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Catalogue excerpts

The range will not tip during normal use. However, the range can tip if you apply too much force or weight to the open door without the anti-tip bracket fastened down properly. Tip Over HazardA child or adult can tip the range and be killed.Connect anti-tip bracket to rear range foot.Reconnect the anti-tip bracket, if the range is moved.See the installation instructions for details.Failure to follow these instructions can result in death or serious burns to children and adults. > Anti-Tip Bracket Making sure the anti-tip bracket is installed: Slide range forward. Օ Look for the anti-tip bracket...

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G H I F J E K L D M N C B O A > Parts and Features not shown (on some models)Broiler pan and gridTemperature probe A.Warming drawer (on some models) or storage drawer (on some models)B.Bake burner and cover (not shown)C.Anti-tip bracketD.Broil burner with electric broil element (not shown)E.Left front surface burner (dual valve TripleTier flame burner with InstaWokΙ Grate on some models)F.Left rear surface burnerG.Oven ventH.Standard grateI.Right rear surface burner J.Right front surface burnerK.Control panelL.Automatic oven light switch/self-clean latchM.Door gasketN.Model and serial number plateO.Oven...

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Use the following chart as a guide when setting Simmer Burner heat levels. SETTINGRECOMMENDED USEHI SIMMER SETTINGSRECOMMENDED USELITE > ■ Start food cooking. > ■ Light the burner. > ■ Bring liquid to a boil. HI > ■ Cooking thicker foods such as tomato sauce, chili. Medium High between MED and HI > ■ Hold a rapid boil. > ■ Stew or steam foods. > ■ Quickly brown or sear food. MED(Medium) LO > ■ Cooking medium-density foods such as cream soups, sauces and gravy. MED (Medium) > ■ Hold a slow boil. > ■ Fry poultry or meat. > ■ Keep food warm. Medium LowbetweenMED and LO > ■ Stew or steam food. > ■...

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2. Remove grate from cooktop and flip the grate over so that the wok supports are pointing up. Standard Burner > A.Burner cap B.Burner baseC.Alignment pinsD.IgniterE.Gas tube opening A. A.Wok supports pointing upB.Cooktop grate with InstaWok Grate insert (left side of range only)C.Reversible InstaWokٙ Grate insert A.TripleTier 3. Place the wok grate within the supports. > Gas must flow freely throughout the gas tube opening for the burner to light properly. Keep this area free of soil and do not allow spills, food, cleaning agents or any other material to enter the gas tube opening. Protect it...

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The START pad begins any oven function except the Timer, Control Lock and Sabbath Mode. If not pressed within 5 seconds after pressing a pad, START?Ӕ will appear on the oven display as a reminder. If not pressed within 5 minutes after pressing a pad, the oven display will return to inactive mode (blank) and the programmed function will be canceled.If a function has been started and a different function is selected, START?Ӕ will appear in the display after 5 seconds. If the START pad is not pressed within 5 seconds, the oven display will return to the active/already started function. > The OPTIONS...

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When the set probe temperature is reached, the oven will shut off automatically and EndӔ will appear on the oven display.If enabled, end-of-cycle tones will sound. > FOODRACK POSITION Large roasts, turkeys, angel food, bundt and tube cakes, quick breads, pies1 or 2Yeast breads, casseroles, meat and poultry2Cookies, biscuits, muffins, cakes 2 or 3 4. Press OFF or open the oven door to clear the display. > Press OFF, then repeat previous steps.After cooking, unplug the probe and remove food from oven. The probe symbol will remain lit until the probe is unplugged from the probe jack.See General CleaningӔ...

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■ Use a meat thermometer or the temperature probe to determine the doneness of meats and poultry. Check the temperature of pork and poultry in 2 or 3 places. > ■ Reduce recipe temperature 25F (14аC). The cook time may need to be reduced also. > Before convection baking, position racks according to the Positioning Racks and BakewareӔ section. > 1. Press CONVECT BAKE.Press the number pads to enter a temperature other than 325F (163аC). The convection bake range can be set between 170F and 500аF (77C and 260аC). Convection cooking temperatures and times differ from those of standard cooking. Depending...

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The warming drawer is preset for a lowӔ temperature, but can be changed by pressing WARMING DRAWER ON additional times. Use the following chart as a guide when selecting a different temperature other than Low.Ӕ > Different foods require different settings in order to maintain the ideal serving temperature. Use the following chart as a guide. > Appetizers HI Biscuits LOW IMPORTANT: The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during the Self-Cleaning cycle. Exposure to the fumes may result in death to certain birds. Always move birds to another closed and well-ventilated...

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4. Press START. The start time is automatically calculated and displayed along with the clean time and stop time. DELAYӔ will also appear on the display. When the start time is reached, LOCKING DOORӔ will appear in the display. When the door locks, self-clean will start and OVEN IS CLEANINGӔ then, DOOR LOCKEDӔ will appear in the display.The door will not unlock until the oven cools. When the cycle is complete and the oven cools, SELF CLEAN COMPLETEӔ will appear on the oven display. > IMPORTANT: The heating and cooling of porcelain on steel in the oven may result in discoloring, loss of gloss,...

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Do not reassemble caps on burners while wet.Do not clean in the Self-Cleaning cycle.Do not clean in dishwasher. > Do not clean in the Self-Cleaning cycle. Cleaning Method: Cleaning Method: > ■ Nonabrasive plastic scrubbing pad and mildly abrasive cleanser:Clean as soon as cooktop, grates and caps are cool. > ■ Mildly abrasive cleanser: Scrub with wet scouring pad. > ■ Solution of ٢ cup (125 mL) ammonia to 1 gal. (3.75 L) water: Soak for 20 minutes, then scrub with scouring or steel-wool pad. > ■ Oven cleaner: Follow product label instructions. > ■ See Sealed Surface BurnersӔ section. Porcelain...

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