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Steel Pool Systems - 15 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Your entire dream with a complete solution from Kafko Pools. Steel Pool Systems behind** very pool

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Imagine yourself in a Kafko pool. Take a Vacation in Your Own Backyard More Fun. Less Hassle. Building a Pool has Never Been Easier! Since 1971, beautiful award winning pools from Kafko Pool Products have been created for homes just like yours. Available in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes with a number of exciting options that will transform your backyard into an outdoor entertainment center. With the help of your professional pool dealer you will be able to customize your backyard to suit your individual tastes. Your dealer can help you make the right decisions about your pool. He can...

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Things to Consider when Planning Your Pool Custom How Will You Use The Pool Will it be for recreation, exercise, entertaining or some combination of all of these? If you have a general idea of your intended use of the pool, it can help you work through the design process. Keep Maintenance in Mind Different types of pools require different levels of maintenance. Some, like vinyl liner pools, are relatively simple to maintain. It can take just a few minutes a week to check water and chemical levels. Know Your Backyard If you live on the side of a cliff with a steep grade and little or no access...

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We can build any shape and size. Kafko has numerous selections of shapes and sizes which allows you to create a luxurious and inviting setting for many great gettogethers. Four, six and eight foot walk-in staircases are a popular option for most pools. With the help of your professional pool dealer, you and your family will be able to design a backyard that will beautify your property and create a private retreat. Many more shapes and sizes are available, ask us for more information. BAHAMA FULL-L PAGE 5 Kafko Pool Products Our Rectangle Pools are Coverstar ready! BAHAMA LAZY-L Steel Pool Systems

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The Steel Rugged Construction Superior Strength of Steel From skyscrapers to bridges, engineers turn to steel when maximum strength is called for. Rugged Construction and Top Quality Materials Unique Wall Brace System Kafko’s newest technologies go into the construction of all of our new pool designs. Our registered Press-Lock® systems are a large part of why Kafko is happy to offer a Liftetime, One-Time Transferable warranty on every pool we build. The double “L” design makes our Kafko panels the strongest in the industry. The galvanized steel braces are press locked in place, not only to the...

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Pool Necessities Unique Features Underwater Lighting Underwater pool illumination has a breathtaking effect; an ever-changing waterscape of lights is produced by the shimmering glow, creating dazzling dancing patterns all around your pool. Pool Decks There are countless number of options available in pool deck finishes. With the guidance of your dealer you can achieve the look you desire. CONCRETE DECK Patented Coping The patented Snap-Lock coping design ensures the liner is locked in the coping track around the pool. This feature eliminates dealer call backs. The Snap-Lock® coping is available...

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Accessorize Your Poolscape Bring your pool to life with the soothing sound of falling water. Whether you are building a new pool or updating your backyard, waterfalls are a simple, elegant way to beautify your pool. With Kafko’s wide collection of in-wall swimming pool steps, you can be sure to find the perfect entryway into your beautiful pool. Whether you’re looking for simple steps or additional features like vinyl over steps, hydrotherapy jets, or lounging steps, Kafko has them. Our wide selection of step sizes and types will ensure you find the perfect fit for your pool. High Impact Thermoplastic...

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PERFECTLY Coordinated Featuring our NEW Step N' Lounge! Taormina Coordinate Steps, Spas, and Liners Our Step N' Lounge is manufactured from a thick co-extruded sheet of thermoplastic, featuring fourtread walk-in steps and two lounges. The lounge offers four optional jet locations for full spa experience. Available in white, blue granite and grey granite for maximum color coordination. blue Granite Spill-Over Spa Kafko Pools offers a large assortment of steps designed to create your perfect poolscape. A wide selection of steps, lounges, benches, and specialty steps are available in white, blue...

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Your Pool. Your Imagination. Pool Entries Featuring Our Acrylic/Fiberglass Stairs Our Acrylic/Fiberglass stairs are rigid and strong, vacuum-formed from a single piece of acrylic and backed with multiple layers of fiberglass for outstanding structural support. Multiple shapes, styles, and colors are available in this line, including contour, cantilever, in-wall ladder, leisure bench and corner. To see all of the step shapes available in our acrylic/fiberglass step line, ask your dealer for a Kafko Pool Entry Systems. brochure. Steps that Suit Your Style and Pool Shape ACRYLIC/FIBERGLASS 8' Curved...

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Accessorize Your Poolscape Vinyl Over Steps Wedding Cake Step, Steel or Polymer Kafko provides an array of different product lines to transform your backyard into your personal oasis. Wall (Used for illustrative purposes only.) Vinyl Over Steel Steps Vinyl Liner For a solution to life’s hectic pace, the answer is in your own backyard. With a pool side spill-over spa from Kafko, you can add tranquillity and luxury to your backyard escape. Brace Supports (180º Straight Step used for cutaway shown above) Spill-Over Spas With the pace of day to day life always on the increase, our spas are the perfect...

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Vinyl Liners Patent Pending Courtstone / Natural Grey The manufacturing of our premium vinyl liners are computer controlled under strict Quality Control Procedures in our own facilities, ensuring an exact fitting Kafko True-Fit vinyl liner. New or replacement liners are always available to let you restyle your backyard! Mountain Top / Blue Mosiac Computer Controlled Vinyl Cutting Floor seams are visible on standard liners. No visible floor seams. The strongest seams you’ll NEVER see! French Riviera / Blue Mosaic Kafko Liners are available in a wide variety of printed, plain and border patterns,...

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