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Baths | Showers Jacuzzi

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Water, wellness in its beginnings To create is to dream. This is how Jacuzzi® was born 10 reasons to choose a Jacuzzi" product Jacuzzi®, much more than just a name The scientific basis behind Jacuzzi® wellness Your Jacuzzi" world Wellness that is environmentally friendly Baths Hydromassage: domestic hydrotherapy Jacuzzi" jets give a powerful and targeted massage Choose your Jacuzzi® whirlpool bath Accessories to wellness The details that make a difference The unique nature of the Jacuzzi" design Whirlpool baths Aquasoul Aura Aura Corian® J-sha Nova Opalia Opalia...

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Water, wellness in its beginnings The first person to understand the potential of water was the Greek philosopher Thales who saw water as a primordial element, the origin of all things. But it was the Romans who first put into practice the benefits that water gave to the body and mind and who introduced bathing as a refined daily activity. Numerous thermal spas were built throughout the empire, offering wellness enhanced by marble and mosaics. The Middle Ages was a dark period in which the pursuit of wellness was considered a sin, but between 1700 and 1800 hydrotherapy stations began to flourish...

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To create is to dream. This is how Jacuzzi® was born Each of us has a dream. The history of Jacuzzi® began here. From the creativity, the energy, the ability to anticipate what people’s dreams will be. And then, make them come true. Over a century ago, Francesco, Rachele and Valeriano Jacuzzi, left Italy to seek their fortune, and headed for California. Within a few years, Gelindo, Candido, Giocondo and Giuseppe had joined them to found Jacuzzi Bros. The year was 1915 and a story that was out of the ordinary was beginning to take shape, the result of ability and resourcefulness, ingenuity...

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10 reasons to choose Jacuzzi® 1. More than 50 years experience Jacuzzi® has been producing hydromassage baths and showers since the 60s. It was the Jacuzzi brothers who designed and launched the first whirlpool bath. Since then, Jacuzzi® technicians have patented hundreds of designs and innovative products. Our experience in hydromassage and the love for hydrotherapy allows us to stay one step ahead, improving every day and giving life to new ideas, thanks to the help and advice of our customers. 2. Hydromassage carried out to perfection The Jacuzzi® hydromassage is unique: the careful work...

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Jacuzzi®, much more than just a name design: essential element of refined aesthetics health: reflects the attention to the health and maximum functionality. Life flows like water, the priority of Jacuzzi® is to restore rhythm and balance. A demanding job, playing sports or just a busy life, create the constant need for a revitalising, rewarding, relaxing and rejuvenating ritual. For over 50 years we have worked with this awareness, with the aim of creating new technologies that can make the Jacuzzi® whirlpool experience unforgettable. performance: generated from pleasure: represents the...

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The scientific basis behind Jacuzzi® wellness Everyone today talks about the whirlpool bath, most have one at home, but in the market and in the world of hydromassage advertising, information is virtually absent on the proper use of the applications and the possible therapeutic indications, as well as the reasons that lead hydromassage products to being linked to the concept of wellness. Jacuzzi® wants to promote a culture of bath and shower hydrotherapy, of the sauna and of the steam bath. For this reason an in-depth and focused medical study has been carried out, which Jacuzzi has turned...

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You deserve the best If you have decided to buy a hydromassage bath or a steam and shower cabin, then it has to be a Jacuzzi®. You do not become the most famous bathroom and hot tub brand in the world for nothing. The prestige and exclusivity of each of our models are the result of years and years of research and experience. The life of our brand has been, and always will be, entirely dedicated to improving, perfecting, updating and making our invention available to everyone. To relax, revitalise, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries The patented Jacuzzi® hydromassage baths and...

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Wellness that is environmentally friendly The facilities where the baths and showers are manufactured are modern installations equipped with regenerative thermal systems that are active throughout all the stages of production, a practice that neutralises 99% of the gas released into the air. In our factories a system has been designed that is able to recycle all the water used during the testing phase of the baths. The essence of the strength of Jacuzzi® lies in its integrity. Choosing a Jacuzzi® bath or shower is to opt for a product that respects the environmental dynamics of our planet,...

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Hydromassage: domestic hydrotherapy Who can benefit from it The therapeutic properties of the hot water in the hydromassage bath tubs are suitable for every body type, size and level of stress. Some need a powerful jet to loosen the knots of the muscle mass. Others simply require a cradle of warm soothing water. But the beneficial effects of hydrotherapy can do more: it is argued that it manages to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, while providing temporary relief from chronic pain and promoting relaxation. How it works Hydromassage is form of “external crenotherapy”. It is carried out with...

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Jacuzzi® jets give a powerful and targeted massage The seven golden rules when choosing a good whirlpool 1. location and type of hydromassage jets 5. internal ergonomics of the bath 7. the experience and reliability of the manufacturer AIR MASSAGE The skin also wants to be involved In addition to being extremely pleasant and gentle on the body, the blowing of air contributes to the oxygenation of the water, revitalising skin cells and promoting the radiance of the skin. Inspired by you and targeted where it matters most. The Jacuzzi® jets are the result of 50 years of research and...

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