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Maintenance Guide - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

QUALITY IN WOOD SINCE 1857 Kahrs (UK) Ltd Unit A4 Cairo Place, Endeavour Business Park 7 Penner Road, Havant, Hampshire P09 1QN Tel +44 (0)2392 453 045 | Fax. +44 (0)2392 453 050 Email. | Web.

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MAINTENANCE OF KAHRS WOOD FLOORS MAINTENANCE OF KAHRS WOOD FLOORS IN DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENT PAGE 3 MAINTENANCE GUIDE DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENT - OVERVIEW PAGE 4 MAINTENANCE OF LACQUERED FLOORS PAGE 5 Daily Cleaning Regular maintenance Stain removal Maintenance on demand Renovation (Re-lacquering) Total renovation MAINTENANCE OF OILED FLOORS PAGE 9 After Installation Daily Cleaning Regular maintenance Stain removal Maintenance on demand Renovation Renovation of stained floors Total renovation MAINTENANCE OF KAHRS WOOD FLOORS IN COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT PAGE 12 MAINTENANCE GUIDE COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT -...

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MAINTENANCE OF K ÄHRS WOOD FLOORS    3 MAINTENANCE OF KÄHRS WOOD FLOORS IN DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENT To retain their original durability and beautiful appearance, Kährs wood floors should be maintained following a simple regime. We have the strongest floor lacquer on the market, which reduces the risk of microscratches – the tiny, irritating scratches that can appear in the lacquer surface when, for example, furniture with worn protective pads is dragged across the floor. Kährs Lacquer makes the surface easy to care for because stains have difficulty adhering. Meanwhile, Kährs Woodloc® and Woodloc®...

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MAINTENANCE OF LACQUERED FLOORS REGULAR MAINTENANCE Make sure that the surface is free from any dirt or debris that may scratch the surface, by vacuum cleaning or dry mopping. Dissolve the Cleaner in lukewarm water according to dosage information on the bottle. - or use the ready-to-use Kahrs Spray Cleaner. Damp-clean the floor as necessary using a well-wrung mop or floor cloth. Only dampen the floor slightly. The film of water left by the floor cloth must dry within a minute. Do not allow spilt water to remain, especially on Beech and Hard Maple (Canadian Maple) floors because they are particularly...

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MAINTENANCE OF K ÄHRS WOOD FLOORS    6 MAINTENANCE OF LACQUERED FLOORS MAINTENANCE ON DEMAND Kährs Lacquer Refresher and Matt Lacquer Refresher are easy -to-use refreshers for finished parquet and wooden floors. The product gives the wood a protective top surface which simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process. It is not a substitute for re-lacquering. It is used between each re-lacquering. Kährs Lacquer Refresher is suitable for Kährs lacquered floors and High Gloss lacquered floors. For Kährs Matt lacquered and Ultra Matt lacquered floors, the Kährs Matt Lacquer Refresher should be used....

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MAINTENANCE OF K ÄHRS WOOD FLOORS    7 MAINTENANCE OF LACQUERED FLOORS RENOVATION (RE-LACQUERING) The main reason for re-lacquering is that after many years’ use, the floor needs to be ”freshened up”. For Kährs floors with silk matt lacquer: The surface to be finished must be free of dust, dirt and other foreign materials. If the floor surface is heavily contaminated, use a rotary floor scrubber (for screeding) to ensure that the floor is free from grease and dirt. The temperature of the floor should not be below 14°C nor exceed 28°C. Ideal is 20°C floor temperature and a relative humidity of...

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MAINTENANCE OF K ÄHRS WOOD FLOORS    8 MAINTENANCE OF LACQUERED FLOORS For Kährs floors with high gloss lacquer: The surface to be finished must be free of dust, dirt and other foreign materials. If the floor surface is very soiled, use a rotary floor scrubber (for screeding) to ensure that the floor is free from grease and dirt. Screeding quality should be P 350–P 500. Always test the finish on a smaller area to ensure colour and adhesion. Recommended application: 1 coat, coverage 0.1l    ². /m Apply with roller, brush or applicator. The temperature of the floor should not be below 14°C nor exceed...

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MAINTENANCE OF OILED FLOORS AFTER INSTALLATION Kahrs nature oil finished floors should be given a supplementary surface treatment with Kahrs Satin Oil. The main reason for this is to prevent water penetrating the joints between boards through capillary action. Recommended dosage: 1 l of Kahrs Satin Oil per 200-300 m2 For further instructions, see Maintenance on Demand, page 10 Position doormats inside and outside the front door to stop dirt and grit being brought in that could otherwise cause unnecessarily severe wear to your floor. Use protective pads (not metal feet, which mark wood floors)...

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MAINTENANCE OF K ÄHRS WOOD FLOORS    10 MAINTENANCE OF OILED FLOORS MAINTENANCE ON DEMAND How often the floor then needs maintaining depends on use, cleaning, exposure to sun light etc. A couple of additional, more frequent, maintenance treatments carried out in the first year gives an extra-strong, moisture-resistant and easily cleaned surface. The normal frequency of subsequent maintenance is at least twice a year. Remember that areas subjected to greater wear than the rest of the floor can be given localized maintenance. The higher the frequency, the better the results. The surface to be maintained...

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MAINTENANCE OF K ÄHRS WOOD FLOORS    11 MAINTENANCE OF OILED FLOORS RENOVATION OF STAINED FLOORS After extended use, it may be necessary to renovate the surface treatment and replace it with a new Tinted Satin Oil treatment. 1. Apply Kährs Cleaner evenly over the surface. 2. Clean the surface using Kährs microfiber mop. Scrub until the dirt has been dissolved. For very dirty floors replace the microfiber mop using a rough brush. 3. Remove cleaner and dirt using a wrung out cloth. 4. Dry the surface using a dry cloth and leave the floor to dry for 30 minutes. For heavily contaminated floors or...

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