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Catalog excerpts

Thermal insulation and formwork system for floor plates. Made in Germany

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JACKODUR® Atlas: That's how to save energy and money. JACKODUR® Atlas – made from extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) – is a sophisticated, efficient thermal insulation and formwork system for base plates. The product's innovative feature is the new, economical interconnection system which makes it possible to install base plate insulation without thermal bridges for all types of buildings. Watch our video about JACKODUR® Atlas at

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y. JACKODUR® Atlas has everything going for it. JACKODUR® Atlas offers you the ideal complete system for insulating your base plate, because it saves time and money during installation, is made of durable material, has a long service life and a high thermal insulation value, and is supplied in complete form and pre-cut to match your floor plan. JACKODUR® Atlas: Simply secure and economical. The advantages are built right in: Secure, stable interconnection system. With innovative tongue-and-groove joints, Atlas exhibits greater resistance to concrete pressure and protects even better against moisture. Insulation...

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That means: All parts are perfectly pre-cut for the floor plan, exactly according to the planner's specifications You receive all parts as a complete package delivered to the construction site, including a custom installation plan Installation is fast, easy, and requires no tools The installation plan to the right shows how it works: Three different compressive strength with dimensioning compressive creep (50 years, deformation < 2 %): Atlas 300 : 130 kPa, Atlas 500 : 180 kPa, Atlas 700 : 250 kPa

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JACKODUR® Atlas Connecting Details: T hickness of the insulation beneath the floor plate Thickness of the floor plate T hickness of the formwork element Connecting JACKODUR® Atlas to a concrete shuttering stone system. Connecting JACKODUR® Atlas to a wood-frame construction. Connecting JACKODUR® Atlas to an External Thermal Insulation Composite System. Connecting JACKODUR® Atlas to double-walled masonr

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Solutions for construction. Simple but effective. We'll be glad to advise you and to demonstrate all of the benefits that the Atlas system provides to you. Schedule a consulting appointment today. The JACKODUR® Atlas team is looking forward to your phone call: Tel:    +49 (0) 5204 99 55-444 E-Mail: info@jackodur.com JACKON Insulation GmbH Carl-Benz-StraBe 8 D-33803 Steinhagen www.jackon-insulation.co.uk JACKOCARE®,JACKODUR® and JACKOBOARD® are registered trademarks of JACKON Insulation GmbH. Errors and omissions excepted; subject to change. Art.-No. 4514215 GB 08/2016

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