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Kalzip systems brochure - Products and applications - 72 Pages

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Kalzip systems brochure - Products and applications

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Kalzip® Systems Products and applications

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Airport Barajas (E) Architect: Richard Rogers Partnership

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Kalzip Products, Components and Accessories Kalzip product advantages and profiled sheets Kalzip AluPlusSolar Architecture with stunning aesthetics Kalzip SolarClad Light and flexible Kalzip AluPlusPatina Discreet and elegant Kalzip AluPlusZinc® Timeless aesthetics with a zinc-patinated finish Kalzip Foamglas System Combined expertise provides the perfect roofing solution Kalzip Duo® 100 and DuoPlus® 100 The energy-saving roof systems Kalzip ProDach Functionality and design Kalzip NatureRoof® A safe and durable green roof system with important environmental benefits Introduction components...

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Kalzip Products, Components and Accessories Innovation is our strength. Our research and development work is based on one aim: to provide you the customer with the very best solutions everytime. Page 4: Albion Riversite London (GB) Architect: Foster & Partners below: ARCAM Amsterdam (NL) Architect: Rene van Zuuk

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Kalzip® Produkte above: Southern Cross Station Melbourne (AUS) Architect: Grimshaw Jackson Joint Venture Lubetkin Prize winner 2007 by the Royal Institute of British Architects Kalzip will transform your ideas and dreams into For more then 40 years we have remained at the very reality – without making any compromises in quality forefront of architectural design, constantly pushing the and with a true passion for detail. boundaries of creative potential. We are extremely proud Kalzip is the source of inspiration for planners and of this achievement. The experience we have gained architects...

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Kalzip Products, Components and Accessories Kalzip – the sophisticated, lightweight building system: highly flexible and can be adapted to suit the precise static requirements of the building. Kalzip aluminium profiled sheets are available as standard A high level of safety throughout the entire service life with a stucco-embossed finish, which diffuses reflected • Special clips are used to attach the profiles sheets to light. The material used is a saltwater-resistant alloy. The the substructure. These clips are locked into the seam core material is additionally protected by means of a...

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Kalzip Products, Components and Accessories Available shapes Widths of Kalzip profiled sheets Kalzip dimensions: only when used with rigid thermal insulation or timber lining recommended for facade cladding (thickness ± 0.9 mm) left: Scheper Ziekenhuis Emmen (NL) Architect: A/d Amstel Architecten Amsterdam

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Kalzip Products, Components and Accessories Perfection in roll-forming technology – unimaginable flexibility and freedom of design The unique formability of Kalzip aluminium profiled Perfection in production – anywhere in the world sheets enables design and functionality to be combined – just in time with technical perfection. The range of shapes available The high-precision Kalzip components can be produced – convex, concave, elliptically or hyperbolically curved using the very latest equipment in the factory and also – opens up a whole variety of fascinating options for on mobile roll...

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Kalzip Products, Components and Accessories Kalzip XT Profiles – the advent of a new architectural era Kalzip XT profiled sheets now make it possible to The benefits at a glance transform computer-generated designs and structural • Patented revolutionary roll forming technology for freely shaped aluminium standing seam profiled sheets principles into reality. These evolutionary animations, • As production is computer-controlled for the very first visualized in 3D objects, enable new architectural, time, the length of the XT profiled sheets is not organic shapes and forms to be created –...

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Kalzip Products For roof-integrated, renewable power generation coating. The solar film, available in two lengths, is lami- using thin-film solar modules nated in the factory and then permanently bonded to the The new Kalzip AluPlusSolar profiled sheets now make outer surface of the Kalzip profiled sheets. This film will it possible for the first time ever to combine a system subsequently generate the power in the photovoltaic of solar power generation using roof-integrated, photo- system. Kalzip profiled sheets which have already been voltaics with the maximum freedom of architectural...

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Kalzip Products Triple-junction technology The solar cells used in amorphous silicon thin-film laminates consist of three silicon layers applied one after the other. The different layers are optimized so that each layer can optimally convert a different range of the light spectrum to electrical energy. This enables greater efficiency in diffuse light conditions, which constitute the predominant form of daylight in central and northern Europe. The specific yields of a Kalzip AluPlusSolar or Kalzip SolarClad system are thus, depending on local conditions, 10-20% higher than yields from a...

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Kalzip Products Surface required per kWp [m2] from 22 onwards Operating voltage VMpp [V] 16.5 33.0 Operating current lMpp [A] 4.13 4.13 Series fuse rating/blocking diode rating [A] 8.0 8.0 Maximum system voltage DC [V] 1000 1000 Pleae note: The values specified ±5 % represent stabilised values. During the first 8-10 weeks of operation, power output may be higher by 15 %, operating voltage may be higher by 11% and operating current may be (incl. solar laminates) Further options On request, Kalzip can supply a large format solar display, which outlines the current power, the amount of energy...

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Kalzip SolarClad Light and flexible right: Three-court school Frechen (D) Architect: Reich The ideal retrofitting solution for all metal roofs These extremely lightweight module units are suitable Kalzip SolarClad is a photovoltaic cladding which has for all roof shapes and guarantee maximum freedom been optimised for use in building envelopes. Its flexibi- of design for planners and architects. lity and versatility enables the solar modules to be fixed onto all standing seam systems made from a variety of Kalzip SolarClad is supplied as a complete system, materials. It can be retrofitted...

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