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Kalzip Solar Power Systems - Flexible solutions for creative solar architecture - 16 Pages

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Kalzip Solar Power Systems - Flexible solutions for creative solar architecture

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Kalzip® Solar Power Systems Flexible solutions for creative solar architecture *Solarbroschüre_UK_0107.indd 1 23.01.2007 10:31:21 Uhr

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Kalzip Solar Power Systems The synthesis of design and function ® *Solarbroschüre_UK_0107.indd 2 23.01.2007 10:31:32 Uhr

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Kalzip® Solar Power Systems Freedom of creativity for environmentally conscious designers and architects Our partner for triple-junction technology: Responsibility is a keyword in contemporary architecture. The flexibility of Kalzip® roof systems provides the The creation of new buildings is a practice which benefits designer with maximum freedom of creativity; this allows future generations, and today also includes the implemen- optimal realisation of dedicated architectural concepts for tation of ecological value systems. aesthetic solar design. The introduction of Solar Photovoltaic (PV)...

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Above: Three-court school in Frechen (Germany) Architect: Reich Page 6: IC-Haus in Bodenheim (Germany) Architect: Dorberth-Kraus Page 7: Schiller School in Bretten (Germany) With Kalzip® Solar Power Systems, you fulfill the prerequisites of sustainable construction. Kalzip® Solar Power Systems were developed in the inte- Under diffused light conditions, the silicon thin-film solar rests of environmental protection and the conservation of cells in the innovative triple-junction technology developed resources. Kalzip® standing seam roof sheets are the ideal by our partner UNI-SOLAR reach a...

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When referring to PV systems, architects Kalzip® Solar Power Systems make a distinction between roof-mounted and roof- Applications integrated (BIPV) systems. Corus Bausysteme offers solutions for both options which are optimized for Kalzip®roof systems Kalzip® AluPlusSolar (BIPV) For individual freedom of design, and the simultaneous use of solar energy, Kalzip® AluPlusSolar offers interesting Kalzip® SolarClad AF 65/537/1.0 with Roof mounted aluminium PV laminate panel with PV laminate prospects by means of a combination of extremely robust PV laminates and Kalzip® profiled sheets, even...

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Solar construction gives shape to a new aesthetic. Architects set trends with Kalzip® AluPlusSolar. The Kalzip® AluPlusSolar panels are the first to enable allows individuality of roof design incorporating straight, truly roof-integrated renewable power generation using convex, or concave shapes. Without mounting frames, flexible PV laminates, while providing maximum freedom the solar cells are in plane with the roof surface and yet of creativity for challenging object architecture. convey an independent, expressive character. A wide variety of designs can be accomodated, as the Typical...

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Kalzip® Solar Power Systems Kalzip® SolarClad: design flexibility and low weight. Possibilities for sustainable construction. Kalzip® SolarClad is a PV system optimised for use on The PV laminates consist of extremely robust amorphous metal roofing. Its flexibility and versatility enable solar silicon (a-Si) thin-film cells attached to aluminum carrier panels to be integrated into almost any standing seam panels, which can be installed on any typical standing system. seam system without penetrating the roof. SolarClad can be conventionally mounted on other system elements, Kalzip® SolarClad...

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Kalzip® Solar Power Systems Kalzip® AluPlusSolar Roof-integrated, renewable power generation for aesthetic solar architecture. The combination of thin-film solar laminates with the An overview of the product’s advantages properties of Kalzip roof systems provides architects • Aesthetic, roof-integrated photovoltaic system, ® and designers of photovoltaic systems maximum freedom of design while making efficient use of solar energy. without additional fasteners • Ideal for challenging architecture • Optimal utilisation of solar energy even in poor light Kalzip AluPlusSolar is offered as an...

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Kalzip® Solar Power Systems Kalzip® SolarClad Kalzip® SolarClad is suitable for all roof shapes up to a 60° pitch. Its low weight generally means that there are no additional structural requirements for the roof. Kalzip® SolarClad is offered as an all-in-one system, including inverter, for various standing seam profiles and can be delivered in two lengths, laminated onto carrier panels and ready for connection. An overview of the product's advantages • Amorphous thin-film laminates for lasting efficient • Up to 20% higher energy yields than crystalline modules due to triple-junction...

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Kalzip® Solar Power Systems Technical data The solar laminates (available in two lengths) acts as a solar generator and is laminated onto Kalzip® in the factory ready for connection on site. Kalzip® Solar Power Systems are available with both photovoltaic thin-film solar lami- nates PVL-68 and PVL-136, which have power outputs of 68 and 136 kWp respectively. Required area per kWp Kalzip® AluPlusSolar [m2]_from 22 Required area per kWp Kalzip® SolarClad (roof-parallel installation) [m2] > 18.50 > 18.50 Rated power output [W] 68 136 Operating voltage VMpp [V] 16.5 33.0 Operating current lMPP...

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Strong partners: roof renovation using lightweight steel structures combined with Kalzip® Solar Power Systems. Every year, large sums of money are spent on the repair The advantages of the Kalzip® renovation concept: and maintenance of failing flat roofs. • Lasting, practically maintenance-free building The Kalzip® renovation concept using lightweight steel • No interruption to operations construction is a system developed to ensure sustainable • High freedom of design building protection. Without interruption to occupant • No disposal costs for the existing roof sealing activity, complete...

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Kalzip® Solar Power Systems Maximum performance with Kalzip® Solar Power Systems: concise information on system planning. Location and orientation Photovoltaic systems The average annual solar irradiation in Europe ranges Every grid-connected PV system essentially consists of from 1,752 kWh/m in southern Spain to 876 kWh/m the solar laminates which generate direct current upon 2 2 in the North of Scotland. The average in Germany is solar irradiation. DC cabling is routed through a central around 1,000 kWh/m . generator junction box, where fuses and lightning pro- 2 tection can also be...

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