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Catalogue excerpts

ESIGNED FOR LIF ©2011 Johnson Health Tech. All rights reserved. Product spcifications subject to change without notice. Part # YHZSLB001

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ojuK HeKI.AGe s equipment that can help you reach your fitness goals. Horizon Fitness is part of Johnson Health Tech - a name synonymous with quality fitness equipment for more than 30 years. Horizon is different because we're vertically integrated. This means that we make every key component that goes into our machines. This allows us to better control quality and ensure that each part is designed to work together. So whether you're aiming to lose 7 kilograms or train for your next marathon, your Horizon equipment will be there for you each step of the way. Horizon prod accolades for to quality...

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ALL HORIZON TREADMILLS ARE DESIGNED WITH THESE THREE FEATURES IN MIND CONTROL CONTINUOUS-DUTY (CHP) RATED MOTOR Our motors produce smooth, consistent power, whether you are walking or running QUIET MOTOR You can keep the TV at a normal volume with our ultra quiet, low RPM motor DIGITAL MOTOR CONTROLLER Our digital controllers are more responsive than analog versions; on-the-fly changes to speed and incline are smooth and quick /-T- COMFORT («f^ CONTROL ^ CONVENIENCE By focusing on the 3C's, Horizon provides the best fitness products on the market. COMFORT yfc STRONG, WELDED FRAME Our stable frames...

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COMFORT: The durable, mulit-ply belt with Adjustable Cushioning System on our longer 1 52 cm / 60" deck gives users plenty of room to run. CONTROL: 2.75 CHP digital drive motor System, 0.8 to 20 kph / 0.5 to 1 2 mph, 0 to 1 2% incline. CONVENIENCE: 1 large and 2 small BlueBacklit LCD Windows for instant workout feedback. Full HRC monitoring with up to 30 days of goal tracking, 17 programs and Made for iPod speakers with MP3 compatibility. COMFORT: VCS (Variable Cushioning System) and PerfectFLEX Plus provide the right mix of shock absorption and support. CONTROL: 2.5 CHP motor is powerful, quiet...

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COMFORT: Durable, 2-ply belt with VCS and PerfectFLEX Plus cushioning Systems. CONTROL: 2.25 CHP digital drive motor, 0.8 to 18 kph / 0.5 to 11 mph, 0 to 10% incline. ■ADVENTURE 2 PLUS ■ADVENTURE 1 PLUS CONVENIENCE: 3 orange LED Windows with a dot matrix profile display, 10 programs, 3W speakers with in/outjack, and MP3 pocket for entertainment while you exercise. The Horizon Adventure 3 Plus treadmill makes it easier to achieve your fitness goals. An MP3 compatible design brings fun to your daily workout. The larger speed and incline ranges take your workouts to new levels. COMFORT: COMFORT:...

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COMFORT: The durable ORTHObelt offers a spacious 145 x 47 cm / 57" x 19" running area, giving users more room to run or walk. CONTROL: The ErgoWheel control is a convenient option forsetting speed and incline levels, eliminating the need for users to press buttons while running. CONVENIENCE: 10 programs with two custom options keep you motivated while the vortex fan keeps you cool as you walk, jog or run. The Horizon Ti 52 treadmill is the perfect at-home treadmill, featuring 10 motivating multi-level workout programs, including 2 heart rate control and 2 user custom programs. COMFORT: COMFORT:...

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COMFORT: The revolutionary ORTHObelt cushioning provides the best shock absorption and support possible. CONTROL: 2.5 CHP digital drive motor, 0.8 to 20 kph / 0.5 to 12 mph, 0 to 12% Incline. CONVENIENCE: Our combination of FeatherLIGHT and ControlledDrop design provides the bestfolding exprience available. PARAgON 308 The Horizon Paragon 508 treadmill is the top model of the Paragon Sries, featuring 15 preset workout programs, including 2 heart rate control and 5 customized programs that motivate all levels of users. COMFORT: VCS (Variable Cushioning System) provides the right amount of shock...

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COMFORT: Folding mechanism with durable frame provides comfort during intense workouts. CONTROL: 1.75 CHP motor is powerful and quiet. CONVENIENCE: eTRAK monitors and valutes a variety of workout statistics over time. OMEGA 309 COMFORT: The Horizon Omega 509 treadmill delivers club-quality performance at home, with a full-size running area to enhance comfort, a powerful motor for steady performance even at slow speeds and rugged frame and folding mechanism for stability. rgoSiderail feature is a brilliant ergonomic platform provides optimal support for your lower limbs and the feet. ted VCS feature...

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COMFORT: 120 x 43 cm / 47" x 17" workout space easily accommodtes most walking or jogging strides. CONTROL: 1.0 to 1 3 kph / 0.6 to 8 mph speed range and 0 to 6% motorized incline let you enjoy a perfect walking or jogging pace. CONVENIENCE: Ultra-compact design fits almost any workout environment. Folds to only 68.5 x 23 cm / 27" x 9" for easy storage under a bed or upright in a closet. CompactFold For space saving EVOLVI COMFORT: Builtin stereo speakers are compatible with MP3 or CD players. CONTROL: 1.5 CHP motor system, 1.0 to 10 kph / 0.6 to 6 mph speed range. CONVENIENCE: Designed with space...

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ALL HORIZON ELLIPTICALS ARE DESIGNED WITH THESE THREE FEATURES IN MIND CONTROL f A COMFORT («f»V CONTROL 7 CONVENIENCE QuickCon - EASY ADJUSTMENT Controls are installed on the handlebars for quick and easy resistance level adjustments Power Incline - ELEVATED EXERCISE PROGRAM With the touch of a button, you can easily increase the incline for a more diverse workout CompactFold - SPACE-SAVER Our folding feature allows for easy storage when the elliptical is not in use focusing on the 3C's, Horizon provides the best fitness products on the market. CONVENIENCE COMFORT HRC - ACHIEVE TARGET Users can...

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COMFORT: The extra-long 50.8 cm / 20" stride length and rubberized footpads allow natural, confident movement. CONTROL: 20 motorized resistance levels let you adjust the intensity of your workout, while the power incline ramp lets you increase intensity and target specific muscle groups. CONVENIENCE: The orange LED screen is easy to read and the 17 programs come with our exclusive GoalCenter Performance Tracker, which allows you to track your fitness goals over time. MP3 player input makes it easy to exercise to your favorite workout playlist. ENDURANCE4 ENDURANC The Horizon Endurance 5i gives...

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