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cement tiles • carreau de ciment • encaustic tiles istrelle di cemento • azulejos de cemento KARDISTANBUL artisanal tiles • patterned tiles • zementfliesen • hydraulic tiles • motivi della piastrelle ceramic tiles • concrete tiles • handmade tiles • tradinational tiles • Victorian tiles • tcrrazzo

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Karoistanbul respectful to nature; supports ecological life with its eco-friendly raw material and sustainable production approach. Each tile is produced by hand, one by one. A tile will never be same as any other tile. It adds value to your living spaces with its warmth and uniqueness. Karoistanbul tiles do not try to be natural unlike industrial imitation designs, it is natural.

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We are the manufacturers of Cement Tile based on Fine Arts Academy. Since 1990, we have been making production of encaustic cement-based tiles under the name of KAROISTANBUL. As Karoistanbul, we reproduce handmade flooring and wall finishing, which are belong to all cultures in the world, by reuniting with their belongings of the universal basic art morals... We add an aesthetical value to the unique, handmade and almost extinction tiles by compounding our atelier experience with the modern and visionary attitude of our designers. We get a successful result by evaluating the restoration...

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The Gothic Architecture enables to build up bright, elegant, fresh structures in contrast to crude, dark and cold architecture in Medieval Times. Pointed decorative archways, magnificent naive ceilings with domes, vertical roofs and grounds with brilliant designs which are covered with fleur- de-lis ad quatrefoils... At the beginning of 19th century, in England neo-gothic architecture came to life under the influence of gothic buildings. Out of curiosity, Mr. Herbert Minton prepared encaustic tiles by using medieval techniques. Minton came from a potter family. He used his ceramic knowledge...

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HOW IS MADI 'Mil Rl STORATION 01 I NCAUSTIC Cl Ml N1 'ill I a. First of all, the surface of tiles come from that kind of buildings are cleaned by various methods and then the colors become clear when the date tiles have been produced. Pattern is copied without loss of fidelity, place can help us to find out the geographical area of the raw materials obtained. Every clue and detail are evaluated with great care such as detective expert who is chasing up a lost object, b. The alternatives formed from many various components of the colors are tried and recorded to achieve the colors in the...

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'll RRAZZO PATTI RN MOSAIC CASTING IN PI ACI Terrazzo is a floor covering material obtained by mixing natural marble aggregates, glass, natural stone powder, granite and color pigments with cement which is in certain proportions. In the 15th century, this material was discovered by Venetian workers and at the beginning, it was prepared with recycled marble powders, clay and goat milk which was used as an adhesive. With more than a centenary history, this building material has a high rate of use thanks to its durability for ages. Since the ancient times, it has been enriching several...

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UNLIMITED DESIGNS WITH TERRAZZO PATTERN The Terrazzo Pattern is the new product of the Terrazzo collection, which is versatile, durable, easy to maintain and offers admirable designs. We have created a modern texture on the surface of tiles using prestigious materials such as marble, granite and siliceous in different sizes. This innovative approach has versatile, durable, easy to maintain and admiring designs. With its strong aesthetics, resistant structure, it is ideal for commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports, hospitals and schools, which are exposed to heavy traffic, are ideal...

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Terazzo tile consists of two layers. The top layer has a smooth surface. The backsheet is made of cement, sand and aggregate. It is a precast material which is prepared by pressing on marble, granite and stone aggregates which are prepared according to predetermined production recipe. Due to its incredible durability, the Terrazzo Platten is suitable for every application you can imagine. Can be used as a flooring material in exterior or interior. Terrazzo Marble, Agglomerate Stone, in other words Terrazzo Pander, is a precast material produced with cement, silica stone, color pigments and...

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Venetian Terrazzo; In other words, Seminato Veneziano is a flooring material obtained by mixing natural marble aggregates, stone dust, granite and color pigment with different proportions of cement. This material was discovered by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th century and was initially used with scrap marble pieces and clay and used goat's milk as adhesive. The first masters could not have imagined that this simple material could be the only decorative item in the later centuries that grace the grounds of elegant palaces, rich houses and many important buildings. With a history of...

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