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CSYS - 15 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Jake Dyson Studio has spent the last 6 years developing various manufactured motion mechanics and has now put its know-how and R&D into its latest product, the CSYS LED task light range, fulfilling a desire to challenge the convention of mechanical movement and positioning of existing task lights. The CSYS is a dimmable LED light which marries the latest technology with sleek design and innovative positioning. Its refined thermal management and electronics systems produce a bright warm white colour with astonishing efficiency and durability. 'A CSYS IS THE SYSTEM OF COORDINATES THAT DEFINES AN...

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FLEXIBILITY & PRECISION nspired by a construction crane and drawing board the CSYS can be adjusted effortlessly in three axes to allow exact, stable positioning. Setting the LED head close to the working area allows focussed illumination, while raising it creates a wide, even pool of light. The mechanics are designed with precision to ensure a smooth accurate movement and positioning.

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LIGHT DISTRIBUTION The CSY5 produces a bright, clear and even pool of warm white light. The spread and intensity of light can be controlled within your working area. Unwanted spill is eliminated and its optical design minimises hot-spots In addition, the refined and compact structure of the light source means that it is not obtrusive when positioned in your line of sight.

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Constant acceleration in LED development poses a real challenge for manufactures to keep up and best implement these new technologies. The fully dimmable C5YS is designed around the latest generation of high power warm white LEDs.

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HEAT PIPE TECHNOLOGY Heat pipe technology was developed for use in satellites and is now most commonly used to help cool microprocessors. The primary role of a heat pipe is to conduct heat away from its source. The heat pipe within the CSYS conducts heat away from the LEDs and distributes it evenly over the length of the heat sink. It uses no external pumps or extra energy to cool the LEDs and is instrumental in keeping the CSY5 running brightly and efficiently for 37+ years.

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Effective temperature control is essential to prevent early life failure as it is proven that excessive temperature reduces the performance of LEDs leading to a shorter life span, reduced efficiency and disturbance in colour. The cooler the LED, the longer the life. To achieve maximum efficiency a heat sink must utilise the entire surface area to discharge heat. Incorporating the heat sink within the CSYS as a structural element of the product utilises its entire surface area to discharge heat evenly. This is shown The LEDs in the CSYS are run at just 30 degrees above room temperature to give...

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Please refer to the graph on the opposite page which outlines the projected life of the LED chips within the CSYS. These figures are achieved thanks to the refined and efficient heat management of the heat sink The LED manufacturer predicts 50,000 hours LED life at a junction temperature of 130°C, but over 150,000 hours at a junction temperature of 60°C. Through effective cooling, the CSYS maintains a much lower temperature than conventional LED task lights, vastly increasing life. The chances are the LEDs will last bnger than you will. CSYS LED LIFE GRAPH

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Directional Light Source Even, Warm Light with Good Colour Rendition Slim / Compact Efficient Design Replacement $$$$ Hazardous Substance Non Directional Light Source Poor Quality Uncomfortable Light Less Attractive Design There is no doubt that LED technology will be the future of lighting. It is true to say that CFL technology is an improvement on existing incandescent and halogen lighting in some applications. However, CFLs have many associated problems, some of which can be seen on the opposite page, where four of the main advantages of LEDs are highlighted.

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CSYS TALL Touch Sensitive Dimming Light Level Memory Materials: Aluminium I Copper I Steel I Polycarbonate Plastic TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION CSYS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

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For further information please visit Jake Dyson Doug Inge Yuko Sugimoto White Wing Logic Dennis Pedersen

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For any questions or enquiries, please contact us on: For sales, please contact us on: Jake Dyson Products Jake Dyson Products

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