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Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel - 80 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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1915    1920Jacuzzi Bros. is born    from air planes to whirlpools Seven brothers left Italy in search of success.    From a helicopter adopted by American aeronautics, a They arrived in California with a big dream, and    monoplane with enclosed cabin, and irrigation systems, their lives tell an extraordinary story of skill    to their largest stroke of genius.

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Domestic hydrotherapy was invented out of love, to ease the pain of Kenneth, the youngest son of Candido Jacuzzi, who suffered from a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis. from the J-300 to the whirlpool bath ® Roy Jacuzzi invented a tub with integrated vents and a hydromassage system. The basis for every future Jacuzzi® model.

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Jacuzzi® invented the whirlpool and for 50 years has continued to perfect it one success after another From the hot tub to the first spa, to the multifunctional shower cabin, to Shiatsu hydromassage, to the home hammam, Jacuzzi® has achieved the highest expression of wellness, combining extremely high performance with highly refined aesthetics. the line created for hotels Today, its collection is enhanced by Enjoy, a line created for hotels and wellness centres. With contained costs, easy installation and maintenance, it is perfect inside or out and offers all the prestige and exclusivity of a...

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Jacuzzi a world made of water ® Today the Jacuzzi brand is known worldwide as synonymous with quality, originality, excellence ® A reality that surpasses geographical boundaries and is now an international multinational group. In the most prestigious homes and best hotels in the world, having a dedicated space for relaxation and well-being with the Jacuzzi signature is an inescapable must-have. ®

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The idea of wellness All Jacuzzi® products and collections are born from collaborations with the best developers, architects and designers in the world.

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Alberto Daniel Apostoli Libeskind Kaluderovic & Contini Carlo Urbinati CENTRO RICERCHE Marco Piva

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Every Jacuzgi|iProdu€^jfF is based on these 4 values, which represent the 4 fundamental levels of total wellness. Choosing Jacuzzi® means offering your clients a unique experience inspired by the highest sense of wellness. '

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From the sauna, to the Hammam, Jacuzzi® has created products perfect for professional and intensive use. An exclusive sales and service offer    - dedicated to hotels, accommodation facilities, wellness centres fitness centres and agrotourism.    _

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Hospitality and wellness, a winning combination The excellence of Jacuzzi®, the prestige of its wellness treatments, the pleasure of benefiting from its products, enhances and heightens the enjoyment of a hotel stay. Jacuzzi® offers customisation options for every type of environment: from the garden to the relaxation area, from hotel rooms, to the most exclusive suites.

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Every stay becomes a holiday in pursuit of the highest quality of life.

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Why become a Jacuzzi® Original Wellness Hotel The first advantage is in the name Entering into a partnership with Jacuzzi® is a guarantee of success, a great opportunity to increase your business. Offering Jacuzzi® wellness services increases room profitability: your hotel will a higher ranking and thus higher prices. Increase the value of your business with new technologies and services par excellence.

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Choosing Jacuzzi® means offering your clients a unique experience Jacuzzi® products and treatments are inspired by the highest sense of wellness: your hotel will become a place for complete rejuvenation and restoration. You can attract new types of clients: in particular, those seeking wellness and relaxation in addition to simple hospitality. You can offer Jacuzzi® well-being packages and by using outdoor spa services even in winter, you can increase the seasonality of wellness tourism, in addition to leisure and business stays.

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Associating yourself with Jacuzzi will make you come up ® first in search engines Jacuzzi is the most searched word on the Internet by people looking for a hotel and/ or wellness center for business or leisure: whoever is looking for a hotel in your area will find yours. ®

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The first brand in search engines, Jacuzzi has the best indexation for holidays, wellness, relaxation, well-being, luxury, spa. ® Wellness is the first word associated with Jacuzzi . ®

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Jacuzzi has created a series of ® tools to promote your hotel A customised business plan to increase profits, along with a particularly advantageous exclusive sales offer. A customisation kit for your spaces to be provided to clients. 26

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With Jacuzzi you will always have ® total peace of mind after purchase Jacuzzi has set aside an exclusive direct channel to its Service Centres for its professional clients. ® Scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance services are guaranteed. When you choose Jacuzzi , you will have the security of being able to count on efficient, precise, and comprehensive after-sales service. ® Qualified Jacuzzi expert technicians provide nonstop support for Jacuzzi products to ensure that they withstand the test of time. ®

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03. Jacuzzi solutions for your spaces ®

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Spa Space For indoor, outdoor, terrace and garden spaces Wellness Space The highest sense of wellness for shared indoor spaces Room Space Rooms become spaces dedicated to well-being and relaxation

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Italian Design • Highest performance and exclusive variety of prestigious details • Charming Italian design to instil prestige and beauty in every environment • The most advanced technologies for the height of shared wellness Premium • Large dimensions, seating for multiple guests, the ultimate in shared spaces • A complete wellness programme, regenerating, invigorating, stress-relieving • Lounge seating, a series of programmes for maximum well-being • The expression of well-being at the highest level • The ideal solution for creating professional wellness areas • Ideal technology for inten

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