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Product Guide - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

QUALITY IN SINCE 1857 Wood is the most eco-friendly, beautiful and versatile flooring material there is. That's why we only work with wood. Few materials can add as much warmth and atmosphere as wood. It softens the most minimalistic designs, while accentuating the mood of a more traditional interior. And although trends may come and go, quality and true style never goes out of fashion. That's why a wood floor from Kahrs will always be the perfect choice. Kahrs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history dating back to 1857. It is also the most innovative,...

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MORE THAN A BEAUTIFUL SURFACE Whichever surface treatment you choose for your Kährs floor, you can be sure that it will both enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood. All Kährs surface treatments are naturally free from solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate. BEST CONSTRUCTION Compared to a traditional solid wood floor, our patented construction is 75% more stable. A Kährs floor resists warping, buckling and cracking, even as temperature and humidity change throughout the seasons. SENSE AND SENSIBILITY Brushed, hand-scraped, bevelled, silky smooth or matt. Each Kährs plank is unique and...

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KAHRS DESIGN GUIDE Kahrs offers five types of surface treatment: satin lacquer, matt lacquer, ultra-matt lacquer, oil and high gloss lacquer. No matter which one you choose, your floor will be ready to walk on as soon as it is installed. All Kahrs surface treatments are solvent-free. In 1984, we were the first flooring manufacturer to implement an entirely solvent-free production process. 0 MATT LACQUER Kahrs matt lacquer is as hardwearing and easy to maintain as our satin lacquer. The subtle finish produces an untreated, bare wood look. 0 SATIN LACQUER Lacquered floors are easy to maintain. Our...

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CITY – CLEAN TOWN – COLOUR VARIATION COUNTRY – KNOTS Made from regular timber grade, planks are uniform, with small variations in grain and tone. These floors are characterized by subtle variations in colour, tone and pattern and are knot-free. Featuring dramatic graining, gnarls and knots, these floors boast greater colour variations and have a more lively, rustic character. The country selection also includes floors with a very rustic look with cracks and knots. CHEVRON PATTERN The surface layer of every 1-strip board is sawn from a single piece of wood. The natural appearance of the wood, including...

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CHEVRON DARK BROWN Kährs ID CONCEPTUAL DESIGN Kährs ID is our brand new concept for developing the next generation of cutting edge wood floors. Based on our extensive experience of working with wood, and the traditional methods of wood floor manufacturing, we’ve explored and developed new pathways and possibilities. Board thickness: 15 mm Surface layer thickness: 3 & 4 mm Core material: Plywood Resandable: 2–3 times Guarantee: 30

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The design with bevelled edges, combined with ­ atural colour n variations and a brushed surface adds up to a striking look. The collection comes in four colours, including warm white, a unique weathered grey look, a classic brown and a luxurious smoky dark brown. When installed and combined with the framing boards the result is dramatic and exclusive. CHEVRON COLLECTION The new Chevron collection represents a modern take on a classical pattern. The ingenious construction of “ready-made” patterned boards ensures easy and fast installation. Size: 1848 x 305 x 15 mm 1900 x 148 x 15 mm CHEVRON GREY OAK...

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Kährs Supreme SUPREME QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP Using time-honoured skills, Kährs combines unrivalled hand-made craftsmanship, outstanding design and the latest production and surface techniques to create a floor of distinction. Unique floors in oak, ash and beech come to life in an array of designs and finishes, all united by striking, exclusive looks and absolute attention to detail. Shine / Da Capo / Småland Board thickness: 15 mm Surface layer thickness: 3.5 mm Core material: Ply/Pine Resandable: 3–4 times Guarantee: 30 years Grande Board thickness: 20 mm Surface layer thickness: 6 mm Core...

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DA CAPO COLLECTION Evoking the beauty of authentic, reclaimed timber, the Da Capo Collection includes exclusive designs that are rich in character. Size: 1-strip 1900 x 190 x 15 mm 2-strip 1900 x 190 x 15 mm SMÅLAND COLLECTION Each plank is individually treated, according to its unique composition of knots and grain. The result is a dynamic surface that changes depending on the lighting in the room and from which angle it’s viewed. Size: 1-strip 2420 x 187 x 15 mm High gloss lacquer Coloured stains Bevelled edges Micro-bevelled edges

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GRANDE COLLECTION The traditional wide and long plank gets a modern overhaul. Featuring our modern, multi-­ayer format, l Grande is big on size and style. Size: 1-strip 2800 x 260 x 20 mm

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Kährs Original THE FOUNDATION OF QUALITY Over decades, Kährs’ Original Range has grown into our widest and most popular collection of wood floors. Available in a wide variety of wood species and finishes – and inspired by our Scandinavian roots – every floor is a true classic. Board thickness: 15 mm Surface layer thickness: 3.5 mm Core material: Spruce/Pine Resandable: 3–4 times Guarantee: 30 years Coloured stains Bevelled edges

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EUROPEAN NATURALS COLLECTION White oak and European maple – in a variety of styles and finishes – bring a traditional, bright and lively feel to the home. Size: 1-strip 2266/2420 x 187 x 15 mm 2-strip 2423 x 200 x 15 mm 3-strip 2423 x 200 x 15 mm EUROPEAN MAPLE SALZBURG NORDIC NATURALS COLLECTION The warmth and luminosity of ash and beech wood floors pay tribute to Kährs’ Scandinavian roots. Size: 2-strip 2423 x 200 x 15 mm 3-strip 2423 x 200 x 15 mm SAND COLLECTION Ash and oak, lacquered and stained in pale tones, bring a light, fresh feel to the home. Size: 1-strip 2266/2420 x 187 x 15 mm 2-strip...

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ARTISAN COLLECTION Oak planks with a hand-crafted surface finish – the Artisan range combines rustic elegance with cool contemporary design. Size: 1-strip 1830 x 189 x 15 mm 1-strip 1900 x 190 x 15 mm MAPLE CAROB Satin Lacquer Matt lacquer Coloured stains Bevelled edges Micro-bevelled edges

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