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JACKOBOARD Catalogue N° 29
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Catalog excerpts

JACKOBOARD ® The construction board system for creative bathroom design.

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Can be covered immediately with tiles, filler or plaster Water repellent H Optimum insulation properties Ad=0,034 W/(m-K) H High compressive strength > 300 kPa Thanks to their extruded polystyrene foam core and the special coating on both sides, the JACKOBOARD® construction boards are the ideal base for plaster and tile. The surfaces of the JACKOBOARD® system provide a strong primer and can be used on virtually any substrate. At the same time, they are water repellent, thermally insulating, light and sturdy. JACKOBOARD JACKOBOARD® The construction board system for creative bathroom design. Construction...

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Construction board system Plano Plano NF Construction board for interior architecture (wall, pipe and bath tub panelling, sink units, shelves etc.) Special coating on both sides Can be covered directly with tiles, plaster or render Construction board with tongue and groove system Simple and sturdy connection of construction board joints for various applications Perfectly flat butt area Clean-cut corners Supplied complete with fillet jointing pieces 1300 x 37 x 6 mm Special coating on both sides Can be covered directly with tiles, plaster or render Plano Canto General purpose construction board...

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Construction board system Flexo Wabo Construction element for creative interior architecture Differently rounded finishes possible Can be covered directly with tiles, plaster or render Single-sided slotted surface Distance between slots 30 mm Smallest bending radius 240 mm (inner), Thickness 30 mm Smallest bending radius 480 mm (inner), Thickness 50 mm Bath panel for bathtub panelling Easy to install Special coating on both sides Including adjustable feet Can be covered directly with tiles, plaster or render Sabo self assembly set Construction board for the creation of the widest possible variety...

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Bathroom furniture self assembly set Construction board system Modula D 800 Vanity Assembly kit for single washstand consists of: 2 side walls and 1 top, 80 mm thick, 1 centre shelf, 50 mm thick, special adhesive, screws, mounting board, assembly instructions Special sizes available on request Modula D 1600 Tileable designer washbasin for barrierfree bathrooms and spa facilities Made from extruded rigid polystyrene foam coated with special mortar with fibre glass weave Basin cutout with 3 fall surfaces With integrated moulded parts for mounting standard taps and drains Barrier-free in accordance...

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Shower elements Aqua Extruded polystyrene foam shower element with special coating on both sides For barrier-free showering Can be tiled immediately Incorporated fall Sealed drain flange Wheelchair-accessible Complete with general building code test certificate (abP) Choice of different drainage systems (see page 14) Aqua offset drain Art. no. Note: A new drainage system was introduced for all Aqua shower elements. Therefore all shower elements were given new article numbers. Please note that the new Aqua shower elements are not compatible with the old Aqua drainage systems. Aqua central drain...

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Shower elements Aqua quadrant, offset drain Aqua Reno Art. no. Special sizes available on request Shower element with integrated drain age system and inspection chamber element Barrier-free system solution for existing buildings Minimum installation height only 65 mm Including special adhesive and 10 m sealing tape for sealing joints Incorporated fall Integrated floor drain Can be tiled immediately Drainage rate: 0.5 l/s Water trap height: 22 mm Including a high-quality designer grate in solid brushed stainless steel Aqua Flat central drain Extremely flat version, just 20 mm thick Special dimensions...

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Accessories Aqua drain systems Terra stainless steel grate Dimensions mm 120x 120 in solid stainless steel brushed surface Please note that the new drainage systems are not compatible with the old Aqua shower elements! Stella stainless steel grate Horizontal drain High-quality designer grate in solid brushed stainless steel Grate frame height adjustable from 3 to 18 mm Super-flat drain with a minimum installation height including shower element of only 97 mm High drainage rate 0.9 l/s Water trap height 50 mm DN 50 Drain nozzle made of glueable ABS plastic For more information, see page 27 in solid...

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Shower elements Aqua Line pro Aqua Line Profile Shower element with drainage channel in brushed stainless steel Frame height is adjustable from 6-21 mm to accommodate different tile thicknesses High drainage rate of upto 1.05 l/s Stainless steel linear grate can be inserted upside down and tiled on the back Bar and frame made of stainless steel Smooth, easy-clean surface with self-cleaning effect Low installation height Water trap height 50 mm *Model on the left on the product photo Accessorie for JACKOBOARD® Aqua Line pro Side edge profile for insertion between JACKOBOARD® Aqua Line pro and the...

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Shower elements Aqua Spiral Aqua Circle Shower partition Curved Shower in the shape of an Archimedes spiral Outer dimensions 2055 x 1696 mm M Consisting of separate partition walls withgroove andfeather connections Inside wall surface approx. 10.7m2 Outside wall surface approx. 11.4m2 Floor element Barrier-free shower element with incorporated gradient Groove for insertion of partition elements Thickness 50 mm M Inside floor surface approx. 2.1 m2 Curved shower available in other sizes onrequest Drain system included Can be covered directly with tiles Shower partition wall Shower partition wall...

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For completely tight joint seals in shower areas Sealing set consisting of 1x powder component, 1x liquid component, 10 m sealing tape, 2 x sealing corners For sealing passage holes for pipes through JACKOBOARD® construction elements in wet rooms BOARD-FIX® adhesive and sealing agent Glass fibre tape For reinforcing the abutting edges of JACKOBOARD® elements Self-adhesive Special adhesive and sealing agent For gluing JACKODUR® and JACKOBOARD® For sealing JACKOBOARD® construction board joints in wet areas One cartridge is sufficient for about 9 running metres Assembly adhesive Sealing tape For...

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