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Falzinc Roof & Facade Systems - 12 Pages

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Falzinc Roof & Facade Systems

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Kalzip Ltd Kalzip foldable aluminium Falzinc & TitanSilver

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Skilled manual workmanship has a long history in traditional european building culture. For more than 200 years, roofers have used zinc for building façades and roof coverings with many historical buildings attesting to the striking effects achieved. High residual values and design flexibility have made metals a popular choice for contemporary architecture offering endless possibilities and scope for individual creations and shapes throughout the entire build process. A distinctive, mature look and feel combined with contemporary material properties, make Kalzip foldable aluminium ideal for...

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Kalzip foldable aluminium Modern material, traditional skills, for roofing and façades Ease of assembly and corrosion resistance. The material’s properties are ideal for high-quality skilled metalworking, making it possible to ‘form and fit’ even under unfavourable conditions. Unaffected by very low temperatures Kalzip foldable products allow precise handling and fixing whilst maintaining their environmental and sustainable credentials. Kalzip foldable aluminium provides many years of protection, even under the most adverse environmental conditions. Under normal circumstances the product...

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Sustainable properties for a long and practical life A little goes a long way A typical 100kg coil of Kalzip foldable aluminium will clad an area of approximately 50m2. Maintenance is virtually zero and at the end of its life its residual value is considerable. Specifically, the material has excellent corrosion resistance making it almost indestructible guaranteeing decades of total building protection. Even under the most adverse environmental conditions practically no erosion of the surface occurs giving the product a long, environmentally friendly working life. Aluminium is the third...

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6 Kalzip foldable aluminium is manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities and under stringent quality control procedures. Material properties mean that Kalzip foldable aluminium can be folded, edged and flanged using proven and established processes. These conventional metalworking practices make it possible for the production of narrow edging tolerances and precise curve formation by the highly skilled installer. Variations in thickness are minimised so that a precise forming of the locking seams is guaranteed. The material can be installed using standard ‘tools of the trade’...

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7 Two surface variants meeting the highest standards Falzinc Foldable Kalzip with a zinc surface uses the symbiosis of two established metals: aluminium and zinc. The Kalzip patented PEGAL process encases the aluminium core with a weathered zinc surface, resulting in a quality product which is unobtrusive, and has all the advantages of aluminium coupled with the characteristics of weathered zinc. The surface appearance of Falzinc will change with time from a blue grey finish to one slightly darker than that of weathered aluminium. Falzinc has excellent corrosion resistance. BBA certificate...

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KKaallzziipp fFoaldlzaibnlce aAlluummiinniiuumm Double standing seam The classical double standing seam provides weathertight joints and is the preferred option for the complex shapes of modern architecture. Ideal for roof slopes >5° this jointing method of adjacent sheets can be carried out both by hand or machine. Slopes at >3° are possible with the introduction of a sealing strip and with system installation by competent craftsmen. The resulting finish characterises the overall aesthetic appeal. The optimised properties of Kalzip foldable aluminium guarantee a high level of formability,...

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Single leaf, non-ventilated structure (warm roof construction) The single leaf, non-ventilated roof structure requires greater care during the sealing of the vapour control layer to avoid warm air condensing in the roof system. Kalzip foldable aluminium has excellent material properties and is ideal for nonventilated roof constructions. Roll cap roofing The special feature of the roll cap roofing is that the separation of the panels is strongly emphasised, due to the ledge height of 40 mm (as opposed to the height of a double standing seam of approximately 23 to 27 mm). The separation of...

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Kalzip foldable aluminium Delivery and sizes Falzinc TitanSilver Standard coil* measurements 0.7 x 600/670 mm 0.7 x 600/1200 mm 1.0 x 600 mm 1.0 x 600/1200 mm*** Note: 1200 mm coil width produces 1180 mm workable material Standard coil weight 100 kg (508**) 100 kg (508**) 500 - 950 kg (508**) 500 - 1000 kg (508**) 1600 - 1900 kg (508**) Other coil weights are available on request External diameter 100 kg = 600 mm 100 kg = 600 mm 500 kg = 850 mm 500 kg = 850 mm 1000 kg = 1100 mm 1000 kg = 1100 mm 1500 kg = 1300 mm 1500 kg = 1300 mm 2000 kg = 1400 mm 2000 kg = 1400 mm Flat sheet all standard...

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Kalzip foldable aluminium is highly suitable for the fabrication of technically and visually demanding junctions and interfaces. Both Kalzip and its installers craftsmen manufacture and supply a myriad flashings, accessories, panels, tiles and components to give a comprehensive package or ‘systems offer’. Further information is available on request Finishing and detailing-comprehensively supported 11 Project: St Georges Church, Catford Architect: Thomas Ford & Partners Installer: Metalex Traditional Metal Roofing Ltd Project: Antrim Civic Centre Architect: W D R & R T Taggart Installer:...

 Open the catalog to page 11 Kalzip Ltd Haydock Lane Haydock St Helens Merseyside WA11 9TY United Kingdom T +44 (0) 1942 295500 F +44 (0) 1942 295508 Email: English Care has been taken to ensure that this information is accurate, but Tata Steel Europe Limited – including its subsidiaries – does not accept responsibility for information which is found to be misleading. Copyright 2009

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