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Remote Reader Modules (RRM) - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Registration units * * Outside Control units Secured area Remote Reader Modules (RRM) The Remote Reader Module concept protects the sensitive electronics as only the remote registration unit is fitted on the door itself. The control unit is fitted in tamperproof location. And if your security requirements change, a simple registration unit is simply replaced with one with PIN without you having to change the cabling setup. *

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On the safe side at all times Protection from vandalism Depending on its location, the registration unit can be installed behind safety glass or fitted invisibly into the wall, offering good protection from vandalism. And if you install the registration unit somewhere where vandalism cannot be ruled out, you can nevertheless greatly reduce the risk of such a problem. Since the control unit is installed separately from the registration unit, only part of your investment is directly at risk on the door. The sensitive and high-value control unit remains in the secure indoor area and is therefore...

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