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Kalzip FC façade system

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KalzipFC façade system product review Kalzip FC is a non-penetrative façade system that incorporates a fast-to-install lightweight flat rainscreen panel, suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. The main feature of the system is its flexibility which allows the installation of the profiles to be carried out in two directions - either from the top of the façade down or from the bottom upwards. This choice of panel mounting direction is a unique benefit which enables not only easier and faster installation compared to conventional panel systems but also allows scaffolding or subsequent construction work to be coordinated independently from the installation process. The system's innovative design and technical capabilities also allow individual sheets to be removed and installed without compromising the adjoining panels or the overall integrity of the façade system. Product advantages and system characteristics • Contemporary, visually stunning aesthetics • Seven different profile widths provide flexibility and scope for design • Highly cost-effective through simple and fast installation techniques • Optimised panel geometry means low inherent weight and reduced use of materials • Variable acoustic and thermal insulation options • A wide range of colour and surface finishes with edge folding as standard • Fully integrated corner panels (optional) • High structural performance • Creation of fixed point without the use of screws and rivets

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Technical information Installation and fixing The Kalzip FC façade system has been designed for horizontal installation and for use with all common substructures. The panels are fixed into either proprietary individual clips or continuous modular rails which feature integrated polyamide inlays that lock the panels securely into place. The individual mono-click brackets can also be used for creating special details. Setting out tool The modular click rail is typically supplied in three to four metre lengths. This is not only for practical handling reasons but also where a break in the façade...

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Flexible for all substructures in new build or refurbishment The Kalzip FC façade system is suitable for all common substructures. Adjustment of the panels takes places via the substructure allowing the sheets to be installed quickly and easily without the need for additional alignment. Individual panel demounting In the event of wall damage, the unique design of the FC façade system, allows individual panels to be replaced without the need to demount the complete facade. This extremely cost-effective approach is illustrated in the following sequence. Replacing a damaged panel Load carrying...

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Kalzip Ltd Haydock Lane Haydock St Helens Merseyside WA11 9TY T +44 (0) 1942 295500 F +44 (0) 1942 295508 Email: Care has been taken to ensure that this information is accurate, but Tata Steel Europe Limited – including its subsidiaries – does not accept responsibility for information which is found to be misleading. Copyright 2009 English Precision right down to the very last detail All Kalzip FC façade system components are developed to accommodate a wide range of requirements and are harmoniously coordinated. Detail example: joint...

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