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Kalzip® vapour layer FR - 2 Pages

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Kalzip® vapour layer FR
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Catalog excerpts

Kalzip® vapour layer FR Product information The product The Kalzip vapour layer FR is a self-adhesive vapour barrier with a low fire load made of tear-proof, fabricreinforced laminated aluminium foil in accordance with the requirements of EN 13984. Product structure Upper layer: fabric-reinforced laminated aluminium foil Lower layer: Self-adhesive coating with film cover Product advantages • E certification according to EN 13984 C • eets the requirements of DIN 18234 “Fire safety of M large roofs for buildings” • ery high vapour tightness V • uick and easy installation Q • ow mass per unit area L • ow fire load L • oints can be corrected J • uitable as temporary waterproofing for roofs with S gradients of more than 2° • ery high tear resistance, therefore good walkability V and workability • arge coverage (75 m²/roll) L The Kalzip vapour layer FR should be applied parallel to the upper chords by peeling off the protective film on the underside. The longitudinal seams must be glued on the upper chords. Longitudinal and transverse seams must be sealed with a minimum overlap 8 cm by pressing or Area of application The Kalzip vapour layer FR is used for roofs with waterproofing according to DIN 18531, preferably on substructures made of trapezoidal steel liners. rolling. At all connections, terminations and penetrations the vapour barrier must be brought up to the upper level of the thermal insulation and sealed air- and vapour-tight. In the sealed original packaging the vapour layer can be stored for approx. 12 months in dry, well ventilated Application notes rooms that are protected from light and kept at a The adhesive surfaces must be dry and free from dust, constant temperature of 20 °C. On site suitable grease and oil. The minimum processing temperature is measures should be taken to protect opened pallets +5 °C. On plastic-coated trapezoidal steel liners no and rolls from moisture and rain. The rolls should be primer is required. On other surfaces such as stored vertically. galvanised sheet steel etc. a bituminous primer should be applied.

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Technical data Packaging unit Weight approx. 19.5 kg per roll Pallet unit 24 rolls per pallet Test procedure Product performance Water vapour permeability Behaviour in case of fire Resistance to shock loads Tear resistance Joint shear resistance (bond seam) Tensile strength Maximum tensile strength tensile strength Durability after artificial ageing Calorific value The data in this publication were provided to the best of our knowledge and belief. They do not take into account any specific application. Claims cannot be derived from them. We reserve the right to make technically meaningful changes...

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