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Catalogue excerpts

BUILDING SYSTEM □ the best solution for your wooden house □ effective construction with optimum use of architectural volume □ convenient use for construction of low energy or passive house □ for wall, ceiling and roof structures

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K-KONTROL® BUILDING SYSTEM K-KONTROL® building system is a universal system for constructing walls, floors and roofs of different types of buildings. This style may be involved in so-called SIP (structural insulated panel) systems which use a self-supporting sandwich panel as the basic structural component. This panel consists of two OSB boards (skins) and insulating core made from stabilized self-extinguishing EPS polystyrene. Thanks to its excellent heat insulation properties, simple and highly varied utilization, and mainly thanks to its considerate impact on environment in all construction...

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K-KONTROL® SYSTEM ACCESSORIES CONNECTING MATERIAL Metal connecting materials are used for connecting and fi xation of K-KONTROL® panels, these are: K-KONTROL® Clips – steel electroplated activated staples with a 1.9 mm wire and 44 mm length. K-KONTROL® Screws – a screw with a large screw head for connecting individual structures made for SIP panels (available up to 630 mm long). decking in ceiling and roofs. The boards are delivered in thickness from 8 to 25 mm and dimensions from 675 mm x 2500 mm up to 1250 mm x 5000 mm. Additional materials for the K-KONTROL Construction System used for buildings...

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WORKING PROCESS WHILE USING K-KONTROL® BUILDING SYSTEM Scheme – Modular Grid for Designing of Constructions from K-KONTROL® Building System It is necessary to follow a project concept deriving from principles and requirements of the used style before building a new house. This procedure will simplify assembly and use maximum possibilities offered by the system; as it is with the K-KONTROL® Detail Catalogue. Therefore, it is essential to make a structural module raster consisting of all supporting structures of the building. Its assembly begins with anchoring a deep impregnated foundation sleeper...

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Physical features of K-KONTROL® panels K-KONTROL® PANEL Thermal resistance Heat transmission coefficient Diff usion resistance Physical features of elementary K-KONTROL® panel components Quantity Specific thermal capacity Thermal conductivity coefficient Diff usion resistance factor Fire endurance of K-KONTROL® style contructions Tested structure Construction type Supporting inside structure without facing **) Supporting inside structure with facing RB 12,5 **) Walls made from K-KONTROL® panels Supporting inside structure with facing RF 15 **) Load-bearing interior wall c/w thermal insulation...

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© CZECH PAN s.r.o. – IV.2012 / Technical changes reserved CONSTRUCTION OF THE 1ST. CZECH POLAR STATION ON JAMES ROSS ISLAND FROM KONTROL® SYSTEM. Typical projects of family homes build from K-KONTROL building system CZECH PAN s.r.o. | Čsl. letců 786 | 407 47 Varnsdorf | Czech Republic | tel. +420 412 384 912 | fax: +420 412 384 915 | e-mail: info@czechpan.cz

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