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Kalzip Systems - Product information and specification - 52 Pages

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Kalzip Systems - Product information and specification

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Kalzip® Systems Product information and specification

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1.Kalzip aluminium roof and facade systems 4 3.1 Dimensions of the profiled sheets 6 3.2 Aluminium clip and thermal barrier pads 7 3.3 Different finishes and colours 10 3.5 Components for roof superstructures and safety appliances 14 4. Kalzip range of applications Non-ventilated Kalzip roof on a trapezoidal steel deck 16 Non-ventilated Kalzip roof on purlins with trapezoidal inner sheet 17 Non-ventilated Kalzip roof on timber rafters with visible timber lining 17 Kalzip DuoPlus® 100 and Kalzip Duo® 100 on a concrete substructure 18 Kalzip FOAMGLAS® System as a standard and combined...

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6.5 Lightning protection using Kalzip aluminium profiled sheet envelopes 35 6.6.1 Rafter roof: Kalzip sheets perpendicular to the trapezoidal steel deck 36 6.6.2 Kalzip perpendicular on timber lining 37 6.6.3 The purlin roof: Kalzip parallel to inner skin 38 6.6.4 Kalzip DuoPlus 100 and Kalzip Duo 100 39 6.6.5 Kalzip FOAMGLAS® System 40 6.9 Design of fixed points Kalzip aluminium clip/Kalzip composite clip 43 6.10 Ridge, eaves, gable ends 43 6.16 Roof projections without clip bars 46 6.17 Installation instructions for long profiled sheets 46 7. Kalzip dimensioning tables 7.1 Thermal...

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1. Kalzip aluminium roof and facade systems Kalzip aluminium building envelopes have been setting trends worldwide in contemporary building culture for more The almost unlimited variety of forms and the most diverse intelligent additional functions continually provide architects and planners with impetus for sophisti- cated architecture More than 80 million square metres of installed Kalzip profiled sheets speak Whether for industrial buildings, exhibition halls, airports, public amenities such as sports facilities or the renovation of existing buildings - the outstanding material char-...

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This page features our new Kalzip products. Kalzip XT profiles enable for the first time forms and design principles. Evolutionary animations, visualised in 3D objects, give birth to new architectural-organic forms - the fusion of biology and architecture. • Horizontal and vertical profiled sheets in convex and concave forms are possible geometries thanks to XT free-form profiled sheets • Small bending radii guarantee the roofing of unusual building forms Further information can be found on page The integrated Kalzip renovation concept - the durable roof renovation Emergency repairs to the...

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3.1 Dimensions of the profiled sheets There are many variations in *) Only in combination with accessible insulation materials or wooden timber lining. **) Recommended for facade cladding The nominal thickness is subject to the concerned, only 50 % of the specified values will be allowed. with sheet lengths up to 3 m: with sheet lengths of more than 3 m: tapered concave *) Not all shapes are possible for all types of Kalzip

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Further shapes* *) Not all shapes are possible for all types of Kalzip thermal barrier pads Aluminium clip rods can be used for clip rods, eaves, gutter brackets and fixed points. The clips must be fixed to a steel, aluminium or timber substructure. The clips are attached to the substructure with the building authority-approved connecting elements. To connect the profiled sheets to concrete substructures, spacer struc- tures made of steel, aluminium or timber and anchored sufficiently in the concrete must be placed in-between. Thermal barrier pad (TK 5 or 15 mm thick) Kalzip aluminium clip...

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Kalzip composite clip The energy-saving clip for attaching Kalzip profiled sheets. According to the European energy-saving directives, which are an inte- gral part of building regulations in several countries, it is now obligatory to take account of thermal bridges when planning building projects. The Kalzip composite clip, which is used to attach the Kalzip aluminium profiled sheets to the substructure of the roof, fulfills this requirement in an exemplary manner. It prevents thermal bridges and succeeds in creating a system which is virtually cold- bridge free, therefore optimizing the...

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The system and its components Use of spacer caps in combination with the Kalzip composite clip The Kalzip composite clips can be combined with spacer caps (DK) in order to compensate for height tolerances. A combination is thereby permissible only in following variants. Correct Correct + + Composite clip + DK 10 Combination for the desired clip height Composite clip + DK 10 + DK 5 Max. combination for the desired clip height and to compensate for height tolerances Correct Incorrect + + Composite clip + DK 5 to compensate for height tolerances Kalzip DuoPlus rotatable clips and Kalzip...

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Stucco-embossed Kalzip AluPlusZinc Kalzip AluPlusPatina 3.3 Different finishes and colours Stucco-embossed surface The standard version of Kalzip profiled sheets is stucco-embossed. The robust stucco embossed finish is created by treat- ment with additional embossing rollers. Due to the special texture of the material surface, minor dents and accidental damage is hardly visible. In addition, the surface diffuses reflected light and minimises the risk of any dazzling effect. Kalzip AluPlusZinc AluPlusZinc from Kalzip GmbH is a fusion of two of the most established materials in industry -...

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Kalzip colours Characteristics of the ProTect coating: • Outstanding long-term characteristics with minimum chalking tendency • Very good dirt repulsion due to a Teflon-like behaviour, thus less cleaning effort necessary • Resistant to chemicals and also to aggressive emissions such as aircraft exhaust gases • An 'anti-graffiti effect' is achieved by additional clear lacquer, offering effective protection against vandalism • Also available with high gloss surfaces • Corresponds to the test conditions of the Florida test (outdoor storage for Colour range In addition to the diverse range of...

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The system and its components 3.4 Accessories Gable bar verge Eaves Transition sheet (Al) for rising walls and gable ends Rib filler seals the edge of the eaves Drip angle (Al) stiffens the bottom sheet and makes the water drip into the gutter indispensable for static reasons! Compressible adhesive tape prevents flow-back of rain water 12 Kalzip Kalzip vapour barrier avoids air flow and diffusion

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