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JACKODUR XPS for insustrial applications.
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Catalog excerpts

JACKON Insulation GmbH Solutions for industry. Customised and safe. Low tolerances geringe Toleranzen leicht to work with Easy zu verarbeiten Customised individuelle Formate formats geringes Low weight Gewicht Water repellent wasserabweisend Table of contents: Sandwich elements Door panels Special-purpose vehicles First-class mechanical erstklassige mechanische Eigenschaften properties JACKODUR industrial applications 100 % recyclable Material zu material 100 % recycelbar Refrigerated vehicles Good gute thermal Wärmedämmeigenschaften insulation properties Technical specifications JACKON Insulation...

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Sandwich elements A lasting connection. The superior U values of JACKODUR® enable slimline element design From 8 mm board thickness with milled surface, depending on the product Sandwich elements comprise a functional core and two outer layers made, for example, of metal, plastic or wood. With its outstanding mechanical properties, JACKODUR® forms the perfect core, while the specially grooved surface offers the best possible base for bonding with different materials. The fine groove pattern enables adhesive to spread evenly over the bonding surfaces. Excess adhesive runs into the grooves. Bubbles...

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Door panels JACKODUR® insulating core for optimum U values Steel plate to stop intruders Tensile strength up to 1000 kPa Various surface finishes are possible Hard wearing Front doors not only have to look inviting; they also need to be safe, energy efficient and durable. All of which can be assured by choosing the right core material. JACKODUR® XPS is an outstanding core material, combining moisture resistance with dimensional stability and thermal insulation. can be adapted to suit all processing steps, from window cutouts to portholes. Only the same standard tools used for working with wood...

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Dual purpose JACKODUR® Insulation and formwork in one. The insulating element for drainage lines not only prevents thermal bridges; its superb compressive strength makes it equally ideal as a formwork element for ensuring the perfect fit of the drain. JACKODUR® for freedom from thermal bridges Facade profiles with JACKODUR® prevents thermal bridges on transom/mullion designs: The JACKODUR® moulded element is cut to size and accommodates the screw for the top section while at the same time reducing thermal flow from inside to outside through the section area. XPS cut to size Impressive inner values....

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Moisture-resistant highperformance insulating core Board width up to 1200 mm Motorhomes A perfect fit. On any continent. JACKODUR® really demonstrates its strengths in motorhome and caravan construction where tolerance, stability and weight are key factors. JACKODUR® can be cut to the size of the stud frame with a tenth of a millimetre accuracy. Even boards as thin as 8 mm create a stable core for a flat wall – with a bulk density of just 30 kg/m³. JACKODUR® has a closed-cell structure. Which means: Moisture ingress is prevented and dimensional stability assured. Added to which, the superb insulating...

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Minimum length tolerance Superb thermal insulation with JACKODUR® Plus: λ = 0.025 W/(m·K) Small width tolerances ensure a perfect fit Refrigerated vehicles Nice and cool all the way across Europe. Transporting food and other temperature-sensitive merchandise is subject to the strictest requirements to ensure the cold chain is not broken. JACKODUR® guarantees compressive strengths of 300 – 700 kPa at low bulk density, creating a sturdy core with optimum thermal insulation performance. JACKODUR® Plus with special insulating gas is enhanced with gas-tight lamination on both sides and even achieves...

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Special-purpose vehicles As individual as the demands made of it. JACKODUR® products for industrial applications are manufactured in a process that has been optimised to ensure the company's ability to supply even the smallest quantities cut to individual size requirements. Particularly compression proof boards for flooring – in an ambulance, for example – or customised shapes for use in a promotional vehicle, or integrated refrigeration areas for selling or storing food: JACKODUR® ensures first-rate functional performance for diverse applications. Small batches Customised formats Moisture resistant...

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JACKODUR® FT JACKODUR® close-tolerance boards (FT) are manufactured in a special production process with precise, variable tolerances in the width, length, and above all thickness of the boards, depending on the application's requirements. Following manufacture, the surface is milled to create a flat surface, which is key in motorhome and caravan construction. JACKODUR® FTR JACKODUR® close-tolerance boards with grooves (FTR) were developed to further improve the mechanical properties. The surface of the material is milled and grooves cut into it. The grooves are spaced 40 mm apart on both sides...

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Technical specifications Valid for: JACKODUR® CFR or KF 300 / 500 / 700 FT/FTR/FTD and JACKODUR® Plus 300 FT/FTR © Depending on thickness    © The indicated tolerances can be specified as plus or minus © 100 kPa = 100 kN/m2 = 0,1 N/mm2    values or as an individual combination ©Depending on compressive strength We would like to point out that the data, images, technical information and drawings provided in the brochure are general details and only constitute suggestions. The illustrations are schematic and demonstrate the basic functional principle. Exact dimensions are not specified. Fitters/customers are...

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JACKOCARE®, JACKODUR® and JACKOBOARD® are registered trademarks of JACKON Insulation GmbH. Errors and omissions excepted; subject to change. Art.-No. 4508023 GB 06/2015 JACKON Insulation GmbH Carl-Benz-Straße 8 D-33803 Steinhagen

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