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Falzinc Roof & Facade Systems - 6 Pages

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Falzinc Roof & Facade Systems

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Care has been taken to ensure thatthis information is accurate, butCorus Group PLC Ζ including itssubsidiaries does not acceptresponsibility for information which isfound to be misleading.Copyright 2004 Corus Building Systems > Corus Building Systems Haydock Lane HaydockSt HelensMerseyside WA11 9TY T +44 (0) 1942 295500F +44 (0) 1942 272136Email: > English size="-1">

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Skilled plumbing techniques for roofs and facades have a long history in traditional European building; the impressive effects are visible on many historicbuildings. High residual value and design flexibility have made metals a popular material for contemporaryarchitecture. Metals offer planners, architects, builders and craftsmen tremendous scope in terms ofindividual designs.With the newly developed FalZinc ή , Corus hasexpanded its production of high-quality roof coveringsand facade claddings. FalZinc is the symbiosis of twowell proven materials: aluminium and zinc. Using the...

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Scraptoft Teacher Training College an aluminium fully supported system 1963 Black and white photographs courtesy of Norman and Underwood Leicester Results of 15months exposure testing reported March 2004 Ζ Surface weathering and erosion approaching zero. Ideal applications for FalZinc > With its distinctive and mature appearance FalZinc > ή includeroofs, mansards, walls and facades used on: In FalZinc , the intrinsic material advantages ofaluminium and zinc are perfectly combined. The permanent fusion of these two metals, eachcomplementing the other perfectly. Tight manufacturing and...

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Aluminium core:Sea-water resistant aluminium alloyAl Mn1Mg0,5 (EN AW-3005) Aluminium PatinaZinc as per DIN EN 573-3 Melting point:approx. 650C Linear expansion coefficient, parallel to the rolling direction:24 x 10 Ж6 1/K Specific gravity (density):2.7 kg/dm 3 Zinc erosion rate This diagram shows the zinc erosion rate of pre-weathered titanium zinc compared to that ofFalZinc > 10005000050100150200250 based on the HCT test carried out by Corus.The HCT test is a salt spray test with a high ionicconcentration and simulates accelerated ageing. Underthese conditions, the erosion rate of...

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Facade claddings (cavity structure) Facades are the Δcalling cards of buildings. Theycharacterise the aesthetic essence of buildings.FalZinc > 1Wood boards2Separation layer, (if necessary)3Fixing strip angle4Flashing eaves strip5Double standing seam cover6Ventilation 1Separation layer,(if necessary)2Fixing strip angle 3Cornice cover4Clip5Gutter holder 6 Gutter 7Eaves strip 1Double standing seam cover 2Separation layer 3Eaves strip or fixing strip4Valley gutter5Boarding 6Ventilation Ӯ minimizes reflection, conveying discreetrepresentative building characteristics, even on largesurface areas....

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Supplied forms and dimension of FalZinc > ή coils: > Weight of standard coilapprox. 100 kg (approx. 90 m) Slit coilany random width up to max. 600 mm Flat sheets:0.7 x 600 x 2000 6000 mm > Sheet Metal ThicknessWeight 600 mm Panel /1 m LengthWeight 670 mm Panel /1 m LengthWeight per m > 2 Width and length of sheets, minimum coil thickness, clip quantity and spacing > Sheet width1) in mm520 590520 590520 590 Material sheet length mMinimum coil thickness mm Aluminium = > Ԯ Roof areaClips: quantity (above) and spacing (below) > Belgian System Swiss System German System...

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