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Kalzip Natural Roof - A breath of fresh air - 16 Pages

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Kalzip Natural Roof - A breath of fresh air

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Corus Building Systems Kalzip > Nature Roof >

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Kalzip > Nature Roof >

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Nature Roof A breath of fresh air 3 Kalzip >

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Kalzip > Nature Roof 4 > Temperature Summer maximum London 21.1823.6824.3 mean dailyGlasgow 17.5619.1819.49 C Winter maximum London 1.944.055.18 Glasgow 0.432.343.28 Precipitation Summer maximum London 1.731.972.15 mm/dayGlasgow 4.144.464.72 Winter maximum London 1.771.451.41 Glasgow Wind Speed Summer maximum London 4.994.935.05 meanGlasgow m/s Winter maximum London Glasgow 4.234.314.41 >

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House for the Future, Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans. Sedum mat installationSmall selection of sedum species A breath of fresh air 5 Kalzip >

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Kalzip Nature Roof Naturally Naturally > Kalzip system benefits ΕOutstanding durabilityHigh performanceՕFully recyclable High residual valueՕMaintenance freeExceptional spanning characteristicsՕEase of installation The Nature Roof is underpinned by a fully engineeredsystem with an unbeatable pedigree - Kalzip aluminiumstanding seam roofing. With more than 60 million square metres installed worldwide, the Kalzip offer by Corus has no equal. Kalzips non-penetrative ґzip technology and outstanding durability allows it to provide completeweather protection throughout the lifetime of...

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Kalzip Nature Roof Reduced rainwater run-off Reduced rainwater run-off In urban areas the management of rainwater can be a major problem. The impervious nature of the majority of surfaces (both roof and ground) means that the drainage systems haveto cope with sudden and largechanges in flow rate. Severe autumnand winter storms with high rainfallhave made destructive flash floods a common occurrence. Initial studies in the UK show thatplanted roof surfaces will retain up to 100% of rainfall where up to 3mm falls, up to 80% between 3mm and23mm and for one period where 41mmof rain fell over 47...

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Kalzip > Nature Roof > Kalzip sheetsDrainage modular mat installed 10 A breath of fresh air >

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Alternative planting formats Alternative planting formats Flexible planting Flexible planting - plug and mat - plug and mat > There are two alternatives at installation stage: the Nature Roof can besupplied in either matђ or plug plantђ format. The mats comprise sedums which have been grown to early maturity on a special fibre matting at our field nursery in Somerset. Already closely knitted together, the installed effect of the roll-outђ matting is of instant greening - total roof cover at the outset.The plug plant option involves the random planting of a selection of youngplants across...

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Section heading (running header) Stucco embossed Kalzip roof The drainage/reservoir mat isclamped into positionThe substrate is laid >

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Assorted sedum plugs ready forplantingPlanting out - a simple, rapidprocess. It takes a team of 3 just 2 hours to plant 3,000 plugsA one-offђ application of liquidmulch/fertilizer completes the process 100sqm Nature Roof fully installed in a day (11 months old) A breath of fresh air 13 Section heading (running header) >

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Kalzip > Nature Roof >

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GreecePhanos N. Epiphaniou Ltd. 82 Grammou Str.GR-18345 Moschato GreeceT+301 9 405 941F+301 9 412 465 GermanyCorus Bausysteme GmbH August-Horch-Str. 20-22D-56070 KoblenzP.O. Box 100316 D-56033 Koblenz T +49 (0) 261/891-0F +49 (0) 261/ Europe:The NetherlandsHAFKON BV Postbus 46NL-3140 AA MaasluisThe NetherlandsT+31 (0) 1059 15300 F +31 (0) 1059 15125 BelgiumCorus Building Systems NV A. Stocletlaan 87 B-2570 DuffelBelgium T+32 (0) 15 30 29 21F+32 (0) 15 30 29 AustriaRobert Pfisterer Bautechnische...

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