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Kalzip systems, products and applications - 72 Pages

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Kalzip systems, products and applications

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Kalzip® systems Kalzip Ltd Products and applications CI/SfB (47) Nh4 April 2010

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Kalzip Innovative performance and proven system solutions for creative architectural design 2 Kalzip® systems

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Contents Product introduction 4 Profi les 7 Roll forming technology and Kalzip XT 8 System confi gurations Liner roof system 10 Structural deck system 12 Liner deck system 16 Low U-value system 18 System variations 19 Acoustic build 20 Kalzip sustainable solutions Nature Roof 22 Solar solutions 24 Components and accessories 28 Clips 30 Seam clips 34 Vapour control layer 34 Insulation 35 Fall arrest and walkway systems 36 Fabrications 38 Project: Qizhong International Tennis Centre, China Architect: Environment Design Institute (EDI Tokyo) and Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Institute...

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Project: Reading University, Berkshire, UK Architect: BDP 4 Kalzip® systems

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Innovation is our strength Our research and development work is based on one aim: to provide the very best solutions every time Kalzip can transform ideas into reality, without any compromise on quality and with a true passion for detail. Kalzip aluminium standing seam profi les are able to meet the most demanding construction and design requirements to create roofs and facades that successfully combine outstanding functionality with stunning aesthetics. The design potential is virtually limitless – from the discreet to the elaborate; combining sophisticated elegance with contemporary...

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Kalzip – the sophisticated, lightweight building system Highly fl exible and can be precisely tailored to suit the individual requirements of the building Unlimited application potential • Suitable for warm and cold roof constructions in all shapes and pitches from 1.5°, catering for all types of supporting structures. • Can be fl exibly adjusted to suit the layout, geometry and dimensions of any building. • Extremely strong and lightweight. • Ideal for large spans and renovating old roofs. • Continuous lengths of 150 metres and more, when production takes place on-site. Superior thermal...

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Available shapes Widths of Kalzip profi led sheets Kalzip dimensions Thickness (mm) straight convex curved tapered convex curved tapered concave curved tapered concave curved Kalzip 50/333 Kalzip 50/429 Kalzip 65/305 Kalzip 65/333 Kalzip 65/400 Kalzip 65/500 Kalzip AF 65/333 Kalzip AF 65/434 50 333 50 429 65 305 65 333 65 400 65 500 65 333 65 434 1.2 1.0 0.9 1.2 1.0 0.9 1.2 1.0 0.9 1.2 1.0 0.9 0.8 1.2 1.0 0.9 1.2 1.0 0.9 1.2 1.0 0.9 1.2 1.0 0.9 An additional profi le Kalzip AF 65/537 also exists specifi cally for AluPlusSolar. This 1mm thick product coated in polyester or PVdF can only be...

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Perfection in roll-forming technology Flexibility and freedom of design The unique formability of Kalzip aluminium profi led sheets enables design and functionality to be combined with technical perfection. The range of shapes available – convex, concave, elliptically or hyperbolically curved – opens up a whole variety of fascinating options for creating stunning architectural designs. Perfection in production The high-precision Kalzip components can be produced using the very latest equipment both in the factory and also on mobile roll formers to create a variety of complex shapes and...

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Kalzip XT Profi les The advent of a new architectural era Malleable, pliable, foldable and fl exible, Kalzip XT profi led sheets make it possible to transform computer-generated designs and structural principles into reality. These evolutionary animations, visualized in 3D objects, enable new architectural shapes and forms to be created. Revolutionary in its fi eld this computer controlled patented roll forming technology allows three dimensional contouring to be combined with a standing seam system to achieve technical perfection in the creation of free fl owing shapes. The ability to...

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Form and functionality System confi gurations Kalzip standing seam roof systems are available in a multitude of confi gurations to cater for the most challenging architectural design or most exacting performance requirements Kalzip liner roof systems are predominantly used for new build construction, although they can also be used for refurbishment in the event of other failed roofi ng systems or building enhancements. The Kalzip liner roof system is ideal where speed of installation on a project is of utmost importance. A non-fragile walkable Kalzip liner sheet can be quickly installed to...

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Kalzip liner roof system variations Liner profi les Liner with top hat spacer system for increased U-values 1 Kalzip standing seam sheet 2 Kalzip insulation 3 Kalzip E clip 4 Kalzip vapour control layer 5 Trapeziodal liner sheet 6 Purlin 7 Top hat sub purlin 8 Top hat saddle bracket 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 8 2 4 3 5 6 1 Standard liner roof confi guration 1 Kalzip standing seam sheet 2 Kalzip insulation 3 Kalzip E clip 4 Kalzip vapour control layer 5 Trapeziodal liner sheet 6 Purlin 900 cover width (6 x 150 modules) 150 30 Finish this side TR 30/150 (Kalzip 65/300 profi le) 915 cover width (6 x 152.5...

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Kalzip structural decking provides an economical solution for long span installations and eliminates the need for purlins. For enhanced acoustic absorption, decking sheets can be perforated and can support mass, such as increased insulation or board, which may be introduced for more rigorous acoustic specifi cations. With a choice of steel or aluminium, a selection of profi les, gauges and sheet lengths – this range of products has been developed to extend the versatility of Kalzip, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. As a general rule, steel is cost effective and provides...

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Kalzip standing seam on Kalzip structural decking 1 Kalzip standing seam sheet 2 Kalzip insulation 3 Kalzip E clip 4 Kalzip vapour control Layer 5 Structural decking 2 3 1 4 5 Kalzip standing seam on perforated Kalzip structural decking with acoustic insulation slab 1 Kalzip standing seam sheet 2 Kalzip insulation 3 Kalzip E clip 4 Low profi le top hat section positioned diagonally across decking 5 Kalzip vapour control layer 6 Acoustic insulation slab 7 Perforated structural decking 1 3 6 4 2 7 Kalzip standing seam on Kalzip structural decking with top hat sub purlins 1 Kalzip standing...

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