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Kalzip Systems

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CI/SfB(47)Nh4April 2008 Corus Building Systems Kalzip > systems > Products and applications size="-1">

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Kalzip systems 4Profi les 7Roll forming technology and Kalzip XT 8 > 50Curves and tapers 52Long length sheets 54Document L 55Thermal performance Ζ U-value tables 56Structural performance load span tables 60Material characteristics 64 > Liner roof system 10Structural deck system 12Liner deck system 16System variations 19 Acoustic build 20 > Nature Roof 22 Solar solutions 24 > 28 Clips 30 Vapour control layer 34Insulation 35Fall arrest and walkway systems 36 Fabrications 38Roofl ights 42 >

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Kalzip systems Kalzip will transform your ideas and dreams into reality, without any compromise on quality and with a true passion for detail. Kalzip is the source of inspiration for planners and architects throughout the world, and there are very good reasons for this. Kalzip offers: > perfect system solutions > limitless design potential > state-of-the-art production technology > highly sophisticated, light weight building system > ultimate product quality > innovative material combinations > harmonious integration of shapes, colours and surfaces > dedicated network of approved...

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Kalzip systems A high level of safety throughout the entire service life Unlimited application potential Valuable ecological and sustainable properties > Suitable for warm and cold roof constructions in all shapes and pitches from 1.5հ, catering for all types of supporting structures. > A non-penetrative patented clip attaches the sheets to the substructure. These clips are locked into the seam to ensure smooth thermal cycling of the external sheet over the clip head whilst facilitating outstanding spanning capacity under high wind loading. > The raw material that contains aluminium -...

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Above: Project: Aintree racecourse, Liverpool, UK Architect: Building Design Partnership 8 >

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Picture courtesy of Sealand AP Ltd Project: Albion Riverside, London, UK Architect: Foster and Partners Project: Colchester Garrison, UKArchitect: W S Atkins Below: Project: Fountain Way Hospital, Salisbury, UK Architect: Hunter and Partners 10 >

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Kalzip systems Kalzip structural decking provides an economical solution for long span installations and eliminates the need for purlins. For enhanced acoustic absorption, decking sheets can be perforated and can support mass, such as increased insulation or board, which may be introduced for more rigorous acoustic specifi cations.With a choice of steel or aluminium, a selection of profi les, gauges and sheet lengths Ζ this range of products has been developed to extend the versatility of Kalzip, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.As a general rule, steel is cost effective...

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Thickness Indicative weight(mm) (kg/lm) (kg/m > 44 68 Thickness Indicative weight(mm) (kg/lm) (kg/m > 2 Thickness Indicative weight(mm) (kg/lm) (kg/m > 153 31 2 ) 0.70 8.24 9.81 0.75 8.83 10.510.88 10.36 12.341.00 11.78 14.02 1.13 13.31 15.84 1.25 14.72 17.521.50 17.66 21.03 > 40 280 Weight in kg/m > 840 Note: Information on aluminium decks is available from the Kalzip technical department > 2 also includes standard side overlap 14 >

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Kalzip systems A variation of the Kalzip liner roof system, the Kalzip liner-deck roof system utilises a low profi le structural metal deck.This roof construction consists of a Kalzip standing seam outer sheet, Kalzip insulation, Kalzip vapour control layer and a Kalzip liner-deck sheet. The Kalzip standing seam outer sheet is supported off Kalzip aluminium or E clips in turn supported off a top-hat profi le sub-purlin fi xed direct to the Kalzip liner-deck sheet.Kalzip liner-deck roof systems are predominantly used for new build construction where purlin centres are greater than normal,...

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Sheet Design value of Cross-sectional thickness thickness area Mass t (mm) t (mm) A (cm > 200 200 2 /m) G (kg/m > 2 ) 0.9 0.86 15.99 12.55 1.0 0.96 17.84 14.00 1.2 1.16 21.54 16.91 1.5 1.46 27.08 21.26 > 600 2.0 1.96 36.29 28.49 2.5 2.46 45.47 35.70 Note: Information on aluminium structural trays is available from the Kalzip technical department.The above diagrams are based on nominal measurements Note: Red text = indicate folded profi le ie: sheet thickness: 0.9mm-1.5mm is roll formed, 2.00mm, 2.5mm is folded.Where required, for exceptionally long spans, the spanability of both decking and...

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Kalzip systems Kalzip roof constructions can be modifi ed to accommodate various acoustic performance requirements, by incorporating other layers such as high density insulation, acoustic boards and fl exible membranes to provide increased sound reduction performance and by perforating the liner to provide improved sound absorption performance.With Approved Document E the acoustic performance is an important consideration in the design of buildings, especially within the education sector. Multi-layer forms of construction achieve better results and the built-up Kalzip system allows for many...

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Below left: Project: PFI Defence 6th Form College, Loughborough, UK Architect: HLM Design Limited Below middle: Project: House of the Future, Cardiff, UK Architect: Jestico and Whiles Below right: Project: Pizza Hut, Jersey, UK Architect: Carlo Riva Architects/ MEPK Architects Bottom: Project: Lough Road Waste Treatment Works, London, UK Architect: Sheppard Robson Architects 22 >

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Kalzip systems The Kalzip Nature Roof is an advanced green roofi ng system that has been developed to provide measurable performance and environmental benefi ts. A perfectly balanced and complete solution Ζ it not only meets high environmental, technical and design requirements, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of a building. The Nature Roof is underpinned by a fully engineered Kalzip system with an unbeatable pedigree. Every single component has been carefully selected for compatibility; the system as a whole has been subjected to the most rigorous testing for the UK.This lightweight...

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