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CATALOGUE 2013 - 19 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

JAKE DYSON PRODUCTS Thanks to ATA Industrial Dennis Pedersen Ed Reeve Jake Dyson Products Team macroandzoom The Construction Crane The Drawing Board The Elevator At Jake Dyson Products we control and oversee the entire process from concept, through to testing and manufacturing, to supplying our customers and retailers. We design brilliantly engineered lighting products that answer to the market’s needs. We do this by evolving our products and the technology that drives them. We aim to combine design and functionality to create iconic products. Our workshop is based in Clerkenwell, London. In Victorian...

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A CSYS is the system of coordinates that defines an object’s position in the X, Y and Z axis Over the past few years we have developed manufactured lighting products incorporating functional motion mechanics. Our experience and research has gone into our latest product range, the CSYS LED task lights, fulfilling a desire to challenge conventional mechanical movement and positioning of existing task lights. The CSYS range marries the latest technology with sleek design and innovative positioning. Our dimmable LED task lights are developed with refined thermal management, heat pipe technology and...

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The CSYS range comprises of innovative LED task lighting. The CSYS is an environmentally conscious, dimmable light offering precise light direction through three axes of mechanical movement. The range has been designed using refined thermal management and heat pipe technology, HEAT PIPE TECHNOLOGY 37+ YEARS LED LIFE which was developed for use in satellites and is now more commonly used to cool microprocessors in computers. It is essential for LEDs to run at a cooler temperature in order to increase their life-span. The cooler the LED, the longer the life. By developing this technology and exploring...

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LIFETIME 60°C JUNCTION TEMPERATURE 160,000 hrs+ 1 2 hrs a day = 37 years+ CSYS Junction Temperature LED Reliability Data Heat pipe technology ensures sustainable, quality LED performance for over 160,000 hours of continual use, which equates to approximately 37+ years, at 12 hours use per day. To achieve maximum efficiency a heat sink must utilise the entire surface area to discharge heat. The heat sink within the CSYS is incorporated as a structural element of the product and the heat pipe allows it to utilise its entire surface area to discharge heat evenly. The LEDs in the CSYS are run at just...

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FLEXIBILITY & PRECISION No other light moves in the same way. The CSYS lights can be smoothly manoeuvred, both horizontally and vertically, as well as rotationally through 360˚, to allow precise positioning. Inspired by a construction crane, elevator and drawing board, the CSYS is precision engineered to stay exactly where it is positioned. The CSYS produces a bright, clear and even pool of warm, white light. The spread and intensity of light can be easily controlled. Setting the LED head close to the working area allows for focused illumination, while raising it creates a wide pool of light....

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CSYS TALL Floor standing LED task light

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CSYS TASK LED task light for table/desk use

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Motorlight Floor A motorised angle adjustable uplighter

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CSYS TALL Touch Sensitive Dimming / Switch CSYS TASK Touch Sensitive Dimming / Switch Light Level Memory Light Level Memory 140.9cm Materials: Aluminium / Copper / Steel / Polycarbonate Plastic Materials: Aluminium / Copper / Steel / Polycarbonate Plastic Putty Grey-Silver

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CSYS CLAMP Touch Sensitive Dimming / Switch Motorlight Floor Angle Adjustable Light Beam (8° to 60°) Light Level Memory Safe 12V Supply Materials: Aluminium / Copper / Steel / Polycarbonate Plastic Materials: Aluminium / Polycarbonate Plastic Lamp Type: 100W / GY6.3512V / Halogen Operating Temperature: Capsule (-10° to 40°) CRI: 82 Beam Angle: 90° IP Rating: IP20 White Gloss Black Gloss UK/EU/HK only UK only Limited Stock UK only Limited Stock UK only Limited Stock

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Jake Dyson Products 1 Crawford Passage, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 3DP t: +44 (0)20 7713 0188 www.jakedyson.com Jake Dyson Products I Jake Dyson Products Japan @JDProducts I @JDProduct_Japan For general information: info@jakedyson.com For sales: sales@jakedyson.com For PR enquiries: pr@jakedyson.com

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