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Time and attendance collecting data - 40 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Collecting data – persons, jobs, events

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3 Collect your data with Kaba 4 Kaba – the advantages of a worldwide brand 5 Products «Made in Germany» - what you need to know 6 Biometrics – solutions from Kaba 8 Time and attendance – redefined for you Terminal B-web 93 00 – convince yourself of the 5 fundamental product benefits Terminal B-web 93 00 – select your functionality Terminal series B-web and B-Net – investment protection through compatibility and long term availability of products 14 Shop floor data collection – get the competitive edge Shop floor data collection – select your performance characteristics Distinctions between the...

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Collect your data with Kaba Why? This brochure will give you the answer. Get an overview of the product portfolio for solutions in enterprise data partner applications and services. safety and time-relevant company data Customer Requirements for measuring, visualizing and optimizing corporate targets and corporate • support during the implementation of your solution through qualified We, the Kaba GmbH, collect and process terminals, communication software, collection. This portfolio consists of consulting and concepts • ideally matched hardware and soft- ware components. All this ensures a long-term...

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Kaba – the advantages of a worldwide brand 3. Proximity to the customer We have many years of project experi- These help to meet our goal of open- ence and have comprehensive service ness, customer satisfaction and a long- organizations in many countries. term collaboration. Functionality, operational and installa- tion safety are important criteria for us for a long-term successful business You will be given an individual consulta- tion. Conscientious project planning is 1. Technological leadership the basis here for the realization of your intended solution. Kaba develops and manufactures all...

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Products «Made in Germany» – what you need to know We are a traditional and successful manufacturer of products for time and attendance, shop floor data collection, and access control. The benchmark of our products has always been a very high degree of quality and functionality right from the start. As a company, we pursue the ideas of the excellence philosophy as part of our corporate strategy. This takes into account people, processes and results in an integrated manner with the goal of always offering you, our customer, a solution that matches your requirements. In the process, we focus not...

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Biometrics – solutions from Kaba Kaba is the leading manufacturer for You use the B-COMM Java integration The advantages obtained by using biometric solutions in time and attend- platform – Biometrics option for: biometrics benefit more and more ance, shop floor data collection and • the integrated template manage- customers from all economic sectors. access control. From the large number of different biometric methods, Kaba has decided in favor of fingerprint recogni- ment for the overall system • the Finger Enrollment (first-time reading of a fingerprint) They include, for example, manufacturing,...

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Time and attendance – redefined for you As an innovative technology leader and traditional manufacturer of terminals modern, modular conceptual planning, We have of course ensured that the we asked ourselves the question what is we also meet your requirements of time proven product benefits from previous really important for our customers with and attendance and offer additional terminal series are also taken into con- regard to a new time and attendance special features that are unique on the terminal. The answers leave no doubt: • easy and reliable operation What is new about the terminal? •...

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Terminal B-web 93 00 – convince yourself of the 5 fundamental product benefits The intuitive operating concept «Guide With the new B-web 93 00 generation, The B-web 93 00 terminal is always by Light» guarantees easy, convenient you the user determine the functional supplied with a docking station; it is the and quick operation of the terminal. scope of your terminals. Only the func- mounting element for the installation The full-screen glass front is equipped tions that you have currently selected, of the terminal on the wall. The terminal with an individually illuminated capaci- bought and thus...

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B-COMM Java The integration platform B-COMM Java (1-click replacement) The B-web 93 00 is even prepared for The transaction data such as master The first start-up and a terminal replace- data are then requested by the applica- ment is very easy when using the inte- a defect or a change in the hardware tion software for the terminal. gration platform B-COMM Java in combination with the B-web 93 00 terminal. option. The collected data does not get lost since it is stored in the background – The actual replacement of the terminal at the docking station is particularly specific configuration of the...

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Terminal B-web 93 00 – select your functionality With the modular concept of the termi- B-web terminal versions nal B-web 93 00 you select individually the necessary version of the hardware Hardware Basic device and the desired software functions. We Docking station have pre-configured the broad spectrum of possible collection functions in attractive application packages. The B-web 93 00 is available to you accordingly in the versions as B-web 93 20, B-web 93 40 and B-web 93 60. The new licensing model means that Capacitive keypad QVGA display 320 x 240 dots User guidance Guide by Light 2 Readers...

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Terminal series B-web and B-Net – investment protection through compatibility and long-term availability of products Your investment protection through compatibility and long-term availability of our products Each product is subject to a product life cycle. At our company too, inventions, new technologies and market requirements regularly result in the development of new products, such as the new B-web 93 00 terminal generation. We can answer your question «What are the next steps with the B-Net series of terminals?» positively. In the course of the market introduction of the B-web 93 00, the...

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