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Compact Reader SL-MIFARE® - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Compact Reader The Compact Reader is a door manager and Registration Unit in one, making it ideal for indoor use. It controls and monitors an access point individually, reliably and inexpensively. The quickwire™ concept is used for low-cost wiring. Excellent investment protection is also provided for conversions or extensions as the integrated RS-485 interface ensures that existing wiring is used.

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Perfect for indoor areas Inexpensive installation Wide functionality – low installation costs: This is because the connection is made locally, directly at the Compact Reader. The quickwire™ technology means that all contacts are wired up directly on the mounting plate – a task that the electrician can perform in advance. During start-up, the housing with the integrated electronics is simply clicked onto the mounting plate and taken into operation. Secure access A central task of the Kaba exos system is to ensure access and security at all times. The Compact Reader is also incorporated into the...

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