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Kalzip perforated solutions - 2 Pages

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Kalzip perforated solutions

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Perforation: Rv 3-5 Perforation: Rv 3-6 Perforation: Rv 3.5-5 Perforation diameter: 3 mm Perforation diameter: 3 mm Perforation diameter: 3.5 mm Perforation ratio: 32.7% Perforation ratio: 22.7% Perforation ratio: 44.4% > Perforation: Rv 4-6 Perforation: Rv 5-12 Perforation: Rv 6-8 Perforation diameter: 4 mm Perforation diameter: 5 mm Perforation diameter: 6 mm Perforation ratio: 40.3% Perforation ratio: 15.7% Perforation ratio: 51.0% > 22.6 16.7 Perforation: Rv 6-13.86 Perforation: Ellipse Perforation: Cruciform Perforation diameter: 6 mm Perforation diameter: 5 mm x 10 mm x U8.5 Perforation diameter: (max) 23 mm Perforation ratio: 17.0% Perforation ratio: 37.0% Perforation ratio: 43.6% Please turn over for notes regarding this product. >

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Care has been taken to ensure that thisinformation is accurate, but Corus Group Limited, and its subsidiaries, does not accept responsibility or liability for errors or information which is found to be misleading.Copyright 2007Corus Rv = round hole on v-shaped gridThe actual perforation area (expressed as a proportion of the finished Kalzip sheet)will vary depending on the profile cover widthNot all grid patterns are available in all profilesFor further information please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below. Corus Building Systems Haydock Lane HaydockSt HelensMerseyside WA11...

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