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Access control - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Access control With Kaba exos 9300 ® Demands on access control systems are steadily increasing, such as the organization of personnel traffic, management of various security areas and recording of events in real time. Our Kaba exos overall solution offers you the very latest in functionality, convenience and automated management, to enhance security and lower operating costs.

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Reliable organization of personnel traffic Controlling access Individual access rights and a high security level are not conflicting interests. With Kaba exos you can grant individual access rights, thereby ensuring blanket organization of who can go where and when within the company. In addition you can decide at which times verification with a PIN code or biometry is necessary. Kaba exos provides you with fully flexible and discreet control of all access aspects, which enhances your security profile. Ensuring traceability With Kaba exos you not only control the present, but also the past. All...

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