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Colour your thinking

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Corus Building Systems Colour your thinking Kalzip®colour planning CI/SfB Uniclass L51/2:P4:N173 EPIC E11:X4:Y14 (4-) Xh September 2002 (G5)

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2 Colour your thinking Think aluminium think colour Contents 2 Think aluminium think colour 4 The perfect partnership 6 Brilliant colours 9 Favourites 10 Proven performance 12 What’s new 14 Finishes In recent years there has been greater awareness of colour in the built environment with clients, architects and planners alike all being more adventurous and creative in the use of colourcoated materials. Think aluminium think colour

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Colour your thinking 3 Think aluminium think colour In the past Kalzip has employed differing systems for colour notation across its worldwide operations, such as NCS, BS and RAL. To simplify the specification of colour we have now standardised on the RAL system which is internationally recognised by most industries. In addition, the four digit RAL Classic range is available with RAL Digital - a special software system, available in various languages and in either PC or Mac formats. RAL Digital allows architects to introduce colour at the design concept stage and visualise the impact of...

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4 Colour your thinking The perfect partnership The perfect partnership The maintenance free life of uncoated aluminium far exceeds that of other coated materials - a minimum of 25 years even in the most aggressive industrial or marine environments. However, the great paradox of aluminium is that, although coating is not necessary as a protective measure, as a metal it does in fact provide the perfect substrate for colour coating because it is chemically inert - the paint looks superb and it offers outstanding performance with very low maintenance. The use of ‘colour’ in the built...

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Brilliant colours Brilliant colours Introducing RAL RAL is the umbrella organisation of the German Quality Labelling agency which also manages the ‘Blue Angel’ badging of environmentally friendly products. The RAL CLASSIC colour collection was established 75 years ago with a range of 40 colours and today is in general use across the roofing and cladding industry offering in excess of 200 colours with a four figure notation. RAL Digital helps architects to import accurate colour into CAD design programmes and allows Kalzip roofs and walls to be ‘coloured up’ with flashings and other...

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Colour your thinking 7 A coating system can consist of a single layer of decorative coating but some colours and finishes may comprise two or more layers. Each coat is applied, in liquid form, by rollers and the coil is then passed through an oven to cure the coating. For certain bright finishes, where a metallic appearance is desired, it may be necessary to apply a further lacquer to give added protection. We recommend that colour decisions are based on coated metal samples. Please be aware that if a colour has not actually been run in production then it may not be possible to provide a...

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8 Colour your thinking Brilliant colours At this point it is important to look closely at the process of choosing the most appropriate colour and finish for the project in hand. Adjustments need to be made when certain colours and finishes are chosen. This may affect the cost according to any multi-coating that may be required. It should also be noted that the coil coating line below requires a minimum of 1,000 square metres of any given colour for an economically viable production run. It is critical, at the specification stage, to seek advice from our technical department on colours and...

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RAL 7037 RAL 7043 RAL 8014 RAL 8023 Colour your thinking 9 Favourites Frequently specified RAL colours British Standard (BS) referenced colours are also available e.g. BS00A05, BS18B25, BS10A05, BS18C37 RAL 1013 RAL 3002 RAL 5009 RAL 5024 RAL 6003 RAL 6021 RAL 6027 RAL 7000 RAL 7012 RAL 7016 RAL 7024 RAL 7035 RAL 8025 Various shades of white are available. Favourites RAL 9006 White aluminium Metallic Due to the limitations of the printing process it is not possible to accurately reproduce the RAL colours We recommend actual samples are seen before ordering.

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10 Colour your thinking Proven performance Performance Comparative performance The table below gives a simple comparison between the different systems when applied on smooth aluminium. E = excellent, G = good, M = moderate PVdF ARS Polyester Scratch resistance G E G Stain resistance E G G Colour fastness E G G Weathering E G G Chalking resistance E G M External conditions The two most important external influences on coating performance are ultra violet radiation and chemical pollution. Chemical pollution may be from very local sources or may arise from a major industrial conurbation. Ultra...

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Proven performance Colour your thinking 11 Guaranteed performance indicator The guarantee applied to colour coated Kalzip material begins with the delivery date of the material and ends with the agreed date in accordance with the table below. Where a guarantee has been approved and applied to colour-coated Kalzip material it is guaranteed that: 1. The physical properties of the base material will be maintained. 2. The coating will not flake, blister or crack due to weathering. 3. Chalking, colour and gloss changes will neither lead to failure of the function of the product nor considerably...

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What’s new Kalzip has the very latest surface finishing and processing technology. Our aluminium roofing and cladding systems offer the following special finishes: 12 Colour your thinking What’s new SoftColour SoftColour - a new range of colour with a very special texture and visual appeal. Shades include gentian blue, graphite grey, light grey, copper brown and white aluminium. Again, samples are available. The new SoftColor range provides an ideal solution for creating a subtle finish on roofs and walls. This coating has a soft textured appearance, which reduces reflection and provides...

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Colour your thinking 13 What’s new AntiGraffiti AntiGraffiti - a specially developed highly durable surface finish that allows for the easy removal of graffiti ‘art’ with the use of approved cleaners. For protection against the increased disfiguration of facades and walls by graffiti, Corus Building Systems are now offering a new and reliable coating for Kalzip and Kalbau products, which guarantees the removal of graffiti. The multi-layer AntiGraffiti system is designed to remove graffiti using specially approved cleaning agents and the associated cleaning technology. When correctly used,...

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