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P500/550/600 - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

RETRACTABLE GATES La photo est la même pour toutes les datasheet Access control Anti-panic system Options Datasheet 011 A GB P 500/550/600S © Klein Access Design | Page 1/3

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RETRACTABLE GATES Description RETRACTABLE GATES The RETRACTABLE GATEWAY is comprised of two cabinets, and is suitable for the control of secure site access and for public transport applications. Anti-fraud controls are carried out in both directions of passage. A set of two gateways is comprised of two end cabinets and one centre cabinet. Once authorization has been cleared, the glass panels are retracted into the cabinet to clear the access way. A shape recognition device (using scanner cells) allows the user to be monitored as they pass through the barrier, and prevents the passage of a second...

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Options 316 stainless steel cabinet Laminated glass panels Tinted glass panels Combined intermediate element: standard passage – 900 PRM passage Dynamic pictogram RETRACTABLE GATES Klein Access Design (KAD) 75-89, rue de Guise 02500 Hirson – France Tel.: +33 3 23 99 21 00 Fax : +33 3 23 58 22 19 E-mail: contact@kad.fr www.kad.fr Datasheet 011 A GB P 500/550/600S © Klein Access Design | Page 3/3

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