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Smaland - Götaland Magazine - 28 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Schoieden SAND Qot<\(.c\nd COTEBORG CDoRe NYBRO

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MADE IN SWEDEN In the south of a modern-day Sweden lie the historical roots of the Småland Region, originally known in the 12th Century as the ‘Small Countries‘ and the neighbouring Götaland as ‘The Swede-realm‘. In Småland, in the south west, the 13 counties with 13 chiefs intertwine, just like the legends through the former settlements of the old German Gaut tribes in Gotäland, in the southwest. Kährs got its inspiration for two unique, rustic floors from the wild beauty of these mystical regions. The harsh landscape, dark mountains, glittering lakes and challenging weather conditions in the...

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KÄHRS SMÅLAND Rich and warm amber tones ensure natural contrast and vitality.

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Cool, grey tones in a rustic, vintage look create a pleasant and calm ambience.

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Dark soil with bright nuances provide a warm sense of spaciousness.

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KÄHRS SMÅLAND A rustic espirit made of amber and honey tones with dark contrasts reveal a vibrant atmosphere.

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KÄHRS SMÅLAND Golden accents from honey and a ripe grain remind you of wheat ears and blossoms during the harvest.

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KÄHRS SMÅLAND Wood meets minerals with cold nuances from frost, salt and sea weed.

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Only with Aspeland can the charm of former times be revived. The natural / look is accented with colourful 1 J nuances, which remind you of bread . jn    /

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VISTA A waft of mist contrasts the white, refined grain on the surface and creates a transparent, light atmosphere.

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KÄHRS SMÅLAND The implied confusing look of this old wooden floor provides the comfort of an old captain house.

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KINDA Warm, resinous tones ensure a harmonic and transparent atmosphere. $    / I

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KÄHRS GÖTALAND White sand and mussel tones punctuate the natural grain in the floor and create a lively, bright ambience.

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KÄHRS GÖTALAND Rich and warm coffee accents with vibrant structures provide a spacious and luxurious atmosphere.

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KÄHRS GÖTALAND Light, cold, grey tones emphasise the naturalness of the oak floor and recall a rugged coastline.

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ATTEBO Dark, mystical reflexes and warm nuances, which remind you of wine, provide an elegant atmosphere.

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SMÅLAND COLLECTION A UNIQUE SENSATION In order to create the right feeling, we selected oak with special character. Every floorboard is individually treated, based on its unique composition of knots, grains and cracks. The result is a dynamic surface, which changes in the room‘s light and with perspective. The soft waves and changes stroke your feet as you walk on it. The new surface flaxseed oil treatment enters deep in the wood and emphasises its features even more. The result is a vibrant and splendid floor with a natural radiance and sensation. A positive side-effect is that this contributes...

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Size: 2420x187x15 mm. Connection: Woodloc® 5s. Surface: Natural. COLOURED SURFACE BRUSHED SURFACE CHAMFERED EDGES

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GÖTALAND COLLECTION A NATURAL SENSATION The Götaland 3-Strip-Collection is like its predecessor Småland, naturally elegant with its individual fusion of knots, grains and cracks. Characteristically, however, it‘s got a slightly altered, livelier expression. Because the focus of the development of this collection is on the production of a dynamic, tangible and fluid surface, every floorboard is individually manufactured with the most modern technology to produce such an effect. The surfaces of the floorboards are treated with many coatings of oil, which permeate the wood and emphasise the natural...

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size: 2419x196x15 mm. connection: Woodloc® 5s. surface: Natural. Suitable colour products for the Smaland and Gotaland collection: Gotaland Collection Oak Kilesand Oak Vinga Oak Boda Smaland Collection Oak Aspeland Oak More Oak Vedbo @ OIL v-* HAND-MADE    ^ COLOURED SURFACE    ^ SMOKED    BRUSHED SURFACE    ROUGH    "V CHAMFERED EDGES

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Kahns QUALITY IN WOOD SINCE 1857 Fur Deutschland: Kahrs Parkett Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG RosentalstraRe 8/1 | D-72070 Tubingen Telefon 0049 (0)70 71-91 93-260 Telefax 0049 (0)70 71-91 93-100 | Fur die Schweiz: Kahrs Parkett Schweiz Oberschwendi 38 | CH-9104 Waldstatt Thomas Ott | Telefon 0041 (0)79 864 20 57 E-mail Tobias Blumer | Telefon 0041 (0)78 752 85 24 E-mail QUAUTY AND ENVIRONMENTALLY CERTIFIED UNITS Environment AB Gustaf Kfihr. Cert. No. 2000-SKM-AQ-1481 AB Gustaf Kflhr. Cert. No. 2000-SKM-AE-228 AB Gustaf KShr....

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