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Commercial Hot Tubs - 20 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

There is only one brand recognised throughout the world as a global leader in the sector of luxury, technologically advanced products for the bath and spa. We are talking about the Jacuzzi® brand. Because no other than Jacuzzi® created the hydromassage, a brilliant and futuristic, all-Italian intuition that dates back to 1956, and made it become a wellness habit for millions of people. Even today, Jacuzzi® is the only real and original wellness experience that is renovated every year with more than 300 patents, a complete range of products and just one mission: to turn excellence into a daily...

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Imagine the difference a Jacuzzi® will make in your life. A refuge from the pressures of work, a rejuvenating break from the constant challenges of modern life and a revitalising area for enjoying the company of friends and family. A Jacuzzi® provides a place for calm respite in your life, and it blends beautifully into your environment. Today, life can be a whirlwind. Our priority is to restore the rhythm and balance in your life. At those times when you want to be re-energised, or those moments when you want to relax, we’re here to help your life flow. Maybe you have a demanding job or you love...

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For thousands of years, people have been drawn to hot springs that naturally burst water from the earth. It is widely recognised that warm water in these natural springs provides well-being benefits to the bathers. Hydrotherapy is the term given to the method of using relaxing heat, water and air movements to result in muscle stimulation and lighter than air buoyancy relief that eases physical burdens and brightens the spirit. Researchers have observed the healing effects of hydrotherapy: improved circulation, decreased joint pain and acceleration of the body’s natural healing processes. However...

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experience In a hotel, wellness centre, in a beauty spa, on deck of a large cruise ship, in a 5-star farm holiday centre, in an exclusive golf club or in a fashionable seaside resort. The Experience Line spa has a charm with no boundaries and uses with no limit. Attractive and stylish, combining technology and design, it places the Jacuzzi® name at the forefront of the professional wellness industry. The Experience Line by Jacuzzi® offers users more of those little extras that make the hydrotherapy experience even more special. The colour change LED light illuminates the interior, generating a...

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The technological heart of the Experience Line spas is the advanced adjustable hydro jet system in which each jet features separate and distinct power and capacity. For longevity the PowerPro® NX, FX and FX2 jets are equipped with stainless steel face plates. The Experience Line are characterised by the constant water level, flush with the spa deck, and more so by the revolutionary deck grating that is designed to act as a ‘breakwater’, it interrupts waves caused by people moving in and around the spa causing water to flow away to the balance tank and not out over the floor. The spa shell strength...

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Jacuzzi. Virginia Virginia Experience evolved from the desire to create a ‘path of wellbeing’ in which massages of varying intensity alternating with relaxing pauses are experienced, upon departing body and mind will feel returned to their natural balance. Seating capacity Jets Air Water capacity Spa nett weight Maximum spa weight Underwater light Cover 6 - 7 (1 lounge) 34 (hydrotherapy type) Via induction ~2.100 litres ~250kg ~2.350kg LED colour change light Solid foam, thermal

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Sienna Experience employs 30 PowerPro® hydro jets configured for maximum relief and pleasure, placed strategically around its capacious interior to bring true relaxation or energise as the mind and body dictate. Seating capacity Jets Air Water capacity Spa nett weight Maximum spa weight Underwater light Cover 7 -8 30 (hydrotherapy type) Via induction ~1.760 litres ~200kg ~1.960kg LED colour change light Solid foam, thermal

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The circular Alimia Experience combines comfort with operational practicality and plenty of functions. These include 28 hydrotherapy jets and 7 seats each with its own personal hydromassage. Seating capacity Jets Air Water capacity Spa nett weight Maximum spa weight Underwater light Cover 6 - 7 28 (hydrotherapy type) Via induction ~1.660 litres ~180kg ~1.840kg LED colour change light Solid foam, thermal

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colours 22 Blue piscinia 56 Ocean blue pearlescent cover All Experience line shells include a full foam, hard insulation cover. button with spa control panel (single or three phase). button with use with Spa Master systems. All dimensions are approximate. | Colours are for representation only, and may change or be withdrawn without notice. All spas are subject to order lead time. | All information was correct at the time of printing.

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Fishleigh Road | Roundswell Commercial Park West | Barnstaple | Devon | EX31 3UA |

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