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Quality lasts

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Quality lasts CI/SfB Uniclass EPIC E19: x4 (47) Nh4 June 2005

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About Kalzip 2 Quality lasts Index 2. About Kalzip 3. Materials and finishes 4. Products and systems 5. Product innovations 6. System variations Kalzip Kalzip aluminium standing system is a key brand within the multi-national Corus group. During the past 35 years more than 75 million m2 of Kalzip roofing have been installed around the world. Combining international expertise with local service, Kalzip represents a mark of quality and strength, providing solutions for the external envelope of the building. Accreditations The Kalzip roof system in its entirety has successfully achieved third...

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Materials and finishes Stainless steel The Kalzip standing seam roofing and cladding system can be supplied in austenitic stainless steel - a long life, low maintenance and corrosion resistant building material available in more than one finish. A wide range of stainless steel fabrications is available to fully support a roof or wall specification. Copper Copper Kalzip combines the aesthetic and durable properties of copper with the added benefit of low costs over the material’s lifespan. It is an exceptionally strong, anti-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free material with an initial...

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Products and systems 4 Quality lasts Kalzip liner roof system The Kalzip liner roof system, consists of a Kalzip standing seam outer sheet, insulation, vapour control layer and liner sheet, and is the ideal choice for projects where speed of installation is vital. Predominantly used in new build constructions, but also suitable for refurbishment projects, the system allows for a non-fragile walkable Kalzip liner to be quickly installed to provide a temporary weather cover and allow work to continue below. The system can be modified to accommodate any acoustic performance requirements by...

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Product innovations Quality lasts 5 New products in brief There have been many exciting Kalzip product innovations and key developments. ‘X’-Tail – a tailored approach (roof and wall) Tailored Kalzip sheets, which are ideal for geometric jobs, come in a variety of interesting shapes, including wasted, bulging, curved on plan, twisted and cork screw. To help Kalzip produce these new variants, we have also developed a 3D package which converts a simple flat sheet drawing to the 3D tailored Kalzip model. The system also enables Kalzip to make production drawings for each Kalzip sheet. Fully...

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System variations 6 Quality lasts Kalzip AF profile Kalzip AF65/333 and 65/434 profile in a stucco embossed finish offers a distinctive ‘Almost Flat’ appearance. The use of Foamglas® insulant has the benefit of providing a solid supporting substrate to the flat pan of the AF sheet whilst at the same time offering outstanding thermal performance. The cellular glass insulant has the strength to support the fixing plates for the Kalzip E10 clips. Generally there is no direct connection to the inner decking and consequently the entire span of the roof is free from cold bridging. Refurbishment...

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System variations Kalzip SolarClad Kalzip SolarClad is a photovoltaic cladding which has been optimised for use in building envelopes. Its flexibility and versatility enables the solar modules to be fixed onto standing seam systems made from a variety of materials. Kalzip SolarClad is sold as a complete system, the Unisolar PVL film is laminated on to Kalzip carrier plates in the factory to ensure a high quality and fast installation. This picture is of Schiller School in Bretten, Germany, in which Kalzip SolarClad has been retrofitted parallel and perpendicular to the existing Kalzip and...

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Services and accessories 8 Quality lasts Fabrications The bespoke fabrication service from Kalzip ensures total compatibility of material, colour and finish. Providing all the essential accessories including gutters, ridge and verge flashings (curved and straight), snow guards, coping and capping, louvres, bullnose fascias and special tapers, Kalzip Fabrications equip you with everything needed to achieve total consistency of material, appearance and performance through the entire building envelope. With ever-tightening regulations, the technical demands of the installation details is...

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Installation Weathering the storm Aluminium naturally resists corrosion and it is the inherent oxide skin on aluminium that provides an ever-present barrier to atmospheric attack, reforming spontaneously if it is cut or scratched and it thickens very slowly with age and darkens in time according to the amount of atmospheric pollution. After prolonged exposure to the elements, the original highly reflective surface of aluminium will dull down to a uniform patina and any changes in appearance will be consistent along any elevation. The weathering effect is particularly well illustrated by the...

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Case studies 10 Quality lasts A recent study by Delft University, found that the general collection rates of aluminium for individual buildings were between 93 and 98 per cent – almost total recovery. One UK example of recycling is the old Wembley Football Stadium, which was once home to those iconic twin towers, pulled down to make way for a new 90,000-seater stadium. A massive 96 per cent of the total aluminium in the building was collected for recycling, according to the study by Delft University. The current building regulations are not just concerned with insulation values and...

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Albion Riverside Corus Building Systems Kalzip case study Kalzip wall systems Kalzip wall systems provide a cost effective solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Two new profiles are illustrated. The MT33/1000R offer a unique half round and micro-ribbed finish. The TF37/800R provides an equally unique appearance. Both products share a common support grid which can be easily adapted to give the required thermal performance. In addition, the use of mineral wool insulation in a wall build up, ensures a non-combustible building envelope solution. Specifying a Kalzip wall system in...

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