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Kährs Magazine - Design Stories 2017 - 48 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

QUALITY IN WOOD SINCE 1857 ULTRA-MATT PERFECTION Proudly introducing the new Lux and Lumen oak floor collections, featuring a new ultra-matt, light absorbing finish. GET THE LOOK... .. .with a wood floor. Decorating inspiration from stunning homes in Denmark, France and Sweden. 160 YEARS A passion for wood, passed on from generation to generation. Meet some of our co-workers - and find out why Kahrs is both the oldest and most innovative company in the business.

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News. Matt is the new black.

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Celebrating 160 years of quality and beauty From a local wooden utility goods craftsman, deep in the forests of southern Sweden, to a world-leading inventor and producer of modern hardwood floors. The 160-year history of Kährs is the story of our strong passion for nature and the environment; for wood as a material and for interior design, combined with innovative thinking and a commitment to the highest quality standards. Today, we sell our beautiful, durable wood floors in more than 60 markets worldwide – many more than any other manufacturer on the globe. “The whole world is standing on our...

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4  Kährs Design Stories BARE NECESSITIES The expression ‘Less is More’ would be an understatement if it was used to describe this brand new family summerhouse, on the Swedish west co

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6  Kährs Design Stories The southern façade lets the sunshine in, through wide sliding doors that open the house up to the outdoors. The ultra-matt surface of Coast is perfect for creating a borderless feeling between the raw timber of the patio/terrace and the wood flooring throughout the interior.

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8  Kährs Design Stories

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Looking at the bare wooden exterior you almost expect the interior to follow in the same fashion, with minimal decoration. Certainly, you won’t find anything that the owners don’t feel absolutely necessary for their relaxing summer stay, far, far away from their usual hectic life in the city. The whole interior breathes of a calm and relaxing existence where the focus is summer life; play, bicycle trips and days on the beach just a couple of minutes’ walk from the house. Other floors with a weathered feeling. See the full range at NOUVEAU GRAY

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10  Kährs Design Stories Experience is the best innovator. With 160 years in the business, Kährs is one of the oldest makers of wood floors in the world. It is also one of the most innovative. The wood knowledge we have accumulated over the years has been passed down from generation to generation, from neighbour to neighbour. Over lunch, on the football field, on the ski slopes and across the fence, we are constantly discussing new ways to improve our floors. At work, we try out these ideas; we test, sometimes we fail – but eventually we succeed. The goal is always the same; to make our floors...

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Kahrs Design Stories 11 In 1941, Kahrs is awarded a patent for the invention of today’s modern engineered hardwood floor, the multi-layer floor. After World War II, the home market booms and many families build a small house of their own. This means an increased demand for parquet floors, regarded as essential for the more representative parts of every house. In 1958, the first factory-lacquered floors are produced, based on methods introduced by Kahrs. Previously, floors were installed and sanded before being lacquered on site. The production of a factory-lacquered floor requires a high degree...

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12  Kährs Design Stories “The whole world is standing on our floors. Of course I’m proud!” PASSING ON WOOD KNOWLEDGE FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION What makes a good product great? We’re certain that the key to success lies in the people that produce it. It’s their passion and knowledge that ensures that the quality we’ve been delivering over the years continues to distinguish our floors. Many of our employees have been working at the Nybro plant for several decades – in some cases for generations – passing on their knowledge to new family members, friends and neighbours that start working at Kährs....

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Kahrs Design Stories 13 Kahrs Design Stories 13 “A second family.” This is how these employees at Kahrs in Nybro describe their colleagues and workplace. Despite their different backgrounds and assignments in the production process, they all share a long history with the company, vast wood knowledge and a passion for the end product. Much of the activities in Nybro, bordering the deep forests of Smaland, centre around the wood flooring producing plant, which provides jobs, heat and a natural meeting place. ZORAN STANKOVIC, second generation who returned to Kahrs: — I learn new things every day....

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14 Kahrs Design Stories 14 Kahrs Design Stories IN PROVENCE At first glance, this impressive stone house looks like a grand estate, for relaxing by the pool and in the garden. But, it’s actually a working farmhouse and the surrounding land is full of olive trees and rolling fields where different crops are grown.

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18  Kährs Design Stories

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The interior isn’t what you’d expect from a traditional farmhouse. The owners have a keen interest in interior design and they have created both a practical and modern home with high ceilings and an airy feel. The cool mix of rustic and minimal furnishings, together with large, comfortable sofas, create a very relaxing interior. The wood floors throughout the house soften the feeling, with their oiled and slightly undulated tactile surface that perfectly matches and complements the interior, in colour tone and mood. Other floors with a rustic feeling. See the full range at

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BARE BEAUTY Kährs proudly introduces two new collections – Lux and Lumen – our first floors featuring an ultra-matt, non reflective finish. Feels and looks like untreated, newly sawn timber – but with a strong, yet silky, invisible shield against daily wear and tear. SHORE KILE

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Strong daylight from large windows This key trend in contemporary architecture can create shiny reflections on a floor, confusing our sense of colour and appearance. The ultra-matt finish of Lux and Lumen absorbs the light and enhances both the colour and feeling of the floors, revealing their true beauty. Lux, the one-strip design, is available in six colours, from light to dark. Three-strip Lumen is offered in six colours. Both designs are made from clean, homogenous oak, with a natural, soft colour tone.

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