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Fastener solutions for Kalzip roofing Facade Systems - 20 Pages

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Fastener solutions for Kalzip roofing Facade Systems

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Kalzip facade systems

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Kalzip facade systems – architectural perfection ® 2

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Kalzip® facade systems Kalzip® TF facade system Kalzip® trapezoidal and corrugated profiles Kalzip® perforated facade systems facade systems p® trapezoidal and corrugated profiles architecture with tunning aesthe Designers and architects throughout the world use Kalzip® roof and facade systems to create stunning buildings. The combination of traditional materials such as glass and wood with Kalzip® aluminium profiles is already an established approach to leading-edge architectural design. In this respect, a facade becomes so much more than a building envelope - it highlights the unique...

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Kalzip TF facade system – a striking design ® Combining a unique facade design with optimum functionality The sleek profiling of this facade system enhances the insulation characteristics. This is a system which is both sophisticated interplay of light and shade across all aesthetically appealing and highly practical. elevations, at the same time creating a distinct and unique overall appearance with a real sense of clarity. The Kalzip® TF facade system is so much more than a The Kalzip TF facade system not only enhances the building envelope – it provides planners and architects individual...

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far left: Bestwig Monastery Bestwig (D) Architect: Weicken und Weicken left: CTM Zeiss Oberkochen (D) Architect: SIAT Bauplanung u. Ingenieurleistungen GmbH above: Muva Milchwirtschaftlicher Verein Allgäu-Schwaben Kempten (D) Architect: Feuser-Clement-Glatzel below: Hensoldt AG Wetzlar (D) Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Fuchs + Partner

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left: Kalzip® TF facade system, featuring a gently profiled fascia between raised ribs right: Shopping centre Cremona Po (I) Architect: SDS Milan Precision right down to the very last detail This is a perfectly systemised solution which is available in a range of colours and combines sophisticated, appealing aesthetics with optimum practicality. The system offers the following outstanding benefits: • Unique, aesthetic design with a distinct “long view” visual appeal • Lightweight and therefore economical in terms of both cost and materials • Wide range of acoustic and thermal insulation...

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The KalzipeTF facade system is suitable for horizontal or slightly pitched building elevations. Fixing takes place within the narrow lower brace between the ribs - either inside each rib or always in line with the longitudinal joints - according to the structural requirements. Fastener with JT3-FR-6-5.5xL E10 internal Torx drive, or irius® drive system SX-L12-A10-5.5xL Technical data High strength values, excellent formability Load bearing capacity Load bearing capacity values in accordance with DIN 18807 Surface finishes RAL standard colours, TitanColor shades and anti-graffiti coatings in...

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Kalzip® facade systems A variety of profiles – a diversity of designs for roofs and facades Metal and glass building envelopes characterise con- All elements – the facade and roof sheets, the corres- temporary architectural design for all kinds of buildings. ponding connecting flanges, the end plates of the Metal building envelopes have not only become a striking substructure, the transition sheets and the pilaster feature in the design of functional industrial and strips – are designed and manufactured for complete commercial properties, but also in public and private compatibility and...

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Intelligent fixing systems When architects choose to use Kalzip® trapezoidal and corrugated profiles in their building projects, they know they will achieve the perfect design. The system has been developed with careful attention to every single component - aesthetics, efficiency, performance and safety are of critical importance in every case. For instance, a special drill fastener has been developed to either blend harmoniously into coloured facades or, alternatively, to provide stylish accentuating colour contrasts. What's more, the new drill fastener offers many functional benefits....

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Kalzip® facade systems Kalzip® Kalzip® Kalzip® Kalzip® Kalzip® Kalzip® Kalzip® Kalzip® (possible) (recommended) Thickness: Thickness: Thickness: Thickness: Thickness: Thickness: Thickness: Thickness: Load bearing capacity Load bearing values: in accordance with DIN 18807 stucco-embossed, AluPlusPatina RAL standard colours, TitanColor shades and AntiGraffiti coatings in accordance with the Kalzip® colour chart, special colours available on request. Surface finishes

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Kalzip® facade systems A fascinating interplay of light and shade Kalzip® perforated facade systems provide an nspira- At night, the introduction of lighting adds a totally new tional and highly creative extension to the range of dimension. An inspirational building envelope can totally Kalzip® aluminium profiled sheets already available. transform a building, making it come alive. The range of Architects continue to conceive new ways of using light different hole diameters available means that the scope to create new and exciting effects for enhancing their for design is virtually...

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Page 13 and above: Steba Ottnang (A) Architect: Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Ivo Kux right: University hospital (multi-storey car park) Ulm (D) Architects: Scherr + Klimke Technical data Load bearing capacity Substructure Load bearing values in accordance with DIN 18807, Horizontal/vertical girders or spacing elements depending on the perforation pattern of the profiled sheet Available shapes straight convex concave curved curved 15

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Kalzip® facade systems Kalzip® profiles

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Kalzip® facade systems Kalzip® trapezoidal and corrugated profiles Kalzip® W 18/76 P Kalzip® TR 30/167 P Kalzip® TR 35/200 P Kalzip® TR 40/185 P Kalzip® TR 45/150 P Kalzip® TR 50/167 P Kalzip® TF 37/800R P 17

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Kalzip® facade systems Summary of profile variants available Kalzip® perforated facade systems offer a wide variety of surface finishes and are available in all standard Kalzip® widths and lengths. Material: EN AW-3004 or EN AW-6025 Kalzip® profiles Rv 3-5 Rv 3.5-5 Rv 3-6 Rv 4-6 50/333 P Rv 6-8 Rv 6-13.86 44,9% 15,0% Rv 5-12 Perforation in lower flange 65/305 P 44,3% in lower flange 65/333 P 28.8% 44,9% in lower flange 65/400 P 29,7% 45,4% in lower flange 65/500 P 29,8% in lower flange AF 65/434 P 32,7% 16,8% in lower flange right: University hospital (multi-storey car park) Ulm (D)...

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