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Jacuzzi Bath Showers - 178 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Hydrotherapy Baths Hydrotherapy Showers Mental Benefits Physical Benefits Social Benefits Status Benefits Anima design Nova design Product Selector by Benefits· ME Product Selector by Benefits· WE Cloud Omega The pleasure of wellness, the beauty of sharing· WE Product Selectory by Benefits· ME Product Selector by Benefits· WE 148 Bath installations and versions Shower cubicle dimensions· ME Shower cubicle dimensions· WE Shower installations and versions Technical Drawing of Showers Shower materials

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Maybe you’ve spent hours in a successful meeting, or played a gruelling five-a-side football match with your friends. Perhaps you’ve been on your feet all day shopping, or out travelling to explore wonderful new locations. All these things require effort. These are both exciting and small adventures of everyday life. The ones that give you real pleasure, purpose and a feeling of fulfilment. As great as they are they can also be tiring. Now is the time to turn an exceptional or a tiring day into a perfect one. The moment that refreshes you to face new challenges tomorrow. It’s Jacuzzi® time. It’s...

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When hydrotherapy is a 60-year story that belongs to history.

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A SHIATSU MASSAGE IN WATER Jacuzzi® develops new, exclusive technology and launches the first shiatsu hydromassage system in a bath. DESIGNER COLLECTION the first Jacuzzi® collection made entirely in Italy, from design to production. J-300® the first portable device to create a hydromassage in a bath. Roman bath Designer collection rimo dispositivo portatile per creare La prima vasca a idromassaggio al mondo. La prima collezione Jacuzzi® interamente italiana. La prima doccia idromassaggio. Vasca o doccia idromassaggio? Nasce il primo idromassaggio shiatsu. romassaggio nella vasca da bagno. The...

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AURA a new range of tubs that can be customised with wood, marble and other precious materials. FRAME the shower that celebrates total wellness in a contemporary design frame: an authentic private spa with shiatsu hydromassage and steam bath options. MUSE the art of a masterly Shiatsu massage paired with the formal elegance of a freestanding bath. AQUASOUL and AQUASYSTEM® Innovation transforms hydromassage into noiseless wellness while technology fully customises its functions. TARGETPRO™ flow-rate, intensity direction, slant: hydromassage now offers unprecedented customisation heights. THERMAL...

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Wellness can now be moulded around your desires. Find out how.

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Whatever your idea of wellness may be, Jacuzzi® has it for you. But if you really can’t wait to find your perfect bath or shower, simply choose what you could never do without. Your wish will come true straight away.

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“Water heals.” This statement belongs to Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th century Bavarian priest who laid the foundations of modern hydrotherapy, a healing method based on many ways of applying water. In particular, hydrotherapy uses full or partial showers or baths to warm or refresh the body. The healing action is achieved thanks to the temperature of the water. The purpose of this treatment is to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms through alternate applications of hot and cold water. The first reaction, which is skin deep, is then transmitted to tissues deep inside the body that...

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Hydromassage designed to be the best in the world. There must be a reason behind the famous name Jacuzzi® has made for itself as the best hydromassage in the world. In fact, there are plenty of reasons: the TargetPro™ jets for instance, developed to deliver a targeted massage to each body area thanks to a perfect mixture of air and water. Both their power and direction can be fully adjusted for an ADJUSTABLE DIRECTION ADJUSTABLE POWER effective massage, no matter what your requirements may be. Change the direction of your jets through 360 degrees to treat specific body areas with a perfect mixture...

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Just the right temperature for wellness. A hydromassage is truly perfect when it strikes the right balance between the temperature of the water and the duration of the bath. Heat is the ideal ally of psychological and physical relaxation but it can also cause excess stress. The general rule is: the higher the water temperature - that should never exceed 40°C - the shorter the hydromassage. Recommended temperatures and durations: As well as whirlpool baths, Jacuzzi® also offer a wide range of non-jetted baths. Total immersion in water at various temperatures has beneficial effects on the mind and...

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HYDROMASSAGE SHIATSU A set of relaxing jets positioned along your back deliver a soothing, toning massage that also relieves pain. Targetprotm The many directions to which this jet can be adjusted produce a fully customisable hydromassage which, as well as flow, intensity and power, can be set to suit your needs. TWIRL The jets used for the back massage have a rotating action that gently massages the back, easing muscular tension. Tonic Multi-directional jets deliver a focused, vigorous treatment that uses a perfect mixture of air and water at the right intensity. PURE AIR® Lively or velvety smooth,...

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HYDROTHERAPY SHOWERS Shower and steam bath. Your wellness centre. Raindrop, Scottish, cascade….there are all sorts of showers but those produced by Jacuzzi® can easily be summed up in two words: wellness centre. The adjustable jets, that can be directed to any body area, deliver the benefits of an authentic, relaxing and regenerating treatment for the mind and body. Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy has been designed to satisfy all your requirements: it firms the skin and keeps it supple, promotes proper blood circulation and even fights cellulite. You can take a purifying steam bath, cleanse your skin in depth,...

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STEAM BATH All the regenerating heat of steam cleanses you deep down and gives you a feeling of authentic well-being. For a totally renewed you. SHIATSU A set of relaxing jets positioned along your back deliver a soothing toning massage that also relieves pain. DORSAL HYDROMASSAGE An unparalleled combination of toning and firming energy stimulates blood circulation, melts away tension and gives you a new lease of life. EMOTIONAL SHOWER An enthralling interplay of lights and water contributes to pure relaxation. Just choose the function you prefer NEBULIZATION 0 6 „6 A mist of regenerating and...

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