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Monitoring | Security | Software Monitoring | Security | Software Data Logger and Accessories 26 UMTS Router HY-LINE 27 Ethernet Switch JetNet Sensors and Wireless Solutions 40 Ambient temperature sensor 41 Module temperature sensor Monitoring | Security | Software A summary of application examples. The next two questions are important when choosing the right data logger: 1. How many inverters are being used? 2. Are you monitoring locally, or would you prefer remote monitoring? The following table provides an overview of the numerous options available with KACO new energy data loggers....

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Meteorologial data Environmental data Power measurement Current measurement Ambient Module temperature sensor temperature sensor Insolation sensor Analog Counter sensor Digital S0 Counter sensor Digital Powador Argus The buyer of a photovoltaic system wants to be sure that it produces the maximum electrical current yield when operating optimally. Long-lasting and reliable. Whether you keep an eye on a  small system at home or want to control an entire solar park from afar, you can master any situation with KACO new energy data loggers and accessories. We will be glad to help you put...

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Data Logger | Accessories Data Logger | Accessories Powador-LOG. Modern visualisation for your home. Powador-LOG. Local evaluation without internet connection. The Powador-LOG is a data logger that you can use to evaluate up to six inverters via RS485 (maximum six inverter addresses). Measured data from the inverters, collected by the data logger is sent via WLAN to a receiver, which can operate using WLAN and has an RSS feed. You can therefore retrieve the PowadorLOG data easily using your smart phone or tablet PC, for example. The graphics have also been optimised for the Apple iPhone®...

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Data Logger | Accessories The auto-learning data logger system. This compact and cost-effective monitoring and control unit is suitable for photovoltaic systems from 1 to 15 kWp and for a maximum of three inverters. The data logger is easy to configure and uses an intelligent algorithm to detect faults and deviations from normal operation during run time and provides operator information with the integrated status lights. Acoustic alarms can also be set. The fault memory can be read out for analysis and configuration with a USB connection to a computer. The monitor can be connected to the...

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Data Logger | Accessories Data Logger | Accessories Powador-proLOG. The professional data logger for every application. Powador-proLOG. Functional diagram for system monitoring. The Powador-proLOG is a data logger that provides extensive options for local and remote monitoring on the PC. It records the currents, voltages, temperatures, power outputs and yields of every individual inverter. External sensors can also be connected to it. The stored system data is transmitted every day to an e-mail address of your choice as a text file. The data logger also automatically reports by e-mail, fax...

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Data Logger | Accessories Data Logger | Accessories Connection Diagram. Functional diagram of network and system protection. Modem, analogue, ISDN Digital output Ripple control receivers Network operators network parameters Overview of features for all models Overview of Features Ethernet Dial-up (modem) Compact Flash card reader (CF) Ethernet Compact Flash card reader (CF) Number of inverters/ 25–33000xi and Park Inverter address range Number of Powador-go units that can be connected Ethernet Dial-up (modem) Compact Flash card reader (CF) Inverter interface POWADOR alter ext. Kuppelsch 1....

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Data Logger | Accessories Data Logger | Accessories Powador-protect. Measuring, controlling, protecting. Powador-protect is a measurement and control unit for photovoltaic systems installed in the immediate vicinity of the feed-in meter. It protects the grid and the system (grid and system protection) in accordance with the VDE-AR-N 4105 Low Voltage Directive and also power control in accordance with Sec. 6 EEG 2012. For power control Powador-protect evaluates the signals of a ripple-control receiver and sends them to the inverter. Powador-protect measures all relevant grid parameters as...

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Data Logger | Accessories KACO Power-Control. Professional feed-in management for If you install a system with a rated power of more than 100 kW, you must ensure that the grid operators can control the feed-in power remotely. This is specified by the current German Renewable Energies Act (EEG). With Powador inverters, you are on the right side of the law. KACO Power-Control is the new software that keeps law and order. And all KACO new energy feed-in inverters are equipped with this technology. In addition to this new feature, the Powador-proLOG XL data logger is equipped with an additional...

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Data Logger | Accessories Data Logger | Accessories KACO Reactive-PowerControl. Idle power control that can meet any requirement. The standard for “generation plants connected to the medium-voltage grid,” or “BDEW medium-voltage directive” for short, requires active network support through the PV systems. KACO new energy has the perfect solution: KACO Reactive Power Control (KRC). The medium-voltage directive requires an adjustable range for cos phi from 0.95 inductive to 0.95 capacitive. To achieve these values even on the system level, all Powador inverters have an adjustable cosine phi...

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Data Logger | Accessories ?rtSS]naari | MJup«mf |—BUS—| 11^] active and idle power control. The operators of solar equipment must meet the requirements set forth in the German medium-voltage directive for static and dynamic grid stability. The control modulus Powador-PCU (Power Control Unit) enables discreet and dynamic handling of the active and idle power control guidelines. It receives information from the grid operator The data logger not only communicates the data but also operates, or rather controls, the inverter according to the guidelines of the power network Electrical data...

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