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Spirit Magazine - 20 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

RUGGED UNITY Slim planks in size 1200 x 125 x 10,2 mm

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SPIRIT RUGGED Handmade 1-Strip planks with an oiled surface Linnea Habitat, Eiche Wilds Spirit Rugged, Oak Trench

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Spirit Rugged, Oak Crater

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Spirit Rugged, Oak Helix

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Spirit Rugged, Walnut Groove

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Spirit Rugged, Oak Fossil

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Linnea Habitat, Eiche Gate Spirit Rugged, Oak Husk

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Spirit Rugged, Oak Safari

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SPIRIT UNITY Slim 1-Strip planks with 10mm thickness and approx. 1.9mm wear layer. Spirit Unity, Oak Arctic

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Spirit Unity, Oak Sand

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Spirit Unity, Oak Forrest Spirit Unity, Oak Cliff Seite 12

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Spirit Unity, Oak Reef Seite 13

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Linnea Habitat, Eiche Gate Spirit Unity, Walnut Garden

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Spirit Unity, Walnut Orchard

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Welcome to the world of Kährs Kährs is a Swedish company of long-standing tradition, founded in 1857 by Johan Kähr. Ever since then, the company Kährs has specialised in the craftmanship and refining of wood and turning it into high-quality interior design products. With the patent in 1937 on the so-called lamella panels, the predecessor from the readymade parcquet, Kährs created the ready-made parcquet flooring and started production in 1941. Nowadays, Kährs is Europe‘s leading parquet flooring manufacturer and our products are distributed Not every manufacturer can afford its own Research and...

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SURFACE PROTECTION Nowadays, of all flooring, high-quality parquet generally has one of the best protected surfaces. Prejudices that parquet flooring is supposed to be sensitive and requires constant maintenance simply no long apply to modern parquet flooring products such as Kährs Parquet flooring. Kährs has developed a surface-protection system for its parquet flooring. which has exceptionally withstood all modern-day requirements. This applies to the living area as well as the light to medium frequented commerical premises such as businesses, offices or clinics. Only in heavily frequented public...

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Kährs Spirit 10mm Kährs Spirit, manufactured with state-of-the-art parquet technology, is a modern parquet flooring design in the form of strip parquet. Every style and every atmosphere is identified here. With the 10.2mm thickness, the Kährs Spirit is usable in all renovations, as well as in new construction, of course. And yet the wearing surface is adequately thick enough to enable possible abrasion. • Ready varnished surface with lacquer or oil • Wearing surface up to 1,9 mm hardwood* • Real wood countermove • EcoCore-Middle layer * Spirit Rugged Collection: If you wish to polish the product,...

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Wood Type Matt lacquer brushed, completely chamfered, Bicolour Forest    1-Strip    Town Matt lacquer brushed, completely chamfered 101P6AEK0JKW120    1200 x 125 x 10,2 Walnut Orchard 1-Strip    Town Matt lacquer completely chamfered 101P6FVA09KW120    1200 x 125 x 10,2 Slim 1-Strip old boards in Artisan design with 10,2mm thickness. Wood Type Name Design Grading handmade, smoked rough sawn, smoked Riverstone, sagerau

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Kährs Parkett Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Rosentalstraße 8/1 | D-72070 Tübingen Telefon 0049 - (0) 70 71-91 93-0 | Telefax 0049 - (0) 70 71-91 93-100 eMail

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