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Kaba B-inspired - 20 Pages

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Kaba B-inspired
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Catalog excerpts

Kaba B-inspired Information – Communication – Perfection The modular Kaba Information System for tomorrow – with Apps for time recording, vacation requests and much more besides

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Kaba B-inspired – the beautifully simple and flexible communication tool, that truly promotes process optimization and efficiency. Smart: Apps for specific tasks within the organization, e.g. for vacation and flexitime requests, briefings or canteen bookings. No more «red tape», thanks to an easy-to-operate, versatile system. Efficient: Contact all staff easily and address current issues. Save time and simplify (communication) processes. Simple: Problem-free installation, operation, maintenance and expansion. Just select the modules you really need and you can simply add new functions later. Flexible:...

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Kaba B-inspired The Kaba Information System for more than just time recording – New App concept – New level of perfection Canteen Briefing Official Absence Finally, terminals you can do more with than just time recording. Be inspired and benefit from the new options that enable you to optimize both communication with the staff and all the people-related processes within your organization. Kaba B-inspired

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«An extremely simple App system that matches my requirements and my workflows? Plus problem-free installation and expansion? It doesn‘t get any better than this for IT staff.»

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Apps – the way we communicate today and the way we will communicate tomorrow! If something is simple, it is efficient. With Kaba B-inspired, the new Kaba Information System, all your staff can save time, communicate with each other and get hold of information quickly. It effectively promotes process and communication optimization and remains flexible at all times. You just install the Apps that you need. No more and no less. If you need a new one later, you just add it. The open system, with Apps for everybody. The standard functions can be deployed across different industries and can be extended...

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«A smart, modern system that everyone can understand and that can be expanded if necessary, without having to invest in a completely new technology? It doesn‘t get any better than this for CEOs and CFOs.»

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Apps for your needs. Apps on demand. Development never stands still. At Kaba, we don‘t just offer you standard functions but we are working day in and day out, to make your communication processes even more efficient. Soon you will be able to benefit from Apps for canteen bookings, internal surveys, meeting room reservations, personal data record changes and much more besides. Canteen >>Quick and simple: With this App, you can select and order from the canteen menu. >>Efficient: No more tiresome paperwork and the kitchen can plan, evaluate and bill more efficiently. Room reservation >>Smart: With...

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«A central point that everyone passes by once a day? A system that really lightens my workload and is easy to operate? It doesn’t get any better than this for the workforce.»

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>> 7“ Touchscreen with brilliant display >> Communication via Ethernet and/or WLAN >> Communication via Bluetooth or 3G >> High definition camera system >> Different power supply options, PoE, 230VAC connection, 24VDC via power supply >> Integrated microphone and speaker >> Video function >> Supports all commonly-used audio and video formats >> Simple installation High-tech in an elegant design The B-web 97 00 terminal fulfills a wide range of tasks in the areas of professional time recording, access control and in the provision of customer-specific information and applications. The user-friendly...

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«Simple time and attendance recording and Apps for giving information on what’s going on at the moment and all of that using one central terminal? Perfect for every university and college.»

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>> 3“ Touchscreen >> Communication via Ethernet and/or 3G >> Mini USB socket for connecting external readers >> Different power supply options, PoE or 12V via pluggable power supply >> Integrated speaker >> Support all commonly-used audio formats >> Simple installation >> Ideal for basic tasks in the area of time recording Quality for standard functions The B-web 96 00 terminal is characterized by its operational comfort, its compact size and its attractive design, with touchscreen. It represents the ideal entry-level solution for all those who need simple applications in the area of time recording....

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«No more red tape? Simple working practices that don’t cost a lot of time and effort? A system that is easy for all staff to operate and that contributes to optimizing processes? It doesn’t get any better than this for HR staff.»

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Flexibility taken to a new dimension. A new terminal, a new system Kaba B-inspired is a tool, which, unlike many others, is open, can be customized and also in the future, can be equipped very easily with additional functions. In addition, with the associated B-web 97 00 terminal, you get a high quality device to run your applications. Compatibility with existing systems This is the solution: The new terminals are equipped with the B-Client HR20 and can be integrated without any problem into your existing system landscape. This enables you to use the software you have already installed with the...

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Software Application Terminals B-web 97 00 B-web 96 00 Kaba B-inspired

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Kaba B-inspired – The system at a glance. B-web 97 00 terminal and B-web 96 00 terminal The two new terminals from Kaba are characterized by their touchscreens, their modern design and their ease of operation. Using them and the Apps installed, staff can communicate with each other in a smart and effective way. The high-tech B-web 97 00 terminal with its brilliant 7“ touchscreen and a high quality glass front panel, is ideal for those who, now or in the future, require a number of different functions. The B-web 96 00 terminal has a 3“ touchscreen and has been developed as an entry-level solution,...

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