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Kalzip Luminaire Systems

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Kalzip® Luminaire systems LED media façades

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Kalzip Luminaire systems Designed for bright ideas System description In combination with the newly de­ el­ v oped Kalzip FC façade system, Kalzip offers a further additional option for alu­ minium building envelopes. Using the latest LED technology, façades can be illuminated directly and indirectly, both partly and completely. The spectrum of the lighting variants ranges from individual façade fields or contours through to entire façade areas and enables the architecture to be pre­ 2 Kalzip sented or façades to be used for com­ mercial and informative purposes. The façade aesthetics are...

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Kalzip Luminaire systems Structure and components The Kalzip FC façade system is a rearventilated aluminium rainscreen façade system with penetration-free and flexi­ ble fastening technology. The unique Vario system installation differs from conventional systems by its extremely economic installation. Individual façade panels can be installed independently of each other and can be dismounted if necessary for inspection and mainte­ nance purposes. The Kalzip FC façade system is thus the ideal carrier system for the high-quality association with integrated LED light technology. Exclusively...

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Kalzip Luminaire systems Excellent colour reproduction with high-tech elements Kalzip uses exclusively Philips iColor Flex LMXs for the Luminaire systems, which ensure excellent colour reproduc­ tion and homogeneity over the entire surface. Each LED node represents one pixel in the subsequent media façade. The maximum illumination intensity corre­ sponds to 6.56 candela per node with a maximum power requirement of 1 W / node. These nodes are pre-mounted in so-called strings by the system partner livingprojects. Control components Fixture Leader Cables IEC Power Inlet and US Cable set...

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Kalzip Luminaire systems Areas of application Kalzip Luminaire systems are not suitable as daytime lighting systems and offer sufficient contrast for the operation of this lighting technology only when dusk sets in. Kalzip Luminaire systems are particular suitable for high resolution video re­­ cor­ dings, for external advertising or for the broadcasting of film or TV contents. For this kind of use, planning on the basis of common video resolutions or variations of same is recommended, for example: • VSE Digital Video 1024 x 768 pixels • PAL Video 704 x 576 pixels • NTSC Video 704 x 480...

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Kalzip Luminaire systems Technical data Power requirement / LED node max. 1 Watt for full RGB display; the power requirement is reduced to 2/3 in standard operation (i.e. no permanent RGB 16.7 million additive RGB colours Maintenance interval after 50,000 hours at full power Input voltage Voltage factor Controller protocol Integrated waterproof 3-pin plug connector Operating temperature Number of nodes in a row (string) Testing, approval Protected against dust, steam and splash water Power supply unit Type sPDS 480 approx. 24V Input voltage 100 - 240 V, autom. switching, 50/60 Hz Output...

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Kalzip Luminaire systems Form of delivery Project development (other profile lengths on enquiry) Load-bearing capacity values Load-bearing capacity values are based dance with building authority approval Institute of Building Technology. • Stucco embossed • Special colours on enquiry with edge return Together with architects and planners, Kalzip advises and specifies the imple- mentation of a building project with Luminaire systems. In the case of an execution, the surface intended for the LED lighting technology will be handed over to our partner, livingprojects. The fagade surfaces...

 Open the catalog to page 7 The product and technical information contained in this document is accurate according to our knowledge at the time of publication. Details do not refer to any specific application and cannot give rise to any claim for compensation. From time to time our product range may alter as a result of our continued commitment to product innovation and development. Kalzip cannot guarantee that printed literature will contain the most recent updates; the latest editions are available to download at Copyright 2011 Kalzip GmbH August-Horch-Str. 20-22 · D-56070 Koblenz P.O....

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