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Polymer Pool Systems - 15 Pages

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Polymer Pool Systems
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Catalog excerpts

Your entire dream with a complete solution from Kafko Pools. Polymer Pool Systems

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Imagine yourself in a Kafko pool. More Fun. Less Hassle. Building a Pool has Never Been Easier! Your dealer can help you make the right decisions about your pool. He can offer advice on everything from custom designs to heaters, cleaners and cosmetic enhancements. Building a pool is a big decision and investment. A Kafko Pro Builder will guide you through your options from pool shape to decking. You will come to depend on your dealer’s knowledge and will rely on them for as long as you own your pool. Take a Vacation in Your Own Backyard A Kafko Pro Builder is not only a reputable dealer, but there...

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Things to Consider when Planning your Pool How Will You Use Your Pool Will it be for recreation, exercise, entertaining or some combination of all of these? If you have a general idea of your intended use of the pool, it can help you work through the design process. Keep Maintenance in Mind Different types of pools require different levels of maintenance. Some, like vinyl liner pools, are relatively simple to maintain. It can take just a few minutes a week to check water and chemical levels. Know Your Backyard If you live on the side of a cliff with a steep grade and little or no access for construction...

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Imagine the Perfect Shape for Your Backyard Custom Design PAGE 5 Kafko Pool Products With the versatility of Kafko’s patented Multi-Flex® Pool Wall, you can choose from a variety of pre-designed pools or, with the help of your dealer, create your own unique design. Kafko’s experienced dealers can help you design the pool of your dreams. Whether you envision a small adjustment to one of our standard designs, or a completely original one, we will be there every step of the way to help you turn your yard into your own private resort. Polymer Pools Systems

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The Ultra-Rigid Kafko Polymer Pool After years of research and development, Kafko has introduced a new generation of unique polymer inground pools. Our award winning polymer panels are strong and durable. Made of stable, non-biodegradable polymer greatly increases the longevity of the pool. In addition, the cellular structure acts as a thermal screen holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils. Uniflex® Panel System Kafko’s unique patented UNIFLEX® Wall System panel is made from polypropylene non-corrosive material. This panel has a 4" top and bottom rail...

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Unique Features Underwater Lighting Underwater pool illumination has a breathtaking effect; an ever-changing waterscape of lights is produced by the shimmering glow, creating dazzling dancing patterns all around your pool. Pool Necessities Pool Decks There are countless number of options available in pool deck finishes. With the guidance of your dealer you can achieve the look you desire. CONCRETE DECK Patented Coping The patented Snap-Lock® coping design ensures the liner is locked in the coping track around the pool. The Snap-Lock® coping is available in several profiles to accommodate the finished...

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Accessorize Your Poolscape With Kafko’s wide collection of in-wall swimming pool steps, you can be sure to find the perfect entryway into your beautiful pool. Bring your pool to life with the soothing sound of falling water. Whether you are building a new pool or updating your backyard, waterfalls are a simple, elegant way to beautify your pool. Whether you’re looking for simple steps or additional features like vinyl over steps, hydrotherapy jets, or lounging steps, Kafko Pool’s has them. Our wide selection of step sizes and types will ensure you find the perfect fit for your pool. High Impact...

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Featuring our NEW Step N' Lounge! PERFECTLY Coordinated Custom Our Step N' Lounge is manufactured from a thick co-extruded sheet of thermoplastic, featuring four-tread walk-in steps and two lounges. Each lounge offers four optional jet locations for full spa experience. Available in white, blue granite and grey granite for maximum color coordination. Coordinate Steps, Spas, and Liners Kafko Pools offers a large assortment of steps designed to create your perfect poolscape. A wide selection of steps, lounges, benches, and specialty steps are available in white, blue granite, and grey granite. Create...

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Your Pool. Your Imagination. Pool Entries Featuring Our Acrylic/Fiberglass Steps Our Acrylic/Fiberglass steps are rigid and strong, vacuumformed from a single piece of acrylic and then backed with multiple layers of fiberglass for outstanding structural support. Multiple shapes, styles, and colors are available in this line, including contour, cantilever, in-wall ladder, leisure bench and corner. To see all of the step shapes available in our acrylic/ fiberglass step line, ask your dealer for a Kafko Pools Step brochure. COORDINATED COLORS! ALL STEPS ARE AVAILABLE IN: Blue Granite Grey Granite Steps...

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Vinyl Over Steps Wedding Cake Step or Polymer Accessorize Your Poolscape Kafko™ provides an array of different product lines to transform your backyard into your personal oasis. Wall (Used for illustrative purposes only.) Vinyl Liner For a solution to life’s hectic pace, the answer is in your own backyard. With a pool side spill-over spa from Kafko Pool Products, you can add tranquillity and luxury to your backyard escape. Molded Shell Round Spill-Over Spa (180º Straight Step used for cutaway shown above) Spill-Over Spas Wedding Cake Step Choose the Wedding Cake Step to add pizzazz to old and...

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Vinyl Liners Patent Pending Courtstone / Natural Grey The manufacturing of our premium vinyl liners are computer controlled under strict Quality Control Procedures in our own facilities, ensuring an exact fitting Kafko True-Fit vinyl liner. New or replacement liners are always available to let you restyle your backyard! Mountain Top / Blue Mosiac Computer Controlled Vinyl Cutting Floor seams are visible on standard liners. No visible floor seams. The strongest seams you’ll NEVER see! Standard pool liners present visible lines on the pool floor at the seams which ultimately detract from the beauty...

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