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Catalogue excerpts

Mounting systems for solar technology K2 SYSTEMS MOUNTING SYSTEMS

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Mutual trust is the basis of success. Like with mountain climbing, we also take mutual trust very seriously. This trust holds true when dealing with our customers, as well as regarding K2 employees. After all, only a trustful partnership leads to Partner with system With sophisticated product ideas and a noticeable customer focus, K2 Systems is the sympathetic partner in the mounting systems for solar technology sector. International customers value our tried and tested designs for use on roofs and walls, as well as ground mounted solutions and individual solutions. K2 mounting systems impress...

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To find the right path, the most important thing is avoiding We at K2 Systems have found the right way. Our customers and our employees prove this every day by confirming our way and walking A team with know-how and sympathy your wishes and concerns take priority. This is the case with us in sales, exactly as Our international team shares the common goal to expertly and fully serve our custo- mers. Our employees are always trained in quality assurance, product development Our K2 Systems sales team is made up exclusively of advisors with a background in engineering. Your specialist customer advisors...

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ISO 9001 Certificate K2 Systems has been certified by TÜV Rheinland AG with the testing standard ISO 9001:2008 in the sector of development, manufacture and distribution of solar mounting systems. Our quality management system (QM system) was thus validated by an independent body. Our endeavour to continuously improve in all our internal and external activities is now subject to on-going external control by the TÜV testing laboratory. TÜV Certificate The TÜV Rheinland Group first tests a representative product selection on the basis of specific criteria. So that the certificate does not only represent...

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As soon as the mind is set on a goal, things start to work. This quote from Goethe binds the spirit of the mountaineers with that of developers. We at K2 Systems still have a lot in mind that we want to achieve with many new products. Great design – top functionality The products by K2 Systems have always New developments are tested extensively distinguished themselves in the mounting before the beginning of the batch produc- systems market through their exceptionally tion, right down to the last detail. fine design and high functionality, which So there is proven high quality and functio- exists...

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Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you. Look ahead and reach milestones with our products – that is our philosophy. The most important ingredients for being just that little bit better in the future are ideas, know-how and will. The heart are our products Our products are very important to us. They and bolted connections are all essential are with us from the initial concept, through system components. the production right up until the final plant Each of our systems can be combined and manufacturing. used in all location conditions of the Our selection is characterised...

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If you don‘t climb the mountain, you also won‘t see out into the distance. This Chinese proverb expresses exactly how we feel. We at K2 Systems rise to the challenges of our customers. This way our wealth of experience is constantly growing. One of our core strengths As the saying goes: „Nothing exists that lated and produced by us. does not exist“. We work on every wish of Every individual solution that we plan and our customers. That means constructions often produce with bespoke elements, we that cannot simply be bought off the shelf. develop with the same care as we do with That means constructions...

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K2 SYSTEMS ON-ROOF SYSTEMS Bagnolo Mounting system: K2 SpeedRail Output capacity: 70 kWp K2 Roof Fastener + K2 SolidRail Medium 14 15

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Mounting system: K2 Roof Fastener, cross mounted rails Mounting system: K2 Roof Fastener, single layered rails K2 Roof Fastener classic, stainless stee Fastener, one times height, stainless stee K2 Roof Fastener Spanis tile roof, purlins, stainless stee stainless stee On roof - the classic design The most used covering on gable roofs are roof tiles and corrugated asbestos cement tiles. The variety of gable roofs is however almost infinite. As a result of many years of experience, the K2 Systems product line covers virtually all existing types of roof for these traditional roofing assemblies. Plus,...

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On-roof – the specialists K2 Systems has developed a mounting system especially for tiled roofs, that enables mounted on the roof in record time. The extra lock nuts. Using the corresponding division between the K2 SpeedRail and the K2 Climber clamps, the K2 CrossRail is simply Mounting system: K2 SpeedRail with AddOn Output capacity: 1,136 MWp the help of K2 SpeedClips, the system is developed alongside it does not require Mounting system: K2 SpeedRail Output capacity: 31,85 kWp rail for our quickest mounting system. With the K2 System CrossRail. The K2 CrossHook Cernay, France solution for us:...

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K2 SYSTEMS THE FLAT ROOF SYSTEMs Gäufelden, Germany Mounting system: K2 Mounting Triangles on trapezoidal sheet metal Output capacity: 450 kWp K2 S-Level System 2.11 20 21

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Mounting system K2 Flat roof with PE plate Mounting system K2 Flat-Rail with mounting triang different sizes for different loads, aluminium Flat roof When mounting solar systems on flat roofs, stability of the carrier system. The watertight K2 elevation systems meet both require- ments. Individually calculated elevation triangles, the K2 Triangle System as well as innovative low ballast South and East-West K2 D-Level Systems form our response to the different requirements of flat roofs and the need for cost efficiency. The D-Level System obtained its name due to its flat, double-sided elevation...

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Korsika, France Mounting system: Ground mounted N-Rack K2 Ground mounted T-Rack System 2.11

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Open country By the use of concrete and rotation or ramming foundations, the K2 ground 26 K2 Ground mounted N-Rack System Mono systems: N-Rack System, T-Rack System and ground. The systems can just as easily be N-Rack System Mono. All designs allow installed level to the ground as flush i.e. flat on the ground. Our systems are therefore planning of every system we focus on K2 SolidRail LS, aluminium as well as the individual composition of the very large span widths of up to 5 m. In the K2 Screw Foundation, galvanised steel the dominant snow and wind loads there, K2 Systems currently offers three...

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