparation and cleanup workfl ow, it enables your kitchen to become an environment where you can relax, talk and entertain. The diverse KOHLER color palette is the start to creating the desired mood you want in your kitchen. Create a subtle, elegant look with calming, subdued colors, or a high-contrast impression that refl ects your outgoing personality. Choose from materials that can be equally subtle or contrasting, and...

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Elegance with an Edge To create a kitchen thats stocked with style, start with a white-on-white palette, and add hints of eye-popping color in places you wouldnҒt expect to fi nd it, like the kitchen sink. > Faucet (Clairette K-692-VS) Kitchen Sink (Iron/Tones K-6499-KG) Beverage Faucet (Wellspring K-6665-F-VS) Entertainment Sink (Iron/Tones Trough K-6497-KG) Elements of Style Strike a Balance By nature of their purpose, kitchens have historically been thought of as utilitarian spaces. Today, we have the opportunity to consider the personality of the kitchen and the people who use it. To achieve...

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Mostly Modern Dark cherry cabinets, polished white countertops and lots of shine give this hardworking kitchen contemporary appeal. > Faucets (Fort K-10433-VS ) Sink (Iron/Tones Trough K-6496-FD) Sink (Iron/Tones Smart Divide K-6498-FD) Elements of Style Put Function First With so many kitchen sinks from which to choose, its easy to size your sink to the task at hand. Larger, double-basin designs, such as Smart Divide > 钮 models, are ideal for primary cleanup locations. Smaller designs, like Undertone > undercounter trough sinks, are ideal for prep centers and other single-use locations. Focus...

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Simply Beautiful Don't let a small, galley-like kitchen limit your design choices or functionality. Maximize your space by selecting multitasking centers in sleek, streamlined fi nishes. > Faucet (ProMaster K-6330-CP) Kitchen Sink (PRO TaskCenter K-3326R-3-NA) Soap/Lotion Dispenser (K-1895-C-CP) Keep It Simple When it comes to cabinets, select a frameless door and drawer style, preferably one with integral handles. Similarly, faucets and other kitchen hardware should be sleek and streamlined. Strive For Unity Selecting a single fi nish for all of your kitchen cabinets and appliances, in this case...

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Traditional with a Twist Our recipe for a practical yet stylish kitchen starts with traditional wood cabinets painted an unexpected shade of green. Natural stone countertops and stainless steel sinks and appliances give the room a contemporary edge, while the simple, wide-plank wood fl oor brings the classic look full circle. > Faucet (Vinnata K-690-VS) Kitchen Sink (Verity K-3086-4U-NA) Entertainment Sink Faucets (Vinnata K-691-VS) Elements of Style Go for the Unexpected > Kitchen Sink (Undertone Trough K-3157-NA) Selecting cabinets with a painted rather than stained fi nish is a good fi rst...

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KOHLER > Kitchen Sink Faucets While Kohler strives to provide a wide range of faucet choices, we also realize that sometimes too many choices can be intimidating. ThatΒs why in this book, weve tried not only to summarize the main features and benefi ts of our faucets and other products, weҒve also included step-by-step specifi cation guidelines intended to help you select just the faucet you need. We want you to be delighted with your kitchen now and for years to come, and with KOHLER products and design assistance, it can happen. > 15 For additional product and pricing information, visit 9512-14-19.indd...

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Step 1 Kohler offers more than 25 faucet choices to suit your dcor. Traditional 镕 Transitional Contemporary Determine Your Style Step 2 Օ Vibrant > Polished NickelΕ Vibrant Polished Brass Vibrant Brushed Nickel Օ Polished Chrome Brushed Chrome Օ Vibrant Brazen Bronze Vibrant Brushed Bronze Օ Vibrant French Gold* Vibrant Stainless Օ Brushed Stainless Determine Your Finish Step 3 Pull-down Օ Pullout Sidespray Օ Single-control Two-handle Determine the Functionality You Prefer Step 4 Օ Wellspring > Touchless faucetΕ Wellspring beverage faucet with Aquifer Determine the Faucet Accessories You Would...

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Polished Chrome (-CP) Brushed Chrome (-G) Vibrant Polished Nickel (-SN) Vibrant Brushed Nickel (-BN) Vibrant Brushed Bronze (-BV) Vibrant Brazen Bronze (-BX) Vibrant French Gold (-AF ) Vibrant Polished Brass (-PB ) Polished Chrome with Vibrant Polished Brass accents (-CB ) Brushed Stainless(-BS ) Vibrant Stainless (-VS ) White (-0 ) Biscuit (-96) Black Black (-7 ) >

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