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Catalogue excerpts


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Reliable. Secure. Convenient. Open up doors for your visitors. Provide a friendly reception based on ease and simplicity of access.

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AUTOMATIC PEDESTRIAN ACCESS 2 Objective-oriented 4 Creative design 6 Automatic operation even in tight spaces 8 Functional safety and security 1 0 Save energy automatically 1 2 Automatic and contact-free 14 Selection and planning criteria

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CREATIVE DESIGN Multiple configuration possibilities Automatic doors that blend in harmoniously with the architectural design of any building

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Synergy based on functionality and design Gilgen Door Systems combine customised configuration possibilities with the functional needs of convenience and security. Customised access-configuration for prestige buildings Are you looking for functional, prestige design? Our automatic door systems can be supplied in many different customised glass, colour and material variants. Angled, curved or flat door designs can be smoothly incorporated into any overall architectural concept. Possible configurations Sliding doors • Single- and two-winged • Two- and four-winged, telescopic • Angled • Emergency-exit...

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AUTOMATIC OPERATION EVEN IN TIGHT SPACES Small installation width – big efficiency

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Lack of space need not rule out convenience Gilgen supplies automatic doors designed to maximise width of access, even when space is tight. Convenient solutions for all structural situations The wide range of products supplied by Gilgen Door Systems allows automatic solutions to be incorporated into any door design. Matched to virtually any type of structural situation. Flexible door systems with a wide range of functions ensure user-friendly access at all times. Swing-door drive system • Manually operated swing doors can be automated even after installation. Trouble-free opening and closing improves...

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FUNCTIONAL SAFETY AND SECURITY Gilgen automatic doors offer both convenience and the safety and security required in an emergency.

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Convenient for everyday use – reliable in an emergency Reliable protection from smoke and fire and a safe emergency exit/rescue access. Our versatile range of doors offers the right solution for any situation. Gilgen automatic doors meet the highest quality, safety and security specifications. Our tried-and-tested doors with extra functions increase the range of applications. Automatic emergency exits and fire-/ smoke-proof doors offer convenience for everyday use, while fulfilling legal requirements in the event of an incident. Smoke-inhibiting automatic sliding door • If a smoke alarm is activated,...

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SAVE ENERGY AUTOMATICALLY Reliable prevention of heat-loss Reduced opening and closing times generally reduce the amount of air exchange, thus cutting down on energy loss.

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The entry system with added energy-efficiency The Gilgen PSW < green wings > profile system adds another dimension to environmental awareness. The Gilgen PSW profile system provides, in combination with Gilgen SLX or SLA drive units, a full range of tried-and-tested, heat-insulated automatic doors. Energy-saving automatic door The Gilgen heat-insulated automatic sliding door with PSW profiles reliably protects the building with low U-values in order to prevent loss of energy, leading to an improvement in the building’s overall energy balance. This is a benefit with a future: Gilgen PSW: The entire...

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Barrier-free access If your hands are not free for any reason, our automatic sliding door provides contact- and barrier-free access.

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Unobstructed – Convenient – Hygienic Freeing up the way automatically. Automatic benefits Highly-reliable Gilgen automatic drive units provide trouble-free access from one room to another. Contact-free, convenient and hygienic. Barrier-free access Barrier-free access is the key to ensuring that disabled individuals and persons of limited mobility participate in the normal life of society. Barrier-free construction is not just designed to benefit disabled persons and the elderly, but also those experiencing temporary difficulties, such as parents trying to deal with small children and prams, or...

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SELECTION AND PLANNING CRITERIA Choose the right automatic solution for your needs.

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Ideal Suitable Suitable under certain conditions Optimum pedestrian-flows Sliding doors Curved sliding doors Revolving doors Folding-wing doors Swing doors •• •• Subsequent automation ••• User-friendly, barrier-free construction High frequency, flexibility Design and creativity Style, presence, material Transparent configuration The dynamic element Functions and added value Access width Weight of door wing wing size Fire prevention Emergency exit/rescue access Smoke control Stops/reduces draughts Access, safety, security and organisation Property protection, locking User protection Installation...

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Sales Switzerland Gilgen Door Systems AG Untermattweg 22 3027 Bern Tel. 0848 80 44 88 Fax 031 985 36 01 Gilgen Door Systems AG In der Au 5 CH-8406 Winterthur Tel. 0848 80 44 88 Fax 052 268 90 10 Gilgen Door Systems AG Route des Avouillons 30 CH-1196 Gland Tel. 0848 80 44 88 Fax 022 999 60 80 Gilgen Door Systems Germany GmbH Münchener Strasse 22 DE-64521 Gross-Gerau Tel. +49 61 52 92 52 60 Fax +49 61 52 92 52 70 Gilgen Door Systems Austria GmbH Concorde Business Park 1 / E/ 1 / 4 AT-2320 Schwechat...

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